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Elizabeth Sanders: Birth: 1720 in Richmond Co., VA. Death: AFT 1763
Elizabeth Sanders: Birth: ABT 1720. Death: ABT 1795 in Perquimans Co., NC
Elizabeth Sanders: Birth: 1753. Death: 1807
Elizabeth Sanders: Birth: 1610 in Bristol, Somersetshire, England. Death: 1653 in Jamestown, James Co., VA
Elizabeth Sanders: Birth: 10 APR 1717 in Gloucester, Essex Co., MA.
Elizabeth Sanders: Birth: in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH. Death: AFT 1725 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA
Ella Mamie Sanders: Birth: 6 DEC 1894 in Washington, Fayette Co., OH. Death: 20 JUL 1960 in Akron, Summit Co., OH
Ellen Sanders: Birth: 11 APR 1823 in Norway. Death: 22 NOV 1871 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT
Emily Sanders: Birth: 7 JUN 1830 in London, Middlesex, England. Death: 12 JAN 1911 in London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada
Enoch W. Sanders: Birth: ABT 1844 in Indiana.
Ethel Sinky Sanders: Birth: 3 SEP 1900.
Eunice Sanders: Birth: 3 NOV 1745 in Rhode Island.
Ezekiel Sanders: Death: 1822 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL
Ezra Sanders: Birth: 24 DEC 1777 in Grafton, Grafton Co., NH. Death: 15 AUG 1859 in Grafton, Grafton Co., NH
Fannie Sanders: Birth: 18 DEC 1890.
Florida Rose Sanders: Birth: 2 APR 1883 in Orange Co., FL. Death: 23 AUG 1961 in Orange Co., FL
Frances Sanders: Birth: ABT 1825 in Jackson, Hinds Co., MS. Death: ABT 1880 in Lufkin, Angelina Co., TX
Francis Sanders: Birth: ABT 1715 in Stafford Co., VA. Death: ABT 1760 in Virginia
Frank C. Sanders: Birth: 31 MAR 1902 in Fayette Co., OH. Death: 18 AUG 1962 in Fayette Co., OH
George Washington Sanders: Birth: 4 JAN 1833 in Crawford Co., MO. Death: 28 JUN 1914 in Steelville, Crawford Co., MO
George Sanders: Birth: 1675 in Connecticut. Death: 1696 in Connecticut
Grace Elvira Sanders: Birth: 7 DEC 1916. Death: 2002
Grace Gertrude Sanders: Birth: 1875 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.
Hannah Sanders: Birth: 9 JAN 1782 in New Salem, Franklin Co., MA. Death: 12 DEC 1865 in Springfield, Erie Co., PA
Hannah Sanders: Birth: 24 MAY 1763 in Wrentham, Norfolk Co., MA. Death: 13 MAR 1850 in Grafton, Grafton Co., NH
Harland David Sanders: Birth: 9 SEP 1890 in Henryville, Clark Co., IN. Death: 16 DEC 1980 in Jefferson Co., KY
Harland David Sanders: Birth: 1912 in Tuscumbia, Colbert Co., AL. Death: 15 SEP 1932 in Kentucky
Harriet Susan Sanders: Birth: 30 OCT 1823 in Madison Co., AL. Death: in Madison Co., AL
Harriet Sanders: Birth: 7 DEC 1824 in Norway. Death: 5 SEP 1896 in Rich Co., UT
Helen Amelia Sanders: Birth: 27 JUL 1887 in Wise Co., TX. Death: 27 SEP 1945 in Wise Co., TX
Henry A. Sanders: Birth: MAR 1877 in New York. Death: 6 JUN 1904 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI
Henry Sanders: Birth: 18 JUL 1676 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA. Death: AFT 15 APR 1754
Henry Sanders: Birth: ABT 1645. Death: BEF 2 JUN 1685 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA
Hiram Sanders: Birth: 1815. Death: 1880
Isabel Sanders: Birth: 1869.
Jacob Sanders: Birth: 4 JUL 1710 in Haverhill, Essex Co., MA. Death: 6 APR 1792
James Daniel Sanders: Birth: 15 JUN 1863. Death: 15 JUN 1905
James Riddle Sanders: Birth: 10 OCT 1799 in Grafton, Grafton Co., NH. Death: 18 APR 1871 in Bourbon Co., KY
James Sanders: Birth: 24 MAY 1800 in Mason Co., KY. Death: 28 SEP 1882 in Crawford Co., MO
James Sanders: Birth: ABT 1630. Death: 20 MAY 1702 in Anne Arundel Co., MD
James Sanders: Birth: 1838 in Rochelle, France. Death: 1903
James Sanders: Birth: 16 MAR 1699/00 in Anne Arundel Co., MD.
