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Zerviah Edgerton: Birth: 25 APR 1746 in Norwich, New London Co., CT. Death: 29 DEC 1823 in Bozrah, New London Co., CT
Zoa Edgerton: Birth: 19 AUG 1811 in Warsaw, Wyoming Co., NY. Death: 18 SEP 1877 in Berlin, St. Clair Co., MI
Margaret Edgeworth: Birth: 1591 in Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland. Death: 1676
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Jesse Edgin: Birth: 10 JUN 1774 in Caroline Co., MD. Death: BEF 10 SEP 1839 in Sussex Co., DE
Sarah Edgin: Birth: ABT 1805 in Delaware. Death: 9 OCT 1883 in Sussex Co., DE
Cassandra Edgington: Birth: 17 OCT 1800 in Eagle Twp., Brown Co., OH. Death: 28 APR 1878 in Fairview Twp., Jones Co., IA
Eleanor Edgington: Birth: 11 JUN 1775 in Washington Co., PA. Death: in Brown Co., OH
Elizabeth Edgington: Birth: 13 SEP 1807 in Knox Co., OH. Death: 14 MAR 1890 in Knox Co., OH
George Edgington: Birth: ABT 1777 in Washington Co., PA. Death: 1825 in Adams Co., OH
George Edgington: Birth: BET 1706 AND 1707 in London, Middlesex, England. Death: 1791 in Ohio Co., WV
George Edgington: Birth: ABT 1746 in Hampshire Co., VA. Death: 1816
George Edgington: Birth: 11 JUN 1774 in Virginia. Death: 22 APR 1847 in Scioto Co., OH
Isaac Edgington: Birth: ABT 1752 in Hampshire Co., VA. Death: ABT 1836 in Adams Co., OH
Jesse I. Edgington: Birth: DEC 1759 in Hampshire Co., VA. Death: 6 JUL 1821 in Ohio
John Edgington: Birth: ABT 1754 in Hampshire Co., VA. Death: 1813 in Stark Co., OH
Joseph Edgington: Birth: 13 JUL 1748 in Hampshire Co., VA. Death: APR 1832 in Adams Co., OH
LaRoy Bruce Edgington: Birth: 24 MAY 1925. Death: 22 MAY 2003 in Blackford Co., IN
LaRoy Bruce Edgington: Birth: 8 JUL 1895 in Lewis Co., KY. Death: MAR 1966 in Blackford Co., IN
Nathan Edgington: Birth: 1820. Death: in Scioto Co., OH
Samuel Lincoln Edgington: Birth: 1867. Death: in Kentucky
Thomas Edgington: Birth: 15 FEB 1781 in Washington Co., PA. Death: 20 DEC 1855 in Richland Co., OH
Thomas Edgington: Birth: 2 JAN 1744 in Hampshire Co., VA. Death: 2 JAN 1814 in Brooke Co., WV
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Abby Jane Edgmon: Birth: 9 JUN 1879 in Harrison, Boone Co., AR. Death: 28 JUN 1973 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ
John Harris Edgren: Birth: 7 DEC 1919 in Kaysville, Davis Co., UT. Death: 25 FEB 1979 in Alameda Co., CA
LaVon Miriam Edgren: Birth: 15 DEC 1914 in Ogden, Weber Co., UT. Death: 16 DEC 1995 in Preston, Franklin Co., ID
Abram Edie: Birth: 1827. Death: 1912
David Edie: Death: 11 DEC 1754 in Gettysburg, Adams Co., PA
James W. Edie: Birth: 13 FEB 1771.
Maxine Edie: Birth: 1898. Death: 1961
Perry Randolph Cummings Edie: Birth: 1871. Death: 1952
Sarah Edie: Birth: 11 FEB 1772 in York Co., PA. Death: 21 NOV 1848 in York Co., PA
William Edie: Birth: 18 JAN 1742/43. Death: 18 JAN 1820 in York Co., PA
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Andrew W. Edinger: Birth: 15 DEC 1788 in Berks Co., PA. Death: 8 JUN 1865 in Clarion Co., PA
Frederick Edinger: Birth: ABT 1761 in Berks Co., PA.
Hans Adam Edinger: Birth: ABT 1678 in Germany.
Jennie Louise Edinger: Birth: 26 MAR 1884 in Berrien Co., MI. Death: 23 MAR 1954 in LaPorte Co., IN
Louise Edinger: Birth: 28 MAR 1867. Death: 23 JUL 1957 in Inyo Co., CA
Maria Barbara Edinger: Birth: 1704 in Germany. Death: 1775 in Pennsylvania
Susanna Edinger: Birth: DEC 1841 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1931 in Pennsylvania
William Edinger: Birth: 1820 in Pennsylvania. Death: 8 NOV 1828 in Clarion Co., PA
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C. K. Edison: Birth: NOV 1854 in Norway.
