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Hannah Ashbaugh: Birth: 1810.
Hannah Ashbaugh: Birth: 16 MAR 1772 in Germany, Adams Co., PA. Death: 14 JUL 1822
Hannah Ashbaugh: Birth: ABT 1823 in Ohio. Death: 1854 in Jackson Twp., Perry Co., OH
Hannah Ashbaugh: Birth: 28 APR 1849 in Glanford, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. Death: 2 FEB 1886 in Wentworth, Ontario, Canada
Harlen R. Ashbaugh: Birth: 23 JAN 1918 in Clarion Co., PA. Death: OCT 1975
Harley Howard Ashbaugh: Birth: 9 FEB 1885 in Calhoun Co., IA. Death: 10 SEP 1960 in Sac Co., IA
Harley Howard Ashbaugh: Birth: 14 MAR 1922 in Jackson Twp., Sac Co., IA. Death: 31 MAR 2006
Harley Ashbaugh: Birth: JUL 1897 in Indiana.
Harold Bryan Ashbaugh: Birth: 8 JUL 1896 in Britton, Marshall Co., SD. Death: 23 AUG 1983 in Eugene, Lane Co., OR
Harold Cecil Ashbaugh: Birth: 25 OCT 1920 in Pennsylvania. Death: 26 AUG 1992 in Pinellas Co., FL
Harold Charles Ashbaugh: Birth: 16 OCT 1913 in Ohio. Death: 1 MAR 1983 in Columbus, Franklin Co., OH
Harold Chauncey Ashbaugh: Birth: 2 NOV 1922 in Shenandoah, Page Co., IA. Death: 19 NOV 2010 in Maryville, Nodaway Co., MO
Harold Irving Ashbaugh: Birth: 13 JUL 1886 in Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH.
Harold Ashbaugh: Birth: JUL 1899 in Ohio. Death: JUN 1997 in Astabula, FL
Harriet A. Ashbaugh: Birth: 4 JUL 1857 in Brantford, Brant Co., Ontario, Canada. Death: 23 FEB 1930 in Brantford, Brant Co., Ontario, Canada
Harriet E. Ashbaugh: Birth: APR 1846 in Ohio. Death: 16 MAY 1937 in Richland Co., OH
Harriet Ellen Ashbaugh: Birth: 10 NOV 1895 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI. Death: 29 AUG 1899 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI
Harriet Jane Ashbaugh: Birth: 17 FEB 1898 in Pennsylvania. Death: 18 APR 1982
Harriet L. Ashbaugh: Birth: 30 JUN 1875 in Newton, Harvey Co., KS. Death: 14 DEC 1954 in Los Angeles Co., CA
Harriet Louise Ashbaugh: Birth: 7 NOV 1881 in Glanford, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. Death: 4 MAR 1974 in Dearborn Heights, MI
Harriet Mary Ashbaugh: Birth: 1 AUG 1842 in Leitchfield, Grayson Co., KY.
Harriet Ashbaugh: Birth: AFT 1880.
Harriett Ashbaugh: Birth: 23 MAY 1849 in Pennsylvania.
Harriett Ashbaugh: Birth: ABT 1856 in Ohio.
Harry Alexander Ashbaugh: Birth: 22 JUN 1905 in Gilpin Twp., Armstrong Co., PA. Death: 25 OCT 1995
Harry B. Ashbaugh: Birth: DEC 1886 in Newport, Campbell Co., KY. Death: 21 JAN 1936
Harry C. Ashbaugh: Birth: 23 SEP 1869 in East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., OH. Death: 11 JUL 1927
Harry Calvin Ashbaugh: Birth: 4 NOV 1924 in Watson, Effingham Co., IL. Death: 12 FEB 2001 in Viroqua, Vernon Co., WI
Harry Carrol Ashbaugh: Birth: 11 JUL 1867 in Aledo, Mercer Co., IL. Death: 14 JUN 1952 in Steger, Cook Co., IL
Harry Cash Ashbaugh: Birth: FEB 1900 in Missouri. Death: MAY 1902 in Missouri
Harry D. Ashbaugh: Birth: 4 APR 1901 in Ohio. Death: 27 MAR 1948 in Washington, Fayette Co., OH
Harry Edward Ashbaugh: Birth: 11 JUL 1874 in Pennsylvania.
Harry Elsworth Ashbaugh: Birth: AUG 1896 in Maryland. Death: 1921
Harry Elsworth Ashbaugh: Birth: 17 JAN 1922 in Maryland. Death: 20 JAN 1988 in Volusia Co., FL
Harry Jacob Ashbaugh: Birth: APR 1893 in Maryland.