Jane Eliza Sanders: Birth: 5 NOV 1832 in Bourbon Co., KY. Death: 31 JAN 1875 in Bourbon Co., KY
Jane Sanders: Birth: ABT 1755. Death: BET 1820 AND 1830 in Montgomery Co., NC
Jane Sanders: Birth: 1 MAR 1787 in North Carolina. Death: 8 APR 1856 in Sullivan Co., IN
Jason Sanders: Birth: 12 JAN 1780 in Grafton, Grafton Co., NH.
Jeduthan Sanders: Birth: BET 1780 AND 1784.
Jeduthan Sanders: Birth: ABT 1850 in Indiana.
Jemima Sanders: Birth: 8 SEP 1749 in Guilford Co., NC. Death: 2 OCT 1831
Jesse Sanders: Birth: 1816 in Alabama. Death: 10 JUN 1872 in Clay Co., MS
Jesse Sanders: Birth: 20 OCT 1769 in Onslow Co., NC.
Joel Sanders: Birth: 5 MAR 1745. Death: 7 MAR 1814 in Guilford Co., NC
Joel Sanders: Birth: ABT 1718 in Virginia. Death: 2 FEB 1782 in McDuffie Co., GA
Joel Sanders: Birth: 19 AUG 1751. Death: 18 SEP 1819 in Clinton Co., OH
Joel Sanders: Birth: 5 MAR 1814 in Clinton Co., OH. Death: 17 MAY 1902 in Marion Co., IN
John William Sanders: Birth: 7 MAR 1863 in Alabama. Death: 5 FEB 1905 in Seminole Co., OK
John Sanders: Death: MAR 1795 in Wake Co., NC
John Sanders: Birth: ABT 1864.
John Sanders: Birth: ABT 1505 in Durhamshire, England. Death: ABT 1585 in Kent, England
John Sanders: Birth: 1 JUL 1669 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA.
John Sanders: Birth: ABT 1690 in Nansemond Co., VA.
John Sanders: Birth: 9 MAR 1705/06 in New Kent Co., VA. Death: 14 MAR 1790 in Guilford Co., NC
John Sanders: Birth: 3 MAY 1803 in North Carolina. Death: 6 JUL 1876 in Orange Co., IN
John Sanders: Birth: 28 JUL 1731 in Perquimans Co., NC.
John Sanders: Birth: MAY 1801 in Kent, England. Death: 26 MAR 1876 in Elgin, Ontario, Canada
Joseph Sanders: Birth: 23 SEP 1785 in Grafton, Grafton Co., NH.
Joshua Sanders: Birth: 1749 in Charlestown, Washington Co., RI. Death: AFT 1820 in Union Co., OH
Judith Sanders: Birth: ABT 1697.
Judith Sanders: Birth: 25 SEP 1731 in Gloucester, Essex Co., MA. Death: 27 JUL 1793 in Massachusetts
Julia E. Sanders: Birth: 25 OCT 1897 in Green Co., WI. Death: 27 DEC 1987 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA
Kate Sanders: Birth: 22 MAY 1856 in Tioga Co., NY. Death: 5 MAR 1909 in Bradford Co., PA
Leah Sanders: Birth: ABT 1626 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England. Death: 24 MAR 1705/06 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA
Lester Harvey Sanders: Birth: 13 MAR 1903 in Seymour, Outagamie Co., WI. Death: 27 MAR 1962 in Milwaukee Co., WI
Levi Sanders: Birth: ABT 1853 in Indiana.
Levi Sanders: Birth: ABT 1809 in Pennsylvania.
Lewis H. Sanders: Birth: 1796.
Lewis Henry Sanders: Birth: ABT 1680 in Scotland. Death: ABT 1761 in Fairfax Co., VA
Lillie Mae Sanders: Birth: 20 NOV 1887.
Lois Sanders: Birth: ABT 1773 in Grafton, Grafton Co., NH.
Lois Sanders: Birth: 4 JAN 1770 in Wrentham, Norfolk Co., MA.
Lola Mae Sanders: Birth: 9 JUN 1906 in Oklahoma. Death: 22 JUN 1995 in Marin Co., CA
Louisa Amelia Sanders: Birth: BET 1805 AND 1806 in Crawford Co., GA.
Lucinda Sanders: Birth: 1859 in Illinois.
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