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Hulda Holdman: Birth: ABT 1808 in Massachusetts.
Mary Elizabeth Holdman: Birth: 24 MAR 1868 in Missouri. Death: 10 JUL 1942
John Holdren: Birth: 1806 in Rahway, Union Co., NJ.
A. Lincoln Holdridge: Birth: 7 JUN 1861 in Wyoming Co., NY.
Charels Winslow Holdridge: Birth: MAY 1851 in Riga, Monroe Co., NY.
Deborah Holdridge: Birth: 3 APR 1698 in Stonington, New London Co., CT. Death: 16 NOV 1746 in Stonington, New London Co., CT
Dorothy Holdridge: Birth: 17 OCT 1699 in Stonington, New London Co., CT. Death: in Southold, Suffolk Co., NY
Gershom Alva Holdridge: Birth: FEB 1849 in Riga, Monroe Co., NY.
Hopestill Holdridge: Birth: 18 FEB 1719/20 in Stonington, New London Co., CT. Death: 3 JUL 1765 in Stonington, New London Co., CT
Israel Holdridge
Jane E. Holdridge: Birth: ABT 1831 in New York.
Joliett Holdridge: Birth: 1834. Death: in Schoharie Co., NY
Louisa Adell Holdridge: Birth: 1856 in Canaan, MI.
Lydia Holdridge: Birth: ABT 1669 in Stonington, New London Co., CT. Death: 1699
Martha Ann Holdridge: Birth: JAN 1854 in Riga, Monroe Co., NY.
Mary Rebecca Holdridge: Birth: 20 SEP 1846 in Riga, Monroe Co., NY.
Mehitable Holdridge: Birth: 1703 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA.
Mehitable Holdridge: Birth: 14 APR 1652 in Haverhill, Essex Co., MA.
Merrill Holdridge: Birth: ABT 1802 in New York. Death: 28 DEC 1841 in Fenner, Madison Co., NY
Tabitha Holdridge: Birth: 27 APR 1703 in Stonington, New London Co., CT. Death: AFT 1752 in Groton, New London Co., CT
William Holdridge: Birth: 4 NOV 1680 in Amesbury, Essex Co., MA. Death: 2 JUN 1745 in Stonington, New London Co., CT
William Holdridge: Birth: 15 MAR 1647 in Salisbury, Essex Co., MA. Death: 1691 in Stonington, New London Co., CT
William Holdridge: Birth: 1610 in London, Middlesex, England. Death: ABT 1685 in Exeter, Rockingham Co., NH
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Catherine Holdrum: Birth: 1787. Death: 1852
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Hannah Holdsworth: Birth: 1808. Death: 1873
Naomi Holdsworth: Birth: ABT 1673 in Charles City Co., VA.
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Charles Hole: Birth: 1728 in England. Death: DEC 1803 in Lynchburg, VA
Daniel Hole: Birth: 1730 in England. Death: 1814 in Preble Co., OH
David Hole: Birth: 19 AUG 1770 in Loudoun Co., VA. Death: 10 FEB 1854
Elon Hole: Birth: 22 NOV 1800 in Bedford Co., VA.
Hugh Hole: Birth: 1520 in England.
Jacob Hole: Birth: 1647 in England. Death: in England
Jacob Hole: Birth: ABT 1689 in England. Death: in Bucks Co., PA
Joan Hole: Birth: ABT 1585. Death: BEF 15 FEB 1662/63 in Devonshire, England
John Hole: Birth: 1566 in England.
Lucretia Hole: Birth: 1800 in Ohio. Death: SEP 1857 in Darke Co., OH
Lydia E. Hole: Birth: 21 FEB 1857 in Ridge Farm, Vermilion Co., IL. Death: 21 MAY 1939 in Orlando, Orange Co., FL
Lydia Hole: Birth: 2 FEB 1842 in Bedford Co., VA.
Richard Hole: Birth: ABT 1550.
Thomas Hole: Birth: 1589 in England. Death: 1679 in England
Zachariah Hole: Birth: 1752 in Passaic, Passaic Co., NJ. Death: BET 1825 AND 1837 in Montgomery Co., OH
Elizabeth Holebrough: Birth: BET 1675 AND 1685.
