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Elizabeth Holles: Birth: ABT 1657. Death: 9 NOV 1725
Gilbert Holles: Birth: 24 APR 1633. Death: 16 JAN 1689
Grace Holles: Death: 13 SEP 1700
John Holles: Birth: 9 JAN 1662 in Nottinghamshire, England. Death: 15 JUL 1711
John Holles: Birth: 13 JUN 1595. Death: 2 JAN 1666
John Holles: Birth: MAY 1564. Death: 4 OCT 1637
William Holles: Birth: 1471. Death: 20 OCT 1542
William Holles: Birth: 1509. Death: 1591
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Hannah Hollett: Birth: ABT 1785 in Green Co., KY.
Adele Howard Holley: Birth: 3 NOV 1887 in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY. Death: 1979
Alberta Rody Holley: Birth: 21 JUL 1895 in Colorado. Death: 22 MAY 1933 in Cortez, Montezuma Co., CO
Elizabeth Holley: Birth: ABT 1643 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT. Death: JAN 1689/90 in Fairfield, Fairfield Co., CT
Franklin Pierce Holley: Birth: 24 JUN 1855 in Thompson, Sullivan Co., NY. Death: 17 APR 1933 in Bradford, PA
George Malvin Holley: Birth: 11 APR 1878 in Port Jervis, Orange Co., NY. Death: 27 JUN 1963 in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
Hopestill Holley: Birth: 1646 in Barnstable, Barnstable Co., MA. Death: 15 SEP 1715 in Stonington, New London Co., CT
Joe Vincent Holley: Birth: 3 JAN 1823 in Georgia. Death: 19 JUN 1906
John Calvin Holley: Birth: 27 NOV 1823 in Rensselaer Co., NY. Death: 29 NOV 1868 in Thompson, Sullivan Co., NY
John Holley: Birth: ABT 1610. Death: 25 MAY 1681 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT
John Holley: Birth: ABT 1718 in Switzerland. Death: 3 MAY 1783 in Pennsylvania
Joseph Holley: Birth: 1605 in England. Death: DEC 1645 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA
Joseph Holley: Birth: ABT 1636 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA. Death: 5 SEP 1692 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA
Magdalena Holley: Birth: 26 JAN 1739 in Switzerland. Death: 25 OCT 1820 in Berks Co., PA
Margaret Moy Holley: Birth: 20 JUL 1891 in Texas. Death: 12 JAN 1928 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX
Mary Holley: Birth: 1642 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA. Death: 12 JUL 1703 in Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ
Mary Holley: Birth: 16 FEB 1665 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA. Death: 1733 in Warwick, Kent Co., RI
Rebecca Holley: Birth: ABT 1720.
Rhoda Frances Holley: Birth: MAY 1867 in Alabama. Death: 3 SEP 1958
Rose Holley: Birth: ABT 1671 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA.
Samuel Holley: Birth: ABT 1676.
Sarah Holley: Birth: BET 1640 AND 1642 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA. Death: BET 1675 AND 1680 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA
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Ellen Holleyoak: Birth: ABT 1891 in Ohio.
Amelia O. Holliday: Birth: 7 FEB 1830 in Burke Co., GA. Death: 30 MAY 1912 in Dalton, Whitfield Co., GA
David Elliott Holliday: Birth: 8 JUL 1840 in Butler Co., OH. Death: 5 MAY 1902 in Crawford Co., WI
David Elliott Holliday: Birth: 27 SEP 1878 in Washington Co., KS. Death: 5 JUN 1933 in Crawford Co., WI
Edmund Holliday: Birth: ABT 1805. Death: ABT 1835
Edward F. Holliday: Birth: BET 1863 AND 1864 in Missouri.
Elizabeth Holliday: Birth: 1882.
Elizabeth Holliday: Death: 1945
Fannie B. Holliday: Birth: ABT 1880.
George Albert Holliday: Birth: 28 FEB 1880 in Washington Co., KS. Death: 14 SEP 1932 in Crawford Co., KS
Henry Burroughs Holliday: Birth: 11 MAR 1819 in Laurens Co., SC. Death: 22 FEB 1893 in Valdosta, Lowndes Co., GA
James W. Holliday: Birth: BET 1862 AND 1863 in Missouri.
