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 Thomas /Clifford/
B: 28 MAR 1414/15
P: Westmoreland, England
D: 22 MAY 1455
P: St. Albans, Hertford, England

 John /de Clifford/ VII
B: ABT 1388
P: Appleby, Westmoreland, England
M: 1403
D: 13 MAR 1421/22
P: Meaux, Seine-Et-Marne, France

 Elizabeth /de Percy/
B: ABT 1393
P: Warkworth Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland,...
D: 26 OCT 1437
P: Warwickshire, England

 Thomas /de Clifford/
B: ABT 1363
P: Castle Clifford, Hereford, England
D: 18 AUG 1392

 Margaret /de Ros/
B: BET 1366 AND 1368
P: Hemsley, Yorkshire, England
D: BEF 1414

 Henry /de Percy/
B: 20 MAY 1364
P: Alnwick, Northumberland, England
M: 10 DEC 1379
P: Usk, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, England
D: 21 JUL 1403
P: Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

 Elizabeth /de Mortimer/
B: 12 FEB 1369/70
P: Usk, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, England
D: 20 APR 1417
P: Stringston, Somersetshire, England

 Roger /de Clifford/
B: 10 JUL 1333
P: Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England
M: ABT 1356
P: Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England
D: 13 JUL 1390
P: Brough Castle, Westmoreland, England
 Maud /de Beauchamp/
B: ABT 1343
P: Warwickshire, England
D: FEB 1402/03
 Thomas /de Ros/
B: 1338
D: 8 JUN 1383
 Beatrice /de Stafford/
B: ABT 1342
D: APR 1415
 Henry /de Percy/
B: 10 NOV 1341
P: Alnwick, Northumberland, England
M: 12 JUL 1358
P: Brancepeth, Durham, England
D: 20 FEB 1407/08
P: Bramham Moor, Tadcaster, Yorkshire, England
 Margaret /de Neville/
B: 12 FEB 1340/41
P: Castle Raby, Raby, Durham, England
D: 12 MAY 1372
 Edmund /de Mortimer/
B: 3 MAR 1350/51
P: Llangoed, Breconshire, Wales
M: FEB 1368/69
P: Queen's Chapel, Reading Abbey, Bershire, E...
D: 27 DEC 1381
P: Dominican Friary, Cork, Ireland
 Philippa /Plantagenet/
B: 16 AUG 1355
P: Eltham Palace, Kent, England
D: 1 JAN 1381/82
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