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William Haynes: Birth: 30 SEP 1769 in Haverhill, Essex Co., MA. Death: 1804
William Haynes: Birth: 6 JUN 1624 in Renhold, Bedfordshire, England. Death: 1651 in Salem, Essex Co., MA
William Haynes: Birth: ABT 1648 in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England. Death: 2 APR 1712 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
William Haynes: Birth: 6 APR 1639 in Gloucestershire, England. Death: 1702 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA
Elizabeth Haynie: Birth: 1865. Death: 1936
Gracie Haynie: Birth: 1679 in Northumberland Co., VA. Death: 10 FEB 1750/51 in Northumberland Co., VA
Jeane Haynie: Birth: ABT 1744 in Prince William Co., VA. Death: 7 NOV 1788 in Craven Co., NC
Martha Haynie: Birth: ABT 1667 in Virginia.
Maximillian Haynie: Birth: 20 OCT 1723 in Northumberland Co., VA. Death: 1812 in Newberry Co., SC
Sarah Haynie: Birth: 3 JUN 1697 in Lancaster Co., VA. Death: 1751 in Lancaster Co., VA
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Marie-Madeleine Hayot: Birth: 5 MAR 1663 in Chateau-Richer, Montmorency, Qu�ebec, Canada. Death: 2 OCT 1701 in Qu�ebec, Qu�ebec, Canada
Thomas Hayot: Birth: ABT 1609 in Perche, France.
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Mamie E. Hayre: Birth: MAR 1851 in Washington, D.C..
Abigail A. Hays: Birth: ABT 1830. Death: AFT 27 APR 1909
Benjamin Franklin Hays: Birth: 30 JUN 1842 in Jefferson Co., KY. Death: 15 JUL 1904 in Missouri
Bernice A. Hays: Birth: 8 FEB 1898 in Ohio. Death: 8 JUL 1973 in Jerome, Union Co., OH
Charlotte M. Hays: Birth: 21 MAY 1826.
Daniel Hays: Birth: 1733.
David Hays: Birth: 1772 in Westfield, Union Co., NJ. Death: 27 FEB 1848 in Starkey, Yates Co., NY
David Hays: Birth: 1717 in Sussex Co., NJ. Death: 22 JUN 1792 in Smith Twp., Washington Co., PA
Eleanor Hays: Birth: ABT 1743 in Scotland. Death: 13 AUG 1815 in Rockbridge Co., VA
Elizabeth Hays: Birth: 1797 in Essex Co., NJ. Death: AFT 1865
Elizabeth Hays: Birth: 16 JAN 1810 in Pennsylvania. Death: 4 JUN 1848 in Perry Co., OH
Elizabeth Hays: Birth: 12 JUN 1776 in Richmond Co., VA. Death: 3 AUG 1828 in Missouri
Elizabeth Hays: Birth: 25 DEC 1761 in Virginia. Death: 7 DEC 1817 in Ohio
Ephraim Hays: Birth: ABT 15 FEB 1746/47 in Somerset Co., NJ. Death: 1826 in Ontario Co., NY
Frank Hays: Birth: 1856 in Covington, Kenton Co., KY.
Harriet Elizabeth Hays: Birth: 7 JUN 1817 in Pendleton, Anderson Co., SC. Death: 27 SEP 1889 in Cobb Co., GA
Hiram F. Hays: Birth: ABT 1841 in Franklin Co., OH.
Hiram J. Hays: Birth: 5 JAN 1803 in Jefferson Co., OH. Death: 26 AUG 1851 in Franklin Co., OH
Isabella Hays: Birth: BET 1846 AND 1847 in Ohio.
James Hays: Birth: 1760. Death: 1828
James Hays: Birth: ABT 1745 in Londonderry, North Ireland. Death: 31 MAY 1816
Jane Hays: Birth: BET 1848 AND 1849 in Ohio.
John Hays: Birth: 1 JUN 1720.
John Hays: Birth: 10 DEC 1920 in Haskell, Haskell Co., TX. Death: 16 DEC 1947 in Tucson, Pima Co., AZ
John Hays: Birth: 4 APR 1816 in Washington Co., PA. Death: AFT 1887 in Kansas
Josephine Hays: Birth: 27 MAR 1906. Death: 6 APR 990 in Flagstaff, Coconino Co., AZ
Maggie Hays: Birth: 31 AUG 1859 in LaSalle Co., IL.
Maranda Hays: Birth: 1851 in Breathitt Co., KY.
