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Robert Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1730 in Marblehead, Essex Co., MA.
Robert Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1700 in Londonderry, North Ireland. Death: ABT 1776 in Pelham, Hampshire Co., MA
Robert Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1680 in Londonderry, North Ireland.
Rosa Hamilton: Birth: MAY 1897 in Henry Co., KY.
Roxie Alma Hamilton: Birth: 17 SEP 1889 in LaCrosse, Izard Co., AR. Death: 24 NOV 1974 in Turlock, Stanislaus Co., CA
Rufus Hamilton: Birth: 1757. Death: 1817
Rufus Hamilton: Birth: 1796 in Brookfield, Worcester Co., MA.
Russell Clayton Hamilton: Birth: 24 FEB 1909 in St. Clair Co., MI. Death: MAY 1987 in Tucson, Pima Co., AZ
Ruth Hamilton: Birth: 1675 in Prince George Co., VA.
Sabra Hamilton: Birth: 19 SEP 1759 in Brookfield, Worcester Co., MA.
Sally Hamilton
Salvador Slocum Hamilton: Birth: 11 FEB 1882. Death: 6 OCT 1974
Samuel Hamilton: Birth: 9 JAN 1725. Death: ABT 1804 in Egremont, Cheshire, England
Samuel Hamilton: Birth: 1774 in Bedford Co., PA. Death: 1832 in Bracken Co., KY
Samuel Hamilton: Birth: 24 AUG 1761 in Chesterfield, Hampshire Co., MA. Death: 1804 in Guilford Co., NC
Sarah Ann Hamilton: Birth: 1745 in Caroline Co., VA. Death: 1793 in Wilkes Co., GA
Sarah Elizabeth Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1832 in Ohio. Death: BEF 1900
Sarah Mathias Hamilton: Birth: 1787. Death: 30 DEC 1876
Sarah Thweatt Hamilton: Birth: 23 NOV 1775 in Amelia Co., VA. Death: 13 JUL 1850 in Thomas Co., GA
Sarah Hamilton: Birth: 1796 in Georgia. Death: 15 AUG 1871 in Laurens Co., GA
Sarah Hamilton: Birth: 13 MAY 1756 in Colchester, New London Co., CT. Death: 14 JAN 1835 in Salem, New London Co., CT
Sarah Hamilton: Birth: 29 SEP 1695 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. Death: 22 OCT 1775 in Denbighshire, Wales
Sarah Hamilton: Birth: 24 FEB 1721/22 in Marblehead, Essex Co., MA. Death: 19 JAN 1779 in Blandford, Hampden Co., MA
Shirley Elizabeth Hamilton: Birth: 6 DEC 1902 in Missouri. Death: 2 FEB 1994 in San Diego, San Diego Co., CA
Sidney Hamilton: Birth: 1648. Death: 10 JAN 1685/86
Silas Clark Hamilton: Birth: 22 APR 1876 in White Twp., Indiana Co., PA. Death: 8 APR 1949 in Indiana Co., PA
Silas Monroe Hamilton: Birth: 19 OCT 1842 in Hempstead Co., AR. Death: 20 JAN 1918 in Hempstead Co., AR
Silas Moore Hamilton: Birth: 18 MAR 1854 in Trinity Co., TX. Death: in Trinity Co., TX
Silas Hamilton: Birth: 18 MAR 1762 in Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA. Death: 6 FEB 1847 in Victory, Cayuga Co., NY
Solomon Hamilton: Birth: 11 AUG 1773 in Armenia, Dutchess Co., NY. Death: 20 JUN 1857
Stewart Hamilton: Birth: 1750 in Wake Co., NC. Death: 1831 in Montgomery Co., GA
Susan Hamilton: Birth: 1757 in Orange Co., VA. Death: ABT 1852
Susan Hamilton: Birth: 3 AUG 1774. Death: 24 MAY 1846
Susanna Hamilton: Death: BEF JUL 1797
Susannah Hamilton: Birth: 8 FEB 1763 in Pelham, Hampshire Co., MA. Death: 1820 in Newburgh, Cuyahoga Co., OH
Sylvia Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1820 in Connecticut.
Thankful Hamilton: Birth: 1689 in Warwick, Kent Co., RI. Death: 1792 in North Kingston, Washington Co., RI
Thomas Hamilton: Birth: 1563 in Scotland. Death: 29 MAY 1637
Thomas Hamilton: Birth: 1392.
Thomas Hamilton: Birth: 1754 in Charles Co., MD. Death: 11 JUN 1807 in Washington Co., KY
Thomas Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1514. Death: 10 SEP 1547 in Scotland
Thomas Hamilton: Birth: BEF 5 SEP 1680 in East Lothian, Scotland. Death: 29 NOV 1735
Thomas Hamilton: Death: ABT 1537
Thomas Hamilton: Birth: 25 MAY 1600. Death: 1640
Thomas Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1533 in Scotland.
Thomas Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1700 in Londonderry, North Ireland. Death: BEF 1793 in Pelham, Hampshire Co., MA
Vera Alice Hamilton: Birth: 20 FEB 1879 in Trinity Co., TX. Death: 7 AUG 1973 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co., NM
Vincent Powers Hamilton: Birth: 12 MAR 1799 in Bracken Co., KY. Death: 1879 in Bracken Co., KY
Viola Melissa Hamilton: Birth: 19 MAR 1915 in Comell, Chippewa Co., WI. Death: 1 FEB 1981 in Eau Claire Co., WI
Walter Joseph Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1875 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.
Walter Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1363 in Lanarkshire, Scotland.
William Alexander Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1755 in Rockbridge Co., VA. Death: 29 OCT 1825 in Grainger Co., TN
William Charles Hamilton: Birth: 22 JUL 1882 in Dodge Co., WI. Death: 29 MAR 1963 in Eau Claire Co., WI
William Dickerson Hamilton: Birth: 17 AUG 1809 in Palmer, Hampden Co., MA. Death: 13 SEP 1811
William Gaston Hamilton: Birth: 15 SEP 1832 in New York, NY. Death: 23 JAN 1913 in New York, NY
William Henry Hamilton: Birth: 23 JAN 1881 in Henry Co., KY. Death: 24 SEP 1927 in Franklin Co., KY
William Henry Hamilton: Birth: 1835 in Gallatin Co., KY.
William James Hamilton: Birth: 10 JUL 1827 in Canada. Death: 5 FEB 1904
William Pierson Hamilton: Birth: 5 FEB 1869 in New York, NY. Death: 9 MAY 1950 in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA
William Thomas Hamilton: Birth: 8 SEP 1820 in Boonsboro, Washington Co., MD. Death: 26 OCT 1888 in Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD
William Hamilton: Birth: 1465.
William Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1700 in County Tyrone, Ireland. Death: in Pennsylvania
William Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1504 in Scotland.
William Hamilton: Birth: 1705 in Scotland. Death: 1786 in Wake Co., NC
William Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1806 in Kentucky.
William Hamilton: Birth: 19 JAN 1844 in Dumfrieshire, Scotland. Death: 13 DEC 1932 in Iosco Co., MI
William Hamilton: Birth: BEF AUG 1748 in Augusta Co., VA. Death: 1795 in Augusta Co., VA
William Hamilton: Birth: MAR 1647 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
William Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1490 in Dumfrieshire, Scotland.
William Hamilton: Birth: 16 MAR 1792 in Cumberland Co., PA. Death: 1880 in Gallatin Co., KY
William Hamilton: Birth: 27 MAR 1765 in Canaan, Columbia Co., NY. Death: 20 DEC 1833
Willis Hamilton: Birth: ABT 1780 in North Carolina. Death: 2 JUN 1844 in North Carolina
Winnie Belle Hamilton: Birth: 24 FEB 1875 in Henry Co., IL. Death: 19 JUN 1958 in Galva, Henry Co., IL
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Deirdre Hamilton-Hill: Death: 1997
Basil Sheridan Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood: Birth: 6 APR 1909. Death: 25 MAR 1945
Sheridan Frederick Terence Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood: Birth: 9 JUL 1938. Death: 29 MAY 1988
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Abigail Hamlet: Birth: 25 MAR 1689 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA. Death: 23 OCT 1755
Charles R. Hamlet: Birth: 1808 in Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA. Death: 1840 in Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA
Eli Hamlet: Birth: 1784 in Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA. Death: in Piscataquis Co, ME
Elizabeth Nason Hamlet: Birth: MAY 1836 in Maine. Death: AFT 1910
Hannah Hamlet: Birth: 14 DEC 1673 in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA. Death: ABT 1758 in Voluntown, New London Co., CT
Hezekiah Hamlet: Birth: 1722 in Nottingham, Hillsborough Co., NH. Death: in Hudson, Hillsborough Co., NH
Jacob Hamlet: Birth: 1641 in Reading, Middlesex Co., MA. Death: 20 JAN 1701 in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA
Jonathan Hamlet: Birth: 1753 in Rockingham Co., NH. Death: in Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA
Joseph Hamlet: Birth: 31 AUG 1681 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA. Death: 1772 in New Hampshire
Martha Hamlet: Birth: ABT 1800 in Richmond Co., VA. Death: 4 NOV 1852 in Cherokee Co., TX
Rebecca Hamlet: Birth: ABT 1644 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA. Death: 20 AUG 1666 in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA

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