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George Moore: Birth: 1803. Death: 1850
George Moore: Birth: 1831. Death: 1863
George Moore: Birth: 1863 in Wrightsville, York Co., PA. Death: 1953 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD
Gershom Moore: Birth: 1708 in Hunterdon Co., NJ. Death: 1758 in New Jersey
Gershom Moore: Birth: ABT 1643 in Newtown, Suffolk Co., NY. Death: ABT 1691 in Newtown, Suffolk Co., NY
Gershom Moore: Birth: 6 MAR 1694/95 in Hopewell, Hunterdon Co., NJ.
Gertrude Moore: Birth: 7 AUG 1897 in Missouri. Death: 23 APR 1990 in Los Angeles Co., CA
Gideon B. Moore: Birth: DEC 1811 in Salem, Essex Co., MA.
Gideon B. Moore: Birth: ABT 1842 in Massachusetts.
Gladys Jane Moore: Birth: 3 MAY 1902 in Elko, Elko Co., NV. Death: 16 DEC 1992 in Menlo Park, San Mateo Co., CA
Golda Marie Moore: Birth: 3 JAN 1900 in Ohio. Death: 16 JAN 1970 in Florida
Golden Moore: Birth: 1609. Death: 3 SEP 1698 in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA
Greene Moore: Birth: BET 1846 AND 1847 in Kentucky.
Hampton Lamar Moore: Birth: 5 JUN 1872 in South Carolina.
Hannah Ransdell Moore: Birth: ABT 1825.
Hannah Moore: Birth: BET 1620 AND 1625 in England. Death: 16 FEB 1686 in Salem, Essex Co., MA
Hannah Moore: Birth: ABT 1780 in Newburyport, Essex Co., MA. Death: 11 NOV 1853 in Salem, Essex Co., MA
Hannah Moore: Birth: 29 DEC 1633 in Salem, Essex Co., MA. Death: 16 FEB 1685/86 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT
Hannah Moore: Birth: ABT 1689 in Ireland.
Hannah Moore: Birth: 20 AUG 1767 in Belfast, Waldo Co., ME. Death: 1 APR 1841 in Belfast, Waldo Co., ME
Hannah Moore: Birth: 21 APR 1761 in Southampton, Suffolk Co., NY. Death: 9 MAY 1822 in Morris Co., NJ
Hannah Moore: Birth: 1780 in New Jersey. Death: in Allen Co., OH
Hannah Moore: Birth: 10 JUL 1755 in Montgomery Co., PA. Death: 22 FEB 1827 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA
Hannah Moore: Birth: 2 APR 1716 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA.
Hannah Moore: Birth: MAY 1665 in Southold, Suffolk Co., NY. Death: 28 AUG 1753 in Southold, Suffolk Co., NY
Hannah Moore: Birth: 1772. Death: 1857
Hannah Moore: Birth: 15 SEP 1754 in Sadsbury Twp., Chester Co., PA. Death: 12 OCT 1845
Hannah Moore: Birth: 12 DEC 1747 in Oxford, Worcester Co., MA. Death: 31 MAR 1842 in Piscataquis Co, ME
Hannah Moore: Birth: 1720 in Loudoun Co., VA. Death: in Loudoun Co., VA
Hannah Moore: Birth: ABT 1658 in Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ. Death: 28 NOV 1694 in Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ
Hannah Moore: Birth: 4 MAR 1806 in Tennessee. Death: 17 FEB 1885 in Polk Co., MO
Hannah Moore: Birth: 6 APR 1746 in Worcester Co., MA. Death: 1 SEP 1749 in Worcester Co., MA
Hardin D. Moore: Birth: ABT 1795 in Kentucky. Death: ABT 1845
Hardin Moore: Birth: 4 OCT 1842 in Bullitt Co., KY. Death: 23 OCT 1921 in Osceola Co., FL
Harriet Belle Moore: Birth: 9 NOV 1874 in Carlinville, Macoupin Co., IL. Death: 14 JAN 1935 in Decatur, Macon Co., IL
Harriet Elizabeth Moore: Birth: ABT 1872 in Washington, D.C.. Death: in Richmond Co., VA
Harriet Moore: Birth: 17 APR 1840 in Van Buren Co., IA. Death: 28 MAR 1894 in Salina, Sevier Co., UT
Harry Daniel Moore: Birth: 26 SEP 1894 in Platte Co., MO. Death: 3 MAR 1980 in Montgomery Co., TX
Hattie Moore: Birth: 2 SEP 1870 in Livingston Co., MI. Death: 9 NOV 1935 in Eaton Rapids, Eaton Co., MI
Haywood Moore: Birth: FEB 1845 in Macon Co., TN.
Hazel E. Moore: Birth: AUG 1897 in Ohio.
Hazel Moore: Birth: 28 APR 1927 in Lawrenceburg, TN. Death: 23 NOV 1989 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
Helen C. Moore: Birth: OCT 1849 in New York.
Hendley Moore: Birth: 1784.
