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Margaret Touchet: Birth: ABT 1425 in Staffordshire, England.
Marie Touchet: Birth: 1549 in Orleans, France. Death: 28 MAR 1638 in Paris, Seine, France

Mary Touchstone: Birth: 1702 in Cecil Co., MD. Death: 1741 in Prince George's Co., MD
Richard Touchstone: Birth: 1657 in County Cork, Ireland. Death: 13 AUG 1729 in Cecil Co., MD
Ann Tough: Birth: 1802. Death: 1890
Frances Tough: Birth: ABT 1605 in Braintree, Essex, England. Death: 23 DEC 1673 in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Elizabeth Toulmin: Birth: 22 AUG 1747. Death: 18 JUL 1825 in New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ
Mary Vanessa Toulmin: Birth: 1867. Death: 1949

Marguerite Toupin: Birth: 8 JUL 1685 in Montmorency, Qu�ebec, Canada.

Marguerite Toups: Birth: ABT 1764 in St. Charles Parish, LA.
Marie Mathilde Toups: Birth: 13 NOV 1819 in Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, LA. Death: 9 APR 1863 in Terrebone Parish, LA
Fran cois Tourault: Birth: 1568 in Angoul�eme, Charente, France.
Fran coise Tourault: Birth: 1600 in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, Poitou Charentes, France. Death: 16 DEC 1663 in Montr�eal, Qu�ebec, Canada
Emeline Green Tourgee: Birth: 30 MAR 1823. Death: 21 JUL 1877 in Providence Co., RI

Marthe Marie Tourn: Birth: 24 MAY 1799 in Rora, Torino, Italy. Death: 15 JAN 1873 in Logan, Cache Co., UT
Jane Tourney: Birth: ABT 1519 in Wiltshire, England.

Abraham Tourtellot: Birth: 22 MAR 1697/98 in Newport, Newport Co., RI. Death: 23 NOV 1762 in Providence Co., RI
Lydia Tourtellot: Birth: 24 JAN 1722/23 in Providence Co., RI. Death: 22 JUN 1819 in Providence Co., RI
Joseph Tourtellotte: Birth: 29 MAY 1756 in Providence Co., RI. Death: 6 AUG 1842 in Thompson, Windham Co., CT
William Tourtellotte: Birth: 13 MAR 1824. Death: 18 DEC 1921

Clara B. Tourtillott: Birth: ABT 1841 in Georgia.
Squire Tourtillott: Birth: 1816 in Pulaski Co., GA. Death: ABT 1841 in Georgia
Almira M Tourtillott.: Birth: 17 MAY 1812 in Orono, Penobscot Co., ME. Death: 24 FEB 1891 in Harrison Co., MO
Elizabeth Tousey: Death: 28 OCT 1751
Sarah Tousey: Birth: ABT 1827 in Plymouth, Wayne Co., MI.
Marie Marguerite Tousignan: Birth: 1671.
Herminie Tousignant: Birth: 1882. Death: 1957
Marie Catherine Tousignant: Birth: 1769. Death: 29 JUN 1843 in Qu�ebec, Canada

Abraham Tout: Birth: ABT 1752 in Pennsylvania. Death: ABT 1826 in Fleming Co., KY
Elizabeth Tout: Birth: ABT 1780 in Pennsylvania. Death: AFT 1817
John S. Tout: Birth: 18 OCT 1806 in Fleming Co., KY. Death: 9 JAN 1893 in Ursa, Adams Co., IL
Nancy Caroline Tout: Birth: FEB 1842 in Ohio.
Marie-Anne Toutant: Birth: ABT 27 JAN 1696.
Margaret Touteville: Birth: ABT 1606 in Yorkshire, England. Death: FEB 1636 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA
Camille Marie Toutonghi: Birth: 18 OCT 1961 in Washington. Death: 20 AUG 2009 in Seattle, King Co., WA
Celeste Toutonghi: Birth: 11 FEB 1926 in Cairo, Egypt. Death: 7 DEC 2005
Mary Toutonghi: Birth: 23 AUG 1956 in Los Angeles Co., CA. Death: 23 AUG 1956 in Los Angeles Co., CA
Philippe Elias Toutonghi: Birth: 6 JAN 1899 in Iskenderun, Turkey. Death: 7 JUL 2000 in Seattle, King Co., WA

Robert Peter Touyarot: Birth: 19 JAN 1912 in France. Death: 22 DEC 2007 in Carson City, Douglas Co., NV

Gillian Touzar: Birth: 1628. Death: 1653 in Newport, Newport Co., RI
Mary Touzey: Birth: 1655 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT. Death: 30 OCT 1712 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT

Mabel Jane Tovell: Birth: 16 JAN 1879 in Suffolk, England.

Ken Towe: Birth: 19 JAN 1893. Death: 6 JAN 1978

Abigail Tower: Birth: 13 MAY 1681 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. Death: 12 SEP 1749 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA
Ambrose Tower: Birth: ABT 1700 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.
Arunah Harrington Tower: Birth: 30 MAR 1855 in Vermont.
Benjamin Tower: Birth: 5 NOV 1654 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. Death: 24 MAR 1722 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA
Benjamin Tower: Birth: 25 JAN 1673/74 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. Death: 2 MAY 1743 in Cumberland, Providence Co., RI
Christian Tower: Birth: 16 MAR 1687/88 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. Death: 1765 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA
Christopher John Hume Tower: Birth: 1550 in England. Death: in England
Christopher Tower: Birth: ABT 1701 in Iver, Bucknghamshire, England.
Content Tower: Birth: 13 FEB 1684 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. Death: 18 DEC 1730 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA
Daniel Tower: Birth: ABT 1690.
Daniel Tower: Birth: ABT 1794.
David Tower: Birth: 31 JUL 1804 in Vermont. Death: 4 FEB 1879 in Clarendon, Rutland Co., VT
Deborah Tower: Birth: 1684.

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