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  1. Ida Ashbaugh: Birth: 1808 in Adams Co., PA.

  2. James Harvey Ashbaugh: Birth: 1811 in Pennsylvania. Death: BET 1870 AND 1880 in Richland Co., OH

  3. Elizabeth Ashbaugh: Birth: BET 1815 AND 1816. Death: 23 MAY 1899 in Hopewell Twp., Cumberland Co., PA

  4. Margaret Ashbaugh: Birth: 1821 in Pennsylvania.

  5. Mary Ashbaugh: Birth: 1822.

  6. Andrew Ashbaugh: Birth: 28 DEC 1827 in Adams Co., PA. Death: BEF 1893

  7. John Ashbaugh: Birth: BET 1828 AND 1829 in Pennsylvania.

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1. Title:   IGI Record
Note:   NS018713
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Source:   S1871
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