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  • Married: ? on BEF 1775.
  • ?: Death: BET 1840 AND 1845
  1. Solomon Sells: Birth: BET 1789 AND 1790 in Pennsylvania.

  2. Henry Sells: Birth: 1795 in Sullivan Co., TN. Death: 9 OCT 1858 in West Fork, Overton Co., TN

  3. David Leander Sells: Birth: 5 JUL 1797 in Sullivan Co., TN. Death: 8 MAY 1875 in Overton Co., TN

  4. Sarah Sells: Birth: ABT 1799. Death: in of Jackson Co., TN

a. Note:   Henry was age 90 years in 1850 Census; wife = Margaret... was deeded property by his father, Solomon in 1798, in Washington County, Virginia. There is reportedly a pension record that gives his name as Joseph Henry Sells, but this record has not been proven as yet. His Pension application dated 1836 gives his name only as Henry Sells, states that he lived in Bedford County, PA until 1795; and in 1836 was living in Sullivan County, Tenn. At the age of 16, Henry served nine months in the spring of 1778 under Captain Samuel Thompson and Colonel John Riper in the militia guarding the home front against Indian raids in Bedford County, PA. In this application he described two Indian raids. He then moved to Sullivan County, Tenn. where most of his children were born. His first wife (name not known) is believed to have died about 1844 to1850. She is believed to be the mother of most or all of his children. In the 1850 census his 2nd wife, Margaret is listed as age 45, thus born about 1795, in Maryland. In most census and other records, he is listed only as Henry Sells. land transaction: "This Indenture made the 24th day of October 1844 between Henry Sells and Margaret Sells his wife of Sullivan County & State of Tennessee of the one part and William Moore of Washington County & State of Virginia of the other part Witnesseth that the said Henry Sells and his wife Margaret for and in consideration of One thousand dollars to them in hand paid doth bargain and sell unto the said William Moore and his heirs One certain tract or parcel of land a part lying in the County of Washington and State of Virginia say about 56 acres and a part lying in Sullivan County & State of Tennessee say one hundred acres being part of a tract purchased of Solomon Sells and lying on both sides of the miry branch South of Bever Creek and bounded as follows to wit." Henry Sells bought land in Overton County, TN from Thomas Eldridge Jan. 24, 1845. Witness's were Andrew Godsey and Johnathan Richardson it also stated the land was adjoining land owned by David Richardson and Nicholas Mullins and others. It is in Deed Book A page 15. Henry Sells Sr. and David Sells and Sarah Sells Brown wife of John Brown from Jackson Co. TN sold there share of land to their brother Solomon Sells Feb. 25, 1856 in Overton Co. TN. "Henry Sells-R.9373 The date and place of birth of Henry Sells are not shown in the claim, nor are the names of his parents given. Henry Sells applied for pension, October 31, 1836, then nearly seventy-six years of age and residing in Sullivan County, Tennessee, where he had lived since 1795. He stated that while residing in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, he served from the spring of 1778 under Captain Samuel Thompson and Colonel John Riper, was stationed, six or seven months, at Fort Robert Doe; after which he was a spy or scout under Captain John Dean and Major Shaver for the defence of the frontier inhabitants and was repeatedly called out against the Indians, until the surrender of Cornwallace. The claim was not allowed, as the service rendered was frontier warfare against the Indians, and not called into service in a regular organized corps by competent authority, as required by the provisions of the Act of June 7, 1832, under which he applied. It is not stated that the soldier, Henry Sells, was married. His brother is referred to, his name not given. Very truly yours, A.D. Hiller Assistant to, Administrator " Application for a Pension State of Tennessee, Sullivan County On this the 31st day of October 1836, before us the subscribers, Justices of the Peace for the said county of Sullivan personally appeared Henry Sells who on his oath, declares that he resides now and has resided in Sullivan County since the commencement of the year 1795 and that previous thereunto he resided in Bedford County State of Pennsylvania. In the spring of 1778 as this applicant believes, he was called into service by Captain Samuel Thompson of said Bedford County for a tour of nine months duty and was marched immediately to Fort Robert Doe where he was detained in service for six or seven months and then discharged. Said Capt. Thompson during this applicant's service as aforesaid was subject to the order and belongs to the regiment of Col. John Piper. On this applicants return from the Fort at Gen. Robert Does he was enrolled in a company of spies or scouts under Captain John Dian of Huntingeton and Maj. John Shawn for the said Bedford County and from that time until the surrender of Cornwallace he was frequently called upon to defend the town from the strong inroads of the Indians, the first duty as a scout this applicant was called upon to perform as he recollects was in pursuit of Indians who came over the mountain into Bedford County and killed Benjamin Sanders and family except four children and in Hopesville township the company of which applicant was ( ? ) chased the Indians over the mountain called ( ? Mountain) but could not overtake the Indians. Again he was called upon to relieve Captain John Young stationed at Fort Titus during this expedition the company of which applicant was on ( ? ) Fort Titus buried eleven men of a company of scouts that had been killed by the Indians and followed the Indians a considerable distance over the mountain but did not overtake them being afraid to pursues them any further on account of the company being too small for the number of Indians as evidenced by their trail. The name of the Captain whose company was killed and taken prisoner as was mentioned above is not now recollected by applicant, again he was called upon at Fort Thompson to go on a scout to bury some ten or twelve men killed by the Indians who belonged to Captain William Philips Company, at Felix Millus in Hopewell township and to spy out if the Indians could be found ( ) during the whole of the war after the spring of 1778 he was frequently on scouting parties as aforesaid and stationed in the Forts of Bedford County was thus discharged he received and left the fort at General Robert Doe as the aforesaid he long since lost ( ) the applicant is now near seventy-six years age. Sworn and subscribed before us signature of this October 31, 1836. Henry Sells ?William Hermmer, J.P. George Burkhart, J.P. State of Tennessee, Sullivan County personally appeared before us the subscribers acting Justices of the Peace in and for said county of Sullivan, Peter Whisenhunt and made oath in due ( ) of ( ) has been acquainted with Henry Sells whose name appears to the foregone applicant, applying for the pension, for twenty-five or thirty years and that he has frequently heard the said Henry Sells ( ) ( ) years ago or ever since he first knew speaking of his services, difficulties during the Revolutionary War in the manner and of the ( ) ( ) as set forth in the said ( ) ( ) applicant and ( ) that the said Sells is a man of ( ) and good standing in his neighborhood and that his declarations may be relied upon as true. Sworn to and subscribed before us October 31, 1836. Wm. Hermmer, J.P. George Burkhart, J.P.
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