Harry John Ashbaugh: Birth: 10 AUG 1895 in New Alexandria, Salem Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa. Death: 24 JUL 1971 in New Alexandria, Salem Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa
Harry John Ashbaugh: Birth: 22 AUG 1922 in New Alexandria, Westmoreland Co., PA. Death: 11 MAR 2009 in Redstone Highlands, Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., PA
Harry L. Ashbaugh: Birth: 20 SEP 1921 in Westmoreland Co., PA. Death: 18 APR 1994
Harry Lawrence Ashbaugh: Birth: 17 JUL 1913 in Montana. Death: APR 1985
Harry Lawrence Ashbaugh: Birth: 8 OCT 1935 in Yakima, Yakima Co., WA. Death: OCT 1980
Harry Lewis Ashbaugh: Birth: 18 JUN 1920 in Maryland. Death: 2 JUL 1999 in Harpers Ferry, Jefferson Co., WV
Harry P. Ashbaugh: Birth: 5 APR 1884 in Braeburn, Westmoreland Co., PA. Death: 19 MAY 1942 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA
Harry Ray Ashbaugh: Birth: 23 APR 1885 in Sac City, Sac Co., IA. Death: 21 APR 1943 in Buckingham, Weld Co., CO
Harry Roy Ashbaugh: Birth: 15 JAN 1886 in Pennsylvania. Death: 19 FEB 1977
Harry Seymour Ashbaugh: Birth: 8 DEC 1888 in Celina, Mercer Co., OH. Death: 9 DEC 1975 in St. Mary's, Auglaize Co., OH
Harry Thomas Ashbaugh: Birth: 22 DEC 1898. Death: 30 AUG 1899
Harry William Ashbaugh: Birth: 14 NOV 1921 in St. Mary's, Auglaize Co., OH. Death: 3 JAN 1965
Harry William Ashbaugh: Birth: 22 AUG 1888 in Watson, Effingham Co., IL. Death: 4 MAY 1943 in Crystal Lake, McHenry Co., IL
Harry Ashbaugh: Birth: 19 NOV 1888 in Bloomfield, Greene Co., IN.
Hartwell Erwyn Ashbaugh: Birth: 1859 in Fairfield Co., OH.
Harvey A. Ashbaugh: Birth: 15 AUG 1873 in Hocking Co., OH. Death: 9 APR 1943 in Lima, OH
Harvey M. Ashbaugh: Birth: JUL 1876 in Indiana.
Harvey Ashbaugh: Birth: ABT 1862 in Illinois.
Hattie E. Ashbaugh: Birth: SEP 1896 in Maryland.
Hattie L. Ashbaugh: Birth: ABT 1863 in Michigan.
Hattie M. Ashbaugh: Birth: ABT 1859 in Iowa.
Hattie May Ashbaugh: Birth: 8 JUN 1874 in Kansas. Death: AFT 1939
Hazel D. Ashbaugh: Birth: JUN 1894 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1917
Hazel Jane Ashbaugh: Birth: 4 JUL 1896 in Westmoreland Co., PA. Death: 21 SEP 1988 in Brackenridge, PA
Hazel M. Ashbaugh: Birth: 25 JUL 1893 in Clarksburg, Indiana Co., PA. Death: 20 NOV 1958 in Latrobe, Westmoreland Co., PA
Hazel Rosella Ashbaugh: Birth: 1896 in Oklahoma, PA. Death: 3 JUN 1980 in Ft. Worth, TX
Hazel V. Ashbaugh: Birth: JUL 1891 in Missouri.
Hazel Ashbaugh: Birth: JAN 1894 in Kansas.
Hazel Ashbaugh: Birth: ABT 1890 in Ohio.
Hazel Ashbaugh: Birth: APR 1900 in Indiana. Death: BEF 1910
Helen Croft Ashbaugh: Birth: 23 JUL 1906 in Kennewick, Benton Co., WA. Death: 27 DEC 1977
Helen G. Ashbaugh: Birth: 18 OCT 1908 in Osage City, Osage Co., KS. Death: 21 FEB 1991 in Johnson Co., KS
Helen Georgina Ashbaugh: Birth: JAN 1843 in Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. Death: 30 MAR 1934 in York Co., Ontario, Canada
Helen L. Ashbaugh: Birth: 4 JUL 1900 in Ohio. Death: JUN 1986 in Broome Co., NY
Helen Lucille Ashbaugh: Birth: 16 FEB 1927 in Illinois. Death: 7 AUG 2008
Helen M. Ashbaugh: Birth: 10 APR 1913 in Maryland. Death: 11 JAN 1996 in Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD
Helen Mae Ashbaugh: Birth: 10 NOV 1901 in Pennsylvania. Death: 19 APR 1997
Helen R. Ashbaugh: Birth: SEP 1899 in South Dakota.
Helen Ruth Ashbaugh: Birth: 23 AUG 1891.
Helen S. Ashbaugh: Birth: 5 DEC 1896 in Minnesota. Death: 11 NOV 1981 in Rock Rapids, IA
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