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Daniel Holeman: Birth: ABT 1700 in England. Death: ABT 6 NOV 1770 in Shenandoah Co., VA
Elizabeth Holeman: Birth: 1751 in Rowan Co., NC. Death: 11 FEB 1843 in Anderson Co., KY
Isaac Holeman: Birth: ABT 1725 in Shenandoah Co., VA. Death: 15 AUG 1807 in Rowan Co., NC
Margaret Holeman: Birth: 27 FEB 1804 in Robertson Co., TN. Death: JUL 1854 in Union Co., KY
Margaret Holeman: Birth: 1751 in Richmond Co., VA. Death: 3 JUN 1824 in Iredell Co., NC
Marilyn Holeman: Death: 6 FEB 1930
Rachel Holeman: Birth: ABT 4 MAY 1789 in Surry Co., NC. Death: ABT 6 AUG 1856 in Whitley Co., KY
Reuben Holeman: Birth: ABT 1759 in Rowan Co., NC. Death: ABT 1829 in Overton Co., TN
Thomas Holeman: Birth: ABT 1765 in Rowan Co., NC. Death: 9 APR 1850 in Lincoln Co., KY
Thomas Holeman: Birth: ABT 1723 in Shenandoah Co., VA. Death: ABT 10 JAN 1798 in Wilkes Co., NC
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Elbridge P. Holfeld: Birth: 1905 in Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT. Death: 9 OCT 1909
Frederick Charles Holfeld: Birth: 8 FEB 1882 in Wisconsin. Death: 19 JUN 1947 in Seattle, King Co., WA
Harold James Holfeld: Birth: 30 APR 1925 in Washington. Death: 21 DEC 2001 in Jackson Co., OR
Vernon C. Holfeld: Birth: 11 APR 1911 in Montana. Death: 25 DEC 1985 in Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA
Warner Ware Holfeld: Birth: 15 NOV 1926. Death: 20 JUN 1976 in Clackamas Co., OR
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Arthur Holford: Birth: ABT 1478 in Cheshire, England.
Arthur Holford: Birth: 1500 in Cheshire, England. Death: in Cheshire, England
Christopher Holford: Birth: ABT 1525 in Cheshire, England.
Dorothy Holford: Birth: 1538. Death: 1577
George Holford: Birth: 1438 in Cheshire, England. Death: 1500
John Holford: Birth: 1482. Death: 1545
Katherine Holford: Birth: 1526 in Cheshire, England.
Mary Holford: Birth: 20 JAN 1561/62 in Cheshire, England. Death: 15 AUG 1626
Thomas Holford: Birth: 1508 in Cheshire, England. Death: 24 SEP 1569 in Suffolk, England
Lucy Holgate: Birth: ABT 1790 in Milton, Chittenden Co., VT. Death: 31 AUG 1860 in Berkshire, Franklin Co., VT
John Holgrave: Birth: ABT 1590. Death: BEF 26 JUL 1666 in Massachusetts
Martha Holgrave: Birth: BET 1615 AND 1620 in England. Death: 25 AUG 1708 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA
Ephraim Holiday: Birth: AUG 1839 in Tioga Co., PA. Death: 1925
Celeste Holifield: Birth: 18 DEC 1905. Death: 19 NOV 2001 in Marion, Perry Co., AL
Daniel Holifield: Birth: 1753 in North Carolina. Death: 11 OCT 1834 in Alabama
Elizabeth Holifield: Birth: 19 AUG 1831 in Graves Co., KY. Death: 9 SEP 1905 in Graves Co., KY
Jesse Holifield: Birth: 1883. Death: 1942
Jesse Holifield: Birth: 29 AUG 1797 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. Death: 31 AUG 1871 in Perry Co., AL
Littleberry Holifield: Birth: 16 OCT 1810 in Christian Co., KY. Death: 17 JAN 1866 in Graves Co., KY
Oliver Holifield: Birth: 1760 in Richmond Co., VA. Death: 1802 in Wake Co., NC
Ralph Holifield: Birth: 9 APR 1721 in Maryland. Death: 1797 in North Carolina
Reuben Holifield: Birth: 15 MAY 1858 in Alabama. Death: 1934
Valentine Holifield: Birth: 1685 in England.
William Holifield: Birth: 7 APR 1784 in Richmond Co., VA. Death: 23 JUN 1860 in Graves Co., KY
William Holifield: Birth: 2 FEB 1828 in Alabama. Death: 21 JUL 1876 in Alabama
Rudolph Holiger: Birth: 9 DEC 1627 in Switzerland. Death: 30 JUN 1689
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Anna Amelia Holl: Birth: ABT 1743. Death: 8 AUG 1819
Mary Holl: Birth: AUG 1782 in Lancaster Co., PA. Death: 10 MAR 1858 in Lancaster Co., PA
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Amy Holladay: Birth: 6 MAY 1703 in Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT. Death: 1778 in Pittsford, Rutland Co., VT

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