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Valentine Van Hooser: Birth: BEF 16 JAN 1726 in Albany Co., NY. Death: 1781 in Yorktown, York Co., VA
Abraham Van Horn: Birth: BET 1698 AND 1699 in New York. Death: NOV 1759 in New Jersey
Abraham Van Horn: Birth: 1 OCT 1728 in West Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. Death: 30 OCT 1806 in West Springfield, Hampden Co., MA
Adaline Marie Van Horn: