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William Catesby: Birth: ABT 1408 in England. Death: 1470
Ella Louise Catford: Death: 4 MAY 1954

Amos W. Cathcart: Birth: 1880 in Pennsylvania. Death: 25 JAN 1898
Charles Shaw Cathcart: Birth: 21 MAR 1721 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. Death: 14 AUG 1776 in London, Middlesex, England
Eliza Ruth Cathcart: Birth: 3 APR 1870 in Appanoose Co., IA. Death: 25 DEC 1919 in Fry, Cochise Co., AZ
Emma Gertrude Cathcart: Birth: 13 NOV 1877 in Ferguson, Clearfield, PA. Death: 2 FEB 1958 in Bates Co., MO
Ferman Cathcart: Birth: 16 APR 1876 in Ferguson, Clearfield Co., PA. Death: 12 MAR 1964 in Illinois
George Blake Cathcart: Birth: 5 JUN 1844 in Clearfield Co., PA. Death: 2 MAY 1936
George Thomas Cathcart: Birth: 1881.
Gershom Cathcart: Birth: 1698. Death: 6 DEC 1792
Howard Primrose Cathcart: Birth: 18 MAR 1870 in Ferguson, Clearfield Co., PA. Death: 3 JUN 1967 in Olympia, Thurston Co., WA
James E. Cathcart: Birth: ABT 1832 in Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co., PA. Death: ABT 1869 in Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co., PA
James Frazer Cathcart: Birth: FEB 1834 in Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland. Death: 2 JUN 1890 in Pennsylvania
Lorenzo W. Cathcart: Birth: 3 JAN 1874 in Ferguson, Clearfield Co., PA. Death: 4 AUG 1944 in Galesburg, Knox Co., IL
Louisa Cathcart: Birth: BEF 1761. Death: 11 JUL 1843
Love Cathcart: Birth: 13 JUL 1725 in Tisbury, Dukes Co., MA. Death: BEF 1761
Mary Cathcart: Birth: 1693.
Minta Lovina Cathcart: Birth: 2 MAY 1883 in Pennsylvania.
Miriam Cathcart: Birth: 11 FEB 1700/01 in Tisbury, Dukes Co., MA. Death: 26 JUL 1791 in Tisbury, Dukes Co., MA
Myrtle M. Cathcart: Birth: 14 SEP 1892 in Graham Co., KS. Death: 24 APR 1934
Phoebe Cathcart: Birth: 4 MAY 1729 in Chilmark, Dukes Co., MA. Death: 20 JUL 1829
Robert Cathcart: Birth: 1670 in Scotland. Death: 22 MAR 1718 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
Ruth Cathcart: Birth: 1 JAN 1872 in Ferguson, Clearfield Co., PA. Death: 12 FEB 1902
Susanna Cathcart: Birth: 1709 in Massachusetts. Death: 28 AUG 1790 in Nantucket, Nantucket Co., MA
Vernie Lewis Cathcart: Birth: 1886 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1916 in Hale, Yuma Co., CO
William Cathcart: Birth: 1816.