Margaret Gertrude Hays: Birth: 21 JUL 1903 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA. Death: 28 DEC 1987 in Portland, Multnomah Co., OR
Marinda Hays: Birth: 30 JUN 1828 in Ohio. Death: 9 DEC 1911
Mary Elizabeth Hays: Birth: in Nelson Co., KY. Death: 1926
Mary Hays: Birth: ABT 1740 in Randolph Co., NC. Death: 1792
Mary Hays: Birth: 30 DEC 1764 in Surry Co., NC. Death: BEF 1830 in Rockingham Co., NC
Mary Hays: Birth: BEF 22 MAR 1610/11 in Great Bentley, Essex, England.
Mary Hays: Birth: JUN 1859 in Breathitt Co., KY.
Moses Hays: Birth: 17 NOV 1760 in Greenwich Twp., Sussex Co., NJ. Death: 4 AUG 1837 in Smith Twp., Washington Co., PA
Moses Hays: Birth: 1735 in Maryland. Death: 20 SEP 1796 in Augusta Co., VA
Nancy Ann Hays: Birth: 31 MAR 1818 in Allegheny Co., PA. Death: 16 OCT 1906
Nancy Jane Hays: Birth: 7 JUN 1844 in Jackson Co., OH. Death: 3 OCT 1930 in Logan Co., CO
Nancy May Hays: Birth: 23 NOV 1760 in Orange Co., NC. Death: 31 MAR 1836 in Knox Co., TN
Nancy Hays: Birth: 1800. Death: 6 MAY 1838 in Pike Co., IL
Nancy Hays: Birth: 1778 in Greene Co., TN.
Nancy Hays: Birth: 1829 in Clark Co., IL. Death: 1880 in Sullivan Co., IN
Nicholas Hays: Birth: 1816 in Clay Co., KY.
Peter Hays: Birth: in Kentucky. Death: 20 JUL 1864
Rose Elizabeth Hays: Birth: 9 APR 1885 in Morgan Co., MO. Death: 24 JUN 1966 in Berkeley, Alameda Co., CA
Thomas Hays: Birth: 8 APR 1785 in South Carolina. Death: 17 JAN 1831
Thomas Hays: Birth: 5 OCT 1784 in Greenwich Twp., Sussex Co., NJ. Death: 11 APR 1859 in Jackson Co., OH
William Henry Hays: Birth: 9 APR 1910. Death: 21 FEB 1965
William Hays: Birth: 13 DEC 1754 in North Carolina. Death: 13 DEC 1804 in St. Charles Co., MO
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Anneta Hayter: Birth: 18 SEP 1822 in Hampshire, England. Death: 21 JUN 1876 in Franklin, Franklin Co., ID
Susan Ellison Hayter: Birth: 11 FEB 1841 in Clinton Co., MO. Death: 25 NOV 1913
William Hayter: Birth: 4 AUG 1818 in Washington Co., VA. Death: ABT 1880 in Kay Co., OK
Harriet Hayton: Birth: in Buckinghamshire, England. Death: 1764
Leonard George Hayton: Birth: 13 FEB 1908 in New York, NY. Death: 24 APR 1971 in Palm Springs, Riverside Co., CA
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Mawdelin Haytor: Birth: BET 1538 AND 1539 in Burbage, Leicestershire, England. Death: 3 JUN 1580 in Burbage, Aston Flamville, Leicester, England
Thomas Haytor: Birth: BET 1513 AND 1514 in Burbage, Leicestershire, England.
Abigail Hayward: Birth: 23 SEP 1666 in Malden, Middlesex Co., MA. Death: 23 AUG 1717 in Malden, Middlesex Co., MA
Abigail Hayward: Birth: 5 MAR 1667/68 in Salem, Essex Co., MA. Death: 20 DEC 1726 in Salem, Essex Co., MA
Abigail Hayward: Birth: 8 JUN 1698 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA. Death: 9 DEC 1748 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA
Abigail Hayward: Birth: 3 AUG 1702 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., MA. Death: 30 APR 1796 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., MA
Ada Hayward: Birth: BET 1871 AND 1872 in Missouri.
Alice Hayward: Birth: 1579 in Cornwall, England. Death: 1631 in Plymouth, Devonshire, England
Alice Hayward
Allen Hayward: Birth: 27 MAY 1804 in Hamilton, Madison Co., NY. Death: 28 JAN 1879 in Earlville, Madison Co., NY
Amasa Hayward: Birth: 20 OCT 1749 in Ashford, Windham Co., CT. Death: 11 MAR 1834 in Williamstown, Orange Co., VT
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