Henrietta Moore: Birth: 29 AUG 1855 in Basking Ridge, Somerset Co., NJ.
Henry David Moore: Birth: 12 JAN 1849 in Morgan Co., IL. Death: 26 DEC 1922 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA
Henry Thomas Moore: Birth: 8 NOV 1837 in Bullitt Co., KY. Death: 8 MAY 1912 in Jefferson Co., KY
Henry Moore: Birth: 3 OCT 1665 in Charles Co., MD. Death: 17 FEB 1735/36 in Prince George's Co., MD
Henry Moore: Birth: 6 DEC 1776. Death: 10 JUL 1842
Henry Moore: Birth: ABT 1843 in Pennsylvania.
Henry Moore: Death: 11 JAN 1675/76
Henry Moore: Death: 7 JUN 1714
Henry Moore: Birth: APR 1887 in Tennessee.
Hirschell J. Moore: Birth: 5 DEC 1907 in New York. Death: 11 NOV 1999 in Madison Co., NY
Hugh Moore: Birth: 1752. Death: 1814
Ida Elizabeth Moore: Birth: 16 NOV 1877 in South Carolina.
Ida Lillian Moore: Birth: 1 MAY 1858.
Irene S. Moore: Birth: JAN 1866 in Mississippi.
Isaac D. Moore: Birth: 7 FEB 1831 in Bullitt Co., KY.
Isaac Miller Moore: Birth: ABT 1841 in Illinois. Death: 24 JUL 1868 in Benton Co., OR
Isaac W. Moore: Birth: ABT NOV 1813 in Bullitt Co., KY. Death: 25 APR 1885 in Bullitt Co., KY
Isaac Moore: Birth: 11 JUN 1700 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA.
Isaac Moore: Birth: BET 1624 AND 1625 in England. Death: 1677 in Farmington, Hartford Co., CT
Isaac Moore: Birth: 2 JUN 1768.
Isabella Moore: Birth: ABT 1837 in Pennsylvania.
Isaiah P. Moore: Birth: 1822.
Isaiah Moore: Birth: ABT 1799 in Greene Co., NC. Death: BET 1870 AND 1876 in Clay Co., AL
Israel Moore: Birth: 18 SEP 1724 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA.
Israel Moore: Birth: 12 APR 1734 in Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA. Death: 17 NOV 1807 in Boylston, Worcester Co., MA
Ivason Australia Moore: Birth: ABT 1905 in Ontario, Canada. Death: 11 DEC 1950 in Ontario, Canada
Ivory Moore: Birth: 16 MAY 1915 in Warren Co., KY. Death: MAY 1977 in Indiana
Izora Moore: Death: 12 JAN 1870
Jack Ivason Moore: Birth: 13 AUG 1940. Death: 24 SEP 1960 in Ontario, Canada
Jack Leotis Moore: Birth: 27 APR 1926 in Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., CA. Death: 18 JUL 1992 in Vista, San Diego Co., CA
Jacob Moore: Birth: 28 APR 1645 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA. Death: 23 MAR 1715/16 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA
Jacob Moore: Birth: 1 JUL 1801 in Lehigh Co., PA. Death: 20 DEC 1887 in Erie Co., OH
Jacob Moore: Birth: 27 JUL 1776 in Westmoreland Co., PA. Death: 27 JUL 1859 in Belmont Co., OH
Jalmer Moore: Birth: 20 MAR 1938 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ. Death: 22 MAR 1938 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ
Jama Moore: Birth: BET 1878 AND 1879 in Lawrence Co., KY.
James A. Moore: Birth: BET 1750 AND 1760 in Dublin, Ireland. Death: AFT 1830 in Lawrence Co., KY
James B. Moore: Birth: 1808 in Russell Co., VA. Death: 18 FEB 1888 in Lawrence Co., KY
James B. Moore: Birth: 14 FEB 1808 in Estill Co., KY. Death: 3 MAY 1881 in Platte Co., MO
James Blackwell Moore: Birth: 6 AUG 1906 in Platte Co., MO. Death: 24 SEP 1906 in Platte Co., MO
James Butler Moore: Birth: ABT 1790 in Orange Co., NY. Death: 12 DEC 1834 in Floyd Co., IN
James C. Moore: Birth: 15 JAN 1764 in Halifax Co., VA. Death: 22 NOV 1838 in Anderson Co., TN
James Columbus Moore: Birth: 31 JAN 1837 in Bullitt Co., KY. Death: 7 APR 1910 in Clinton, Hickman Co., KY
James Harrison Moore: Birth: 22 JAN 1831 in Pennsylvania. Death: 12 APR 1897 in Norway, Republic Co., KS
James Harrison Moore: Birth: 29 DEC 1843 in Platte Co., MO. Death: 13 JUN 1931 in Platte Co., MO
James Hiram Moore: Birth: BET 1836 AND 1837 in Kentucky.
James N. Moore: Birth: 11 SEP 1850 in Platte Co., MO. Death: 11 MAR 1865 in Platte Co., MO
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