Charles Fectigue Cather: Birth: 1848. Death: 1928
James Cather: Birth: 1795. Death: 1875
Willa Sibert Cather: Birth: 7 DEC 1873 in Virginia. Death: 24 APR 1947 in Manhattan, New York, NY
William Cather: Birth: 1823. Death: 1887
Barbara Catherall: Birth: ABT 1522 in England. Death: 1580 in England
Elizabeth Catherall: Birth: ABT 1460 in England. Death: in England
Catherine: Birth: 1622 in England. Death: 1659
Eva Catherine: Birth: 31 OCT 1858 in Salem, Marion Co., IL. Death: 14 OCT 1910 in Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS
Jasper Cathers: Birth: 1739. Death: 1812
Robert Cathers: Birth: 1709. Death: 1741
Andrew Caldwell Cathey: Birth: 28 JAN 1811 in Mecklenburg Co., NC.
Archibald Pinkney Cathey: Birth: 3 JUL 1804 in Mecklenburg Co., NC.
Archibald Cathey: Birth: 20 MAY 1769 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Death: 1811 in Mecklenburg Co., NC
Eleanor Cathey: Birth: 1754 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Death: 1841 in Lincoln Co., NC
George Cathey: Birth: 1692 in Ulster, Ireland. Death: ABT 1765 in Rowan Co., NC
George Cathey: Birth: ABT 1724. Death: ABT 1805
Henry Alexander Cathey: Birth: 16 NOV 1808 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Death: 10 MAR 1873 in Mecklenburg Co., NC
James Cathey: Birth: JAN 1835 in Tennessee. Death: 19 JAN 1885 in Lincoln Co., TN
Jean Cathey: Birth: 1720 in Cumberland Co., PA. Death: 1 JAN 1788 in Cumberland Co., PA
John Cathey: Birth: 1725 in Cecil Co., MD. Death: 4 MAR 1788 in Mecklenburg Co., NC
John Cathey: Birth: 1666 in Ireland. Death: 1761
Joseph Pinkney Cathey: Birth: 23 MAR 1864 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Death: 2 JAN 1952 in Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC
Mary Louvenia Cathey: Birth: OCT 1866 in Lincoln Co., TN. Death: 19 OCT 1933 in Franklin, Simpson Co., KY
Nancy Agnes Cathey: Birth: 5 JAN 1800 in Mecklenburg Co., NC.
Rebecca Cathey: Birth: ABT 1766 in Rowan Co., NC. Death: 1828 in Buncombe Co., NC
Sarah Greenfield Cathey: Birth: ABT 1788 in Abbeville Co., SC. Death: JAN 1871 in Boone Co., WV
Sarah Cathey: Birth: 1697 in County Antrim, Ireland. Death: 1769 in Frederick Co., VA
William Caldwell Cathey: Birth: 1802 in Mecklenburg Co., NC.

Ben Cathy: Birth: ABT 1924 in Georgia. Death: JUL 1949
Joseph Benjamin Cathy: Birth: 2 MAY 1864 in McDonough, Henry Co., GA. Death: 31 JUL 1960 in Fulton Co., GA
Samuel Truett Cathy: Birth: 14 MAR 1921 in Eatonton, Putnam Co., GA. Death: 8 SEP 2014 in Georgia
Thomas Alexander Cathy: Birth: 1836 in Coweta Co., GA. Death: 6 FEB 1902 in McDonough, Henry Co., GA

Hanri Catin: Birth: BET 1644 AND 1653 in France. Death: BEF 13 JUL 1720 in Montr�eal, Qu�ebec, Canada
Jeanne Cecile Catin: Birth: 26 AUG 1681 in Montr�eal, Qu�ebec, Canada. Death: 26 AUG 1715 in Montr�eal, Qu�ebec, Canada
Mary Jane Catledge: Birth: NOV 1843 in Winston Co., MS. Death: 1910 in Greer Co., OK
Millicent Blanche Catlen: Birth: 4 MAR 1885.
Albert Gallatin Catlett: Birth: 26 NOV 1818 in Missouri. Death: 14 MAR 1848 in Wellsville, Columbiana Co., OH
Alexander Catlett: Birth: 1766 in Caroline Co., VA. Death: JUN 1823 in Greenup Co., KY
Ann Fairfax Catlett: Birth: 1804. Death: 1884
Ann Catlett: Birth: 28 JUN 1834 in Anderson Co., KY. Death: 16 APR 1863 in Anderson Co., KY
Benjamin Catlett: Birth: ABT 1806 in Caroline Co., VA. Death: 1877
Elizabeth Catlett: Birth: 1663 in Virginia.
Elizabeth Catlett: Birth: 24 APR 1766 in Virginia.
Elizabeth Catlett: Birth: 6 SEP 1689 in Virginia. Death: 5 SEP 1751
Elizabeth Catlett: Birth: 25 MAR 1729.
Francis Catlett: Birth: 1777 in Caroline Co., VA. Death: 14 MAR 1836 in Anderson Co., KY
Hanson Catlett: Birth: 1779. Death: 21 OCT 1824 in Livingston Co., KY
John Catlett: Birth: 17 MAY 1642 in Richmond Co., VA. Death: 18 JUN 1723 in Albemarle Co., VA
John Catlett: Birth: 24 JUN 1620 in England. Death: 18 APR 1670 in Port Royal, Caroline Co., VA

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