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Richard Arches: Birth: ABT 1354.
Agnes Archibald: Birth: 20 DEC 1839 in Whitebun, Scotland. Death: 14 AUG 1884 in St. David, Cochise Co., AZ
Darlene Archibald: Birth: 18 FEB 1934 in Malad City, Oneida Co., ID. Death: 10 MAR 2011 in Overton, Clark Co., NV
Eleanor Archibald: Birth: 5 JUN 1724 in Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH. Death: 13 OCT 1791 in Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada
Francis Elizabeth Archibald: Birth: 7 JUN 1842 in Monroe Co., AL. Death: 1907 in Richland Parish, LA
John Archibald: Birth: 1747. Death: 1813
John Archibald: Birth: 1691. Death: 1751
Keith Stallings Archibald: Birth: 8 SEP 1916 in Madison Co., ID. Death: 23 JAN 1943 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville Co., ID
Mary L. Archibald: Birth: ABT 1827 in Alabama. Death: BEF 1855
Ruth E. Archibald: Birth: 6 MAR 1806 in Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada. Death: 16 DEC 1887 in Brockton, Plymouth Co., MA
Samuel Archibald: Birth: 1719 in Londonderry, North Ireland. Death: 1774 in Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada
Thomas Archibald: Birth: 17 NOV 1816. Death: 2 SEP 1873 in Louisiana
Walter Charles Archibald: Birth: 21 JAN 1907 in Ogden, Weber Co., UT. Death: 5 JUL 1955 in Pocatello, Bannock Co., ID
William Archibald: Birth: 19 SEP 1774 in Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada. Death: 10 NOV 1850 in Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Jane Archie: Birth: 16 JUL 1861 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Death: 6 JUN 1926 in Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI
William Archie: Birth: 29 JUL 1828 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Death: 1 SEP 1900 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI
Archimbaud: Birth: 1019 in Isle Bouchard, France.
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Alexis Romain Arcqouet: Birth: 17 SEP 1736 in Qu�ebec, Canada. Death: 30 MAY 1797
Jane Elizabeth Arcularius: Birth: 14 MAY 1828 in New York.
Catherine Ard: Birth: 23 NOV 1773 in South Carolina. Death: 1854 in Mississippi
Catherine Ard: Birth: ABT 1804.
George W. Ard: Birth: ABT 1825 in Washington Co., IN.
Jacob Ard: Birth: 1773 in Anson Co., NC. Death: 1850 in Washington Co., IN
James Ard: Birth: 1734 in Bladen Co., NC.
James Ard: Birth: BET 1705 AND 1710 in Ayrshire, Scotland. Death: 16 DEC 1788 in South Carolina
James Ard: Birth: ABT 1659 in Scotland. Death: in Scotland
Jane Ard: Birth: ABT 1807 in Decatur Co., GA.
John James Ard: Birth: 1736 in North Carolina. Death: ABT 1826 in Wayne Co., KY
John Ard: Birth: ABT 1712 in Scotland.
John Ard: Birth: ABT 1794. Death: BEF 27 APR 1828 in Washington Co., IN
Neil Ard: Birth: ABT 1780. Death: 5 MAY 1817 in Decatur Co., GA
Reuben Ard: Birth: 1740 in North Carolina. Death: 29 FEB 1836 in Dale Co., AL
Thomas Ard: Birth: BET 1790 AND 1800.
Thomas Ard: Birth: 1738 in South Carolina. Death: 1820 in South Carolina
William Ard: Birth: 1732 in North Carolina.
Alice Arden: Birth: 1536 in Warwickshire, England. Death: 1580 in Dorsetshire, England
Anne Arden: Birth: 1699 in London, Middlesex, England. Death: BEF MAR 1735 in Prince George's Co., MD
Grace Arden: Birth: 1514 in Wilmcote, Aston Cantlowe, Warwickshire, England. Death: 3 DEC 1539
Margaret Arden: Birth: 1538 in Warwickshire, England. Death: 9 SEP 1608
Margaret Arden: Birth: ABT 1709. Death: ABT 1762
Martha Arden: Birth: ABT 1757 in Robeson Co., NC.
