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Abraham Horning: Birth: 7 MAY 1764 in Montgomery Co., PA. Death: 5 JUL 1845 in Wentworth, Ontario, Canada
Hannah Horning: Birth: 24 MAY 1777 in Montgomery Co., PA. Death: 9 JUN 1870 in Wentworth, Ontario, Canada
Magdalene Horning: Birth: 22 APR 1807 in Ancaster, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. Death: 22 MAR 1873 in West Flamborough, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada
Peter Ludwig Horning: Birth: 3 MAR 1727/28 in Germany. Death: 1823 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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Jenett Hornsby: Birth: in Lincolnshire, England. Death: 1612 in Lincolnshire, England
Leah Phanuel Ann Hornsby: Birth: 30 MAR 1751 in Jamestown, James Co., VA. Death: AFT 1809 in Fairfield Co., SC
Martha Lucinda Hornsby: Birth: MAY 1846 in Alabama. Death: BEF 15 OCT 1934
Susannah Hornsby: Death: 25 MAR 1795 in Liberty Co., GA
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Anna Maria Hornung: Birth: 1720 in Germany. Death: 1 JUL 1823 in Montgomery Co., PA
Lisette Babette Hornung: Birth: 10 APR 1852 in Bayern, Germany. Death: 12 FEB 1912 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN
Mary Katharine Horony: Birth: 7 NOV 1850 in Budapest, Hungary. Death: 2 NOV 1940 in Prescott, Yavapai Co., AZ
Michael Horony: Birth: 1817 in Hungary. Death: APR 1865 in Davenport, Scott Co., IA
Victor Horony: Birth: 1843 in Budapest, Hungary. Death: 11 MAY 1880 in Iowa
Wilhelmina Horony: Birth: ABT 1855 in Budapest, Hungary.
Mordecai Horowitz
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Humphrey Horrell: Birth: ABT 1650 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. Death: 9 FEB 1709/10 in Beverly, Essex Co., MA
Sarah Horrell: Birth: 1 JUN 1684 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. Death: 5 NOV 1720 in Pomfret, Windham Co., CT
Anna M. Horrert: Birth: ABT 1894 in Russia or Germany.
Elizabeth Horrock: Birth: 1585 in England. Death: 3 JUL 1631 in England
Alice Horrocks: Birth: 3 MAR 1841 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England. Death: 20 SEP 1913 in Huntsville, Weber Co., UT
Edward Horrocks: Birth: 2 OCT 1806 in Bolton, Lancashire, England. Death: 10 MAR 1865 in Ogden, Weber Co., UT
Maybelle Horrocks: Birth: 25 MAY 1876 in Ogden, Weber Co., UT. Death: 24 MAY 1939 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA
Samuel Horrocks: Birth: 7 JUL 1834 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England. Death: 4 FEB 1911 in Ogden, Weber Co., UT
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Arvilla Horrom: Birth: 2 SEP 1845 in Chandlerville, Cass Co., IL. Death: 28 JUL 1918 in Chandlerville, Cass Co., IL
Lehman Horrom: Birth: 4 SEP 1820 in Dearborn Co., IN. Death: 11 SEP 1865 in Cass Co., IL
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Rebecca Horsefall: Death: 1886
Frances Horseman: Birth: ABT 1694 in Chesterfield Co., NJ. Death: ABT 1750 in Monmouth Co., NJ
Marmaduke Horseman: Birth: ABT 1664 in Yorkshire, England. Death: 25 FEB 1748 in Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ
Susannah Horseman: Birth: 14 FEB 1686 in Chesterfield, Burlington Co., NJ. Death: 1747 in Hunterdon Co., NJ
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Maria Horsemanden: Birth: 1652 in Kent, England. Death: 9 NOV 1699 in Charles City Co., VA
Sarah Horsewell: Birth: 11 AUG 1694 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. Death: 22 APR 1768 in Little Compton, Newport Co., RI
Dorothea Horsey: Birth: ABT 1585.
Edith Horsey: Birth: ABT 1510 in Wiltshire, England. Death: 29 AUG 1566 in Somersetshire, England
Eleanore Horsey: Birth: 1529 in Dorsetshire, England.
Elizabeth Horsey: Birth: ABT 1545.
George Horsey: Birth: ABT 1535. Death: ABT 1587
Jasper Horsey: Birth: ABT 1510. Death: 1545
John Horsey: Birth: ABT 1480 in Wiltshire, England. Death: 8 JUL 1531
John Horsey: Birth: ABT 1500.
John Horsey: Birth: ABT 1520.