John Henry Holliday: Birth: 14 AUG 1851 in Griffin, Spalding Co., GA. Death: 8 NOV 1887 in Glenwood Springs, Garfield Co., CO
John James Holliday: Birth: 23 JUL 1819 in Pike Co., MO. Death: 18 SEP 1881 in St. Louis, MO
John Holliday: Birth: ABT 1855 in Missouri.
John Holliday: Birth: 1723 in Jamestown, VA. Death: 1742
Johnethy Blaine Holliday: Birth: 6 AUG 1874 in Washington Co., KS. Death: 20 OCT 1953 in Crawford Co., WI
Joseph H. Holliday: Birth: BET 1844 AND 1845 in Missouri.
Joseph Holliday: Birth: BET 1789 AND 1790 in Kentucky.
Joseph Holliday: Birth: 1848.
Mary Ella Holliday: Birth: 12 DEC 1892. Death: 1988 in Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL
Mary Holliday: Birth: 22 APR 1838 in Ohio. Death: 15 MAY 1875 in Fairfield Co., OH
Minnie F. Holliday: Birth: BET 1856 AND 1857 in Missouri.
Nancy Ann Holliday: Birth: ABT 1739 in Virginia. Death: AFT 1775 in Orange Co., NC
Nancy Eliza Holliday: Birth: 17 SEP 1847 in Hannibal, MO. Death: 25 FEB 1942 in St. Louis, MO
Richard Ivey Holliday: Birth: 1791.
Robert Alexander Holliday: Birth: 1787 in Laurens Co., SC. Death: 16 NOV 1862 in Georgia
Samuel N. Holliday: Birth: 1853 in Missouri.
Sarah Holliday: Birth: 8 FEB 1682 in Suffield, Hartford Co., CT. Death: 1716 in Suffield, Hartford Co., CT
Susan G. Holliday: Birth: BET 1821 AND 1822 in Kentucky.
Thomas Ainsworth Holliday: Birth: 1860.
Thomas Holliday: Death: 1798
Thompson N. Holliday: Birth: BET 1858 AND 1859 in Missouri.
Walter Holliday: Birth: 1648 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. Death: 21 SEP 1709 in Suffield, Hartford Co., CT
William E. Holliday: Birth: 1851 in Missouri.
William Holliday: Birth: 1723. Death: 1786
William Holliday: Birth: 1750 in Virginia. Death: NOV 1826 in Laurens Co., SC
William Holliday: Birth: 1677 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. Death: 11 APR 1764 in Suffield, Hartford Co., CT
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Jacob Holliger: Birth: 17 OCT 1661 in Switzerland.
Anne Holliman: Birth: BEF 1660 in Surry Co., VA. Death: AFT 17 APR 1736 in Surry Co., VA
Priscilla Holliman: Birth: 18 JUN 1618 in England. Death: 1652 in Warwick, Kent Co., RI
Eliza Ann Hollin: Birth: ABT 1798.
Rosia Hollingbourn: Birth: ABT 1287 in Kent, England.
Elizabeth Hollinger: Birth: 7 MAY 1840 in York Co., PA. Death: 5 MAR 1918 in Osborne Co., KS
George Hollinger: Birth: 20 DEC 1829 in Knox Co., OH. Death: 19 JUN 1915 in Hebron, Jefferson Co., WI
Hans Rudolph Hollinger: Birth: 12 MAY 1659 in Switzerland. Death: 12 JAN 1694
Hans Rudolph Hollinger: Birth: 1690 in Switzerland. Death: in Pennsylvania
Jacob Hollinger: Birth: 1772 in Warwick, Lancaster Co., PA. Death: 23 DEC 1826 in York Co., PA
Johann Jacob Hollinger: Birth: 20 FEB 1701 in Switzerland. Death: 1779 in Pennsylvania
Johann Nicklaus Hollinger: Birth: BET 1725 AND 1736 in Switzerland. Death: 1785 in Donegal, Lancaster Co., PA
John Daniel Hollinger: Birth: 7 FEB 1724 in Switzerland. Death: 1775 in Warwick, Lancaster Co., PA
Joseph T. Hollinger: Birth: 15 MAY 1817 in York Co., PA. Death: 2 JUL 1885
Margaret Hollinger: Birth: 16 NOV 1797 in Washington Twp., Franklin Co., PA. Death: 4 OCT 1850 in Bedford Co., PA

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