Mary Arden: Birth: BET 1536 AND 1540 in Aston Cantlowe, Warwickshire, England. Death: BEF 9 SEP 1608
Robert Arden: Birth: 1506. Death: DEC 1557
Thomas Arden: Birth: ABT 1469 in Warwickshire, England. Death: 1546
Agnes Arderne: Birth: ABT 1545 in Cheshire, England.
Agnes Arderne: Birth: 1395 in West Riding, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1443 in West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Alice Arderne: Birth: 1394 in Cheshire, England. Death: 1414 in Cheshire, England
John Arderne: Birth: BET 1419 AND 1429.
John Arderne: Birth: ABT 1500 in Cheshire, England. Death: 4 DEC 1551
John Arderne: Birth: 1525 in Cheshire, England.
Matilda Arderne: Birth: 1398 in Staffordshire, England.
Ralph Arderne: Birth: ABT 1449. Death: 14 JAN 1540
Antoine Eug ene Paul Ardilouze: Birth: 1879.
Antoine Ardilouze: Birth: 1834. Death: 1899
Bernard Ardilouze: Birth: 1811.
Marie-Antoinette Ardilouze: Birth: 1904. Death: 1990
Jane Anne Ardington: Birth: ABT 1556 in Bedfordshire, England. Death: ABT 1606 in Northumberland, England
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Anne Ardouin: Birth: 17 NOV 1617 in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, Poitou Charentes, France. Death: 11 OCT 1670 in Beauport, Qu�ebec, Canada
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Mary E. Arel: Birth: 8 FEB 1897 in Massachusetts. Death: 25 DEC 1979 in Lynn, Essex Co., MA
Ana Josefa Maria Arellano
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Catherine Arendell: Birth: 24 JAN 1846 in Illinois. Death: 28 DEC 1930 in Jackson Co., IL
George Arendell: Birth: ABT 1823 in Illinois. Death: 4 FEB 1850 in Jackson Co., IL
Thomas Arendell: Birth: ABT 1788 in Spartanburg, SC. Death: 18 FEB 1863 in Jackson Co., IL
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Joan Mary Arent: Birth: 27 JUN 1934 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. Death: 8 MAR 2010 in Paris, Henry Co., TN
John George Arent: Birth: 28 JUN 1905 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. Death: 10 JUN 1977 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI
John George Arent: Birth: 15 JUL 1936 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. Death: 27 MAY 2002
Michael Anthony Arent: Birth: 15 JUL 1936. Death: JUN 2008 in Kennewick, Benton Co., WA
Michael Anthony Arent: Birth: 16 MAR 1959. Death: 25 AUG 2001
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Lysbeth Arents: Birth: 1615 in Wageningen, Gelderland, the Netherlands.
Hendrickje Arentse: Birth: 1649 in Bergen Co., NJ.
Reynier Arentsen: Birth: 1637 in Hengel, Gelderland, Netherlands. Death: AFT 17 SEP 1721 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY
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Sarah Areson: Birth: ABT 1665 in Southampton, Suffolk Co., NY. Death: AFT FEB 1741 in Burlington Co., NJ
Elizabeth Arew: Birth: 1640. Death: 1697 in Accomack Co., VA
Bethia Arey: Birth: 15 APR 1708 in Truro, Barnstable Co., MA. Death: 5 JAN 1782
Ellen L. Arey: Birth: 28 DEC 1854 in North Carolina. Death: 10 MAR 1926
Jean Arey: Birth: 1679 in Edgartown, Dukes Co., MA. Death: 1726 in Edgartown, Dukes Co., MA
John Arey: Birth: 11 SEP 1714 in Edgartown, Dukes Co., MA. Death: 1787

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