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Tammy Elmina Yeomans: Birth: 20 JUL 1803 in Cairo, Greene Co., NY. Death: 11 JUL 1849 in Walworth, Wayne Co., NY
Thomas Yeomans: Birth: 6 NOV 1657.

Elizabeth Yerby: Birth: ABT 1778 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Death: ABT 1848 in Fayette Co., AL
George Yerby: Birth: BET 1692 AND 1698 in Lancaster Co., VA. Death: ABT JUL 1765 in Lancaster Co., VA
John Yerby: Birth: 1687 in Lancaster Co., VA. Death: 1737 in Lancaster Co., VA
Thomas Yerby: Birth: ABT 1657 in Virginia. Death: 13 MAR 1716 in Lancaster Co., VA
William Yerby: Birth: 1728 in Lancaster Co., VA.

Linda Louise Yerges: Birth: 1 AUG 1950. Death: 4 AUG 1950

Anna Dorothea Yerian: Birth: 20 AUG 1766 in Northampton Co., PA. Death: 20 APR 1846 in Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., PA
Daniel Yerian: Birth: 12 JAN 1843 in Columbiana Co., OH. Death: 3 JAN 1921 in Springfield, Mahoning Co., OH
Elmer Yerian: Birth: 27 JUL 1874 in Springfield, Mahoning Co., OH. Death: 5 JUL 1943 in Springfield, Mahoning Co., OH
George Yerian: Birth: 8 OCT 1733 in Lehigh Co., PA. Death: NOV 1804 in Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co., PA
Jacob Yerian: Birth: 23 JAN 1798 in Westmoreland Co., PA. Death: 19 JUN 1845 in Muskingum Co., OH
Jane Elizabeth Yerian: Birth: 26 OCT 1838 in Muskingum Co., OH. Death: 15 AUG 1917 in Jackson Co., OH
John Frederick Yerian: Birth: 17 JAN 1762 in Northampton Co., PA. Death: OCT 1840 in Morgan Co., OH
Lenas Yerian: Birth: 25 JUL 1868 in Springfield, Mahoning Co., OH. Death: 18 FEB 1946 in Springfield, Mahoning Co., OH
Raymond Alan Yerian: Birth: 21 SEP 1920 in North Lima, Mahoning Co., OH. Death: 23 DEC 2007 in Columbus, Franklin Co., OH

Anthony Yerkes: Birth: ABT 1663 in Krefeld, Germany. Death: in Moreland, Montgomery Co., PA
Elizabeth Yerkes: Birth: 26 MAR 1758 in Warwick Twp., Bucks Co., PA. Death: 2 SEP 1826 in Moreland, Montgomery Co., PA
Elizabeth Yerkes: Birth: 29 JAN 1725 in Moreland, Montgomery Co., PA. Death: 11 MAR 1793 in Philadelphia Co., PA
Hannah Yerkes: Birth: 15 MAR 1755. Death: 23 OCT 1844 in Brooke Co., WV
Harman Yerkes: Birth: ABT 1689 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co., PA. Death: BET 1750 AND 1751 in Moreland, Montgomery Co., PA
Silas Yerkes: Birth: 15 FEB 1723 in Moreland, Montgomery Co., PA. Death: 25 SEP 1795 in Moreland, Montgomery Co., PA

Grace Yerty: Birth: 7 FEB 1885. Death: 3 NOV 1918

Anna Margaret Yetter: Birth: 19 JUL 1766 in Lebanon Co., PA. Death: 11 MAY 1840
Charles E. Yetter: Birth: JUN 1870 in Pennsylvania.
Ida May Yetter: Birth: MAY 1884 in Pennsylvania.
William Stewart Yetter: Birth: OCT 1877 in Pennsylvania.

Lavinia Yewell: Birth: 11 MAY 1810 in Kentucky. Death: 12 SEP 1887
Margaret Yewell: Birth: 13 JAN 1784 in Faquier Co., VA. Death: 30 DEC 1856 in Shepherdsville, Bullitt Co., KY
Rose V. Yezek: Birth: 14 FEB 1887 in East Huntingdon, Westmoreland Co., PA. Death: 17 MAY 1960 in Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co., PA

Bernard Jun-Bong Yim: Birth: 26 APR 1925 in Honolulu, Oahu, HI. Death: 9 APR 2001 in Honolulu, Oahu, HI

Abraham Yingling: Birth: 1 JAN 1755 in Pipe Creek, Frederick Co., MD. Death: 10 NOV 1823 in Frederick Co., MD
Christa Yingling: Birth: JAN 1880 in Ohio.
Christian Yingling: Birth: 2 FEB 1690 in Rhineland, Germany. Death: 9 FEB 1758 in Worcester, Montgomery Co., PA
Flora Luella Yingling: Birth: 1 AUG 1868 in Newcomerstown, Tuscarawas Co., OH.
Henry Yingling: Birth: ABT 1785.
Jacob Yingling: Birth: 2 JUN 1752 in Pipe Creek, Frederick Co., MD. Death: 1830 in Frederick Co., MD
Johannes Yingling: Birth: 4 JAN 1719 in Montgomery Co., PA. Death: 22 SEP 1774 in Frederick Co., MD
Joseph Yingling: Birth: 24 JUN 1812 in Frederick Co., MD. Death: 12 SEP 1889 in Ohio
Lydia Yingling: Birth: 1804 in Uniontown, Carroll Co., MD. Death: 9 JUL 1894 in Uniontown, Carroll Co., MD
Melancthon Yingling: Birth: 19 APR 1845 in Ohio. Death: 28 MAR 1917 in Newcomerstown, Tuscarawas Co., OH

Juha Yli-Toppari: Birth: 13 MAR 1850. Death: 4 APR 1922

Ingrid Knutsdotter Ylvingen: Birth: ABT 1086 in Denmark. Death: ABT 1150
Donald Yndestad: Birth: ABT 1913 in Eau Claire Co., WI. Death: 13 JUN 1915 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI
Dorothy Yndestad: Birth: 17 APR 1916 in Wisconsin. Death: 13 SEP 1998 in Eau Claire Co., WI
Harold Leonard Yndestad: Birth: 29 MAY 1911 in Eau Claire Co., WI. Death: 8 AUG 2001 in Altoona, Eau Claire Co., WI
Peter John Yndestad: Birth: 30 JUL 1876 in Norway. Death: 19 JAN 1953 in Drammen Twp., Eau Claire Co., WI

Joan Ynglande: Birth: 1532 in West Riding, Yorkshire, England. Death: 6 JUL 1569 in Yorkshire, England
James Archibald Yoacham: Birth: 22 MAR 1878 in Lincoln Co., NV.
Nancy Yoacum: Death: 3 APR 1831 in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co., KY
Dorothy Yockel: Birth: 5 JUL 1905 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA. Death: 9 JUN 1978 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Co., CA
Susannah Yockey: Birth: 6 MAR 1761 in Monroe Co., PA. Death: 3 AUG 1831 in Salina, Bell Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA
Charles Yocum: Death: BEF 1829
Elizabeth Arabella Yocum: Birth: 1 SEP 1923 in Ohio. Death: FEB 1993 in Pinetop, Navajo Co., AZ
Lee Courtland Yocum: Birth: 3 MAR 1887 in Columbus, Franklin Co., OH. Death: 18 AUG 1939 in Tucson, Pima Co., AZ
Lee Courtland Yocum: Birth: 28 NOV 1921 in Logan, Hocking Co., OH. Death: 17 JUL 1995 in Lake Havasu City, Mohave Co., AZ
Mary Yocum: Birth: 29 MAY 1755 in Douglasville, Berks Co., PA. Death: 1835 in Amityville, Berks Co., PA
Thomas Shelby Yocum: Birth: AUG 1861 in Ohio. Death: 2 APR 1913 in Auglaize Co., OH

Aaron Yoder: Birth: 4 JUL 1837.
Abraham Yoder: Birth: 12 DEC 1747 in Upper Saucon Twp., PA. Death: 30 DEC 1820
Abraham Yoder: Birth: 20 OCT 1780.
Abraham Yoder: Birth: 27 MAR 1820.
Abraham Yoder: Birth: 6 DEC 1801.
Amos Yoder: Birth: 19 NOV 1824 in Northumberland Co., PA. Death: 16 MAR 1899 in Muncie, Logan Co., IN
Anna Regina Yoder: Birth: ABT 1707.
Anna Yoder: Birth: 1728 in Berne Canton, Switzerland. Death: 1788 in Berks Co., PA
Anna Yoder: Birth: ABT 1761 in Berks Co., PA. Death: in Holmes Co., OH
Anna Yoder: Birth: 1764. Death: 1841

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