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Mary Magdalena Frankforter: Birth: 19 DEC 1765 in Lancaster Co., PA. Death: 1798 in Baltimore Co., MD
Akiva Frankfurter-Guggenheim: Birth: ABT 1530. Death: 1596 in Frankfurt Am Main, Hessen-Nassau, Germany
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Thomas Frankland: Birth: ABT 1665. Death: 30 OCT 1726
William Frankland: Birth: ABT 1640. Death: 2 AUG 1697
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Aaron B. Franklin: Birth: ABT 1802 in New York.
Aaron Franklin: Birth: 11 FEB 1728/29 in Swarnsea, Bristol Co., MA. Death: BET 1829 AND 1830 in Page 746, Wales, Erie Co., NY
Abel Franklin: Birth: 19 APR 1746 in New Shoreham, Block Island, Newport Co., RI. Death: BEF 15 DEC 1785 in Long Island Sound
Abigail Franklin: Birth: 18 APR 1811 in Plymouth Notch, Windsor Co., VT. Death: 3 OCT 1892 in Plymouth Notch, Windsor Co., VT
Agnes Franklin: Birth: ABT 1605 in England. Death: 1629 in Bedfordshire, England
Albert Barbour Franklin: Birth: ABT 1827 in Virginia. Death: 27 DEC 1880 in West Virginia
Albert W. Franklin: Birth: 29 APR 1909 in Iowa. Death: 7 NOV 1993 in Sun City, Maricopa Co., AZ
Albert Franklin: Birth: 20 NOV 1897 in Boatland, Fentress Co., TN. Death: 15 MAR 1953 in Muncie, Delaware Co., IN
Alice Mary Franklin: Birth: 13 AUG 1915 in El Paso, El Paso Co., TX. Death: 14 NOV 1986 in Los Angeles Co., CA
Amanda Franklin: Birth: 17 OCT 1854.
Anna Townsend Franklin: Birth: 2 MAY 1790 in New York, NY. Death: 5 JAN 1870 in New York, NY
Arizona Franklin: Birth: 9 OCT 1897 in Tennessee. Death: DEC 1986
Arthur Franklin: Birth: 13 MAY 1867.
Artridge Franklin: Birth: ABT 1719 in Anne Arundel Co., MD.
Benjamin Franklin: Birth: 17 JAN 1705/06 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. Death: 17 APR 1790 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA
Benjamin Franklin: Birth: 20 MAR 1650 in Oxfordshire, England. Death: 17 MAR 1727
Beulah Franklin: Birth: 1922 in Stearns, McCreary Co., KY. Death: ABT 1924
Burton J. Franklin: Birth: 1853 in Canada.
Burton Jerome Franklin: Birth: 6 NOV 1903. Death: 8 JAN 1971 in Ramsey Co., MN
Carrie Franklin: Birth: 1841 in Scottsville, Monroe Co., NY. Death: 15 DEC 1895 in St. Louis, MO
Charles Benjamin Franklin: Birth: 4 MAR 1872 in Pennsylvania. Death: 26 APR 1941 in Alameda Co., CA
Chester Benjamin Franklin: Birth: 17 OCT 1907 in Los Angeles Co., CA. Death: 10 OCT 1983 in Riverside Co., CA
Clarence W. Franklin: Birth: 10 NOV 1908 in Old Mission, MI. Death: 8 MAR 1965 in Royal Oak, Oakland Co., MI
Constance Elvira Franklin: Birth: 27 JUL 1900 in California. Death: 10 DEC 1959 in Solano Co., CA
Darcus Franklin: Birth: 13 NOV 1796 in South Carolina. Death: 1 OCT 1886 in Jefferson Co., AL
David Franklin: Birth: 1795 in Kentucky. Death: 1875 in Itawamba Co., MS
Dollie Jane Franklin: Birth: 1817 in North Carolina.
Earl J. Franklin: Birth: 21 MAY 1905. Death: 21 AUG 1972 in Ramsey Co., MN
Earl Jerome Franklin: Birth: 1877 in Minnesota. Death: 22 DEC 1934 in Ramsey Co., MN
Eleanor Isabella Franklin: Birth: 3 JUN 1824. Death: 30 AUG 1860
Eliza Franklin: Birth: 27 OCT 1811 in Randolph Co., IL. Death: 6 FEB 1888 in Clark Co., SD
Elizabeth Franklin: Birth: 1727.
Elizabeth Franklin: Birth: 1767 in Litchfield Co., CT. Death: 9 JUN 1809
Elizabeth Franklin: Birth: ABT 1575 in Norwich, Norfolkshire, England. Death: 29 MAY 1671 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA
Elizabeth Franklin: Birth: 1818. Death: 18 OCT 1839 in McDonough Co., IL
Esther Franklin: Birth: 1728.
Francis Folger Franklin: Birth: OCT 1732 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA. Death: OCT 1736 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA
George Edmund Franklin: Birth: 1777 in Richmond Co., VA. Death: 1860 in Iowa Co., WI
George Washington Franklin: Birth: 7 MAR 1831 in Jamestown, Fentress Co., TN. Death: 12 OCT 1864
Hanna Franklin: Birth: 6 JUL 1747 in Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA.
Hannah Franklin: Birth: BET 1756 AND 1757. Death: DEC 1840
Hannah Franklin: Birth: 17 AUG 1769. Death: 14 DEC 1863 in Albany Co., NY
Henry Jacob Franklin: Birth: 4 OCT 1830 in Schoharie Co., NY. Death: 4 DEC 1874
Henry Franklin: Birth: ABT 26 MAR 1573 in Northamptonshire, England. Death: 23 OCT 1631 in Northamptonshire, England
Henry Franklin: Birth: 1715. Death: 17 SEP 1792
Horace Franklin: Birth: 8 JAN 1856.
Ida Louise Franklin: Birth: 17 NOV 1860.
Ida Franklin: Birth: 10 AUG 1874 in Missouri. Death: 4 OCT 1953 in Los Angeles Co., CA
Irene D. Franklin: Birth: 2 FEB 1901. Death: 19 MAY 1976 in Ramsey Co., MN
Jabez Franklin: Birth: ABT 1759 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI. Death: 26 FEB 1829 in Guilford, Windham Co., VT
James Walter Franklin: Birth: 31 JUL 1874 in Fentress Co., TN. Death: 14 JUL 1941 in Fentress Co., TN
James Franklin: Birth: 1650 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA. Death: 1721 in Swansea, Bristol Co., MA
James Franklin: Birth: 8 JUL 1682 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA. Death: 21 OCT 1765 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA
Jemima Franklin: Birth: 1803 in Virginia. Death: 1860 in Carroll Co., VA
John E. Franklin: Birth: BET 1877 AND 1878.
John William Franklin: Birth: 30 NOV 1906. Death: 13 MAR 1958 in Ramsey Co., MN
John Franklin: Birth: 1672 in England. Death: BEF 24 DEC 1760 in Charles Co., MD
John Franklin: Birth: 20 AUG 1716 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT. Death: 20 AUG 1800
John Franklin: Birth: 15 SEP 1749 in Canaan, Litchfield Co., CT. Death: 1 MAR 1831 in Pennsylvania
John Franklin: Birth: 1719 in Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT.
John Franklin: Birth: 16 APR 1786 in Lincolnshire, England. Death: 11 JUN 1847 in at Sea
John Franklin: Birth: 1710. Death: 1762
Jonathan Franklin: Birth: 13 APR 1744 in Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT. Death: 3 JUL 1778 in Wyoming Co., PA
Jonathan Franklin: Birth: 1667. Death: 1692
Jonathan Franklin: Birth: 1695.
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