Ralph Horsey: Birth: ABT 1560.
Agnes Horsfall: Birth: 1498 in Stothley, Yorkshire, England. Death: 26 NOV 1549 in England
David F. Horsfall: Birth: 23 DEC 1850. Death: 1939 in Crawford Co., WI
Henry Horsfall: Birth: 19 JUL 1819 in Yorkshire, England. Death: 22 DEC 1862 in Grant Co., WI
Martha Horsfall: Birth: 1883. Death: 1973
William Nicholas Horsfall: Birth: 11 MAY 1880 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Death: 19 JUL 1936 in London, Middlesex, England
Lucretia Horsford: Birth: ABT 1739.
Mary Horsford: Birth: 27 OCT 1751 in Cornwall, Litchfield Co., CT. Death: 29 APR 1782 in Wallingford, Rutland Co., VT
Samuel Horsford: Birth: 11 JAN 1716.
John Horsley: Birth: 1622 in Yorkshire, England. Death: 9 JUL 1687 in Northumberland, England
Lancelot Horsley: Birth: 1569 in Northumberland, England. Death: 10 NOV 1609 in Northumberland, England
Margaret Horsley: Birth: ABT 1535 in England. Death: AFT 1565 in England
Melissa C. Horsley: Birth: 5 OCT 1839 in Kentucky. Death: 19 MAR 1907
Rebecca Horsley: Birth: 1651 in Yorkshire, England. Death: in Yorkshire, England
Robert Horsley: Birth: 1596 in Northumberland, England. Death: 10 JAN 1621 in Northumberland, England
David Groff Horst: Birth: 12 OCT 1767 in Lancaster Co., PA. Death: 15 MAY 1845 in Lancaster Co., PA
Elizabeth W. Horst: Birth: 28 JAN 1803 in Pennsylvania. Death: 14 FEB 1826 in Lancaster Co., PA
Elizabeth Horst: Birth: 24 SEP 1762 in Earl, Lancaster Co., PA. Death: 31 MAR 1853 in Earl, Lancaster Co., PA
Elizabeth Horst: Birth: 6 OCT 1802 in Earl, Lancaster Co., PA. Death: 8 NOV 1829 in Earl, Lancaster Co., PA
Hans Theodorus Horst: Birth: 1690 in Switzerland. Death: 1731 in Germany
Henry Weber Horst: Birth: 2 AUG 1792 in Lancaster Co., PA. Death: 28 FEB 1864 in Lancaster Co., PA
Irene Anna Horst: Birth: 9 MAR 1886 in Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA. Death: 16 NOV 1989 in Lancaster Co., PA
John Horst: Birth: 16 MAY 1750. Death: 30 JAN 1813
Joseph Horst: Birth: 15 AUG 1774. Death: NOV 1856
Joseph Horst: Birth: 1723 in Germany. Death: 1804 in Earl, Lancaster Co., PA
Levi Horst: Birth: 18 APR 1820 in Lancaster Co., PA. Death: 12 AUG 1895
Levi Horst: Birth: 27 AUG 1860 in Franklin Co., PA. Death: 23 DEC 1926
Maria Horst: Birth: 12 NOV 1767. Death: 18 SEP 1831
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Sidney G. Horstman: Birth: 19 FEB 1922 in Santa Cruz Co., CA. Death: 20 JUN 1984 in Santa Clara Co., CA
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Albert Willard Horswell: Birth: 1907. Death: 1950
Barton Albert Laverne Horswell: Birth: 1885.
Mary Horswell: Birth: 22 MAR 1689/90. Death: 5 AUG 1747
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Katherine Hort: Birth: ABT 1740.
Sarah Hort: Birth: 16 APR 1684 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA. Death: 7 JAN 1755
Aaron Horton: Birth: 18 DEC 1733 in Enfield, Hartford Co., CT.
Aaron Horton: Birth: 1840 in Grayson Co., VA.
Abigail Horton: Birth: ABT 1793 in Orange Co., NY. Death: APR 1870 in Orange Co., NY
Abigail Horton: Birth: 18 JUL 1693 in Long Island, Suffolk Co., NY. Death: 5 MAY 1793 in Ulster Co., NY
Abraham Horton: Birth: 1722. Death: 16 JAN 1816 in Surry Co., NC
Alice M. Horton: Birth: ABT 1862. Death: 1891 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
Amelia Horton: Birth: 26 OCT 1848. Death: 4 JUL 1915
Ann Horton: Birth: 24 OCT 1629 in England. Death: BEF 1640 in England
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