Carlisle S. Edison: Birth: 1836. Death: 1842
Charles Edison: Birth: 3 AUG 1890 in Glemount, NJ. Death: 1969
Edd Edison: Birth: 24 JAN 1882 in Wisconsin.
Eliza S. Edison: Birth: 1844. Death: 1847
Harriet Ann Edison: Birth: BET 1833 AND 1834 in Canada. Death: 1863
John Edison: Birth: ABT 1727 in Holland, the Netherlands. Death: ABT 1814 in Bayham, Elgin Co., NJ
Kermit Edison: Birth: 29 AUG 1919 in Trempealeau Co., WI. Death: 10 AUG 1979 in Winnebago Co., WI
Lloyd Edison: Birth: 23 JUN 1921 in Trempealeau Co., WI. Death: 30 APR 2000 in Mondovi, Buffalo Co., WI
Lucille Elizabeth Edison: Birth: 1 MAR 1927 in Eleva, Trempealeau Co., WI. Death: 4 MAR 1996 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., WI
Madeline Edison: Birth: 31 MAY 1888 in Glemount, NJ.
Marion Estelle Edison: Birth: 18 FEB 1872. Death: 16 APR 1965
Marion Wallace Edison: Birth: 15 SEP 1829 in Viena, Elgin Co., Ontario, Canada. Death: 1 FEB 1900
Mary Edison: Birth: 1773 in Essex Co., NJ. Death: ABT 1865
Morton Sylvester Edison: Birth: 5 SEP 1917 in Trempealeau Co., WI. Death: 27 JAN 2007 in Chisago Co., MN
Samuel Ogden Edison: Birth: 5 MAR 1762 in Acquackanonk, Essex, Co., NJ. Death: 27 MAR 1865 in Vienna, Elgin, Ontario, Canada
Samuel Ogden Edison: Birth: 16 AUG 1804 in Marshalltown, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. Death: 26 FEB 1896 in Norwalk, Huron Co., Ontario, Canada
Samuel Ogden Edison: Birth: 1840. Death: 1843
Theodore Edison: Birth: 10 JUL 1898 in Glemount, NJ. Death: 25 NOV 1992 in West Orange, Essex Co., NJ
Thomas Alva Edison: Birth: 10 JAN 1876. Death: 25 AUG 1935
Thomas Alva Edison: Birth: 11 FEB 1847 in Milan, Erie Co., OH. Death: 18 OCT 1931 in West Orange, Essex Co., NJ
William Leslie Edison: Birth: 26 OCT 1878. Death: 10 JAN 1935
William Pitt Edison: Birth: 5 NOV 1831 in Canada. Death: 1891
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Albert Richmond Edling: Birth: 10 FEB 1888 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.
Richmond Sears Edling: Birth: 11 AUG 1918 in Everett, Middlesex Co., MA. Death: 30 JAN 1985 in Pompano Beach, Broward Co., FL
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Tabitha Edloe: Birth: 1675 in Charles City, VA. Death: 20 JUN 1717 in Charles City, VA
Deliverance Edminster: Birth: ABT 1710.
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Amos R. Edmiston: Birth: ABT 1852 in Kentucky.
Betsy Edmiston: Birth: ABT 1843 in Kentucky.
David Crawford Edmiston: Birth: 21 JUL 1805 in Williamson Co., TN. Death: ABT APR 1884 in Washington Co., AR
David Edmiston: Birth: ABT 1848.
David Edmiston: Birth: BET 1762 AND 1765 in North Carolina. Death: ABT 1824 in Clark Co., AR
David Edmiston: Birth: ABT 1676 in County Cork, Ireland. Death: ABT 1750 in Augusta Co., VA
Dorothy Edmiston: Birth: 1721 in Virginia. Death: in Augusta Co., VA
Isabel Edmiston: Birth: 1720.
Israel Edmiston: Birth: ABT 1839 in Kentucky.
James T. Edmiston: Birth: ABT 1841.
James Edmiston: Birth: BET 1730 AND 1740. Death: 1803 in Burke Co., NC
Jane Edmiston: Birth: ABT 1834.
John W. Edmiston: Birth: ABT 1844.
John Edmiston: Birth: 1826 in Kentucky.
Joseph Edmiston: Birth: ABT 1800 in Tennessee. Death: 1851 in Garrard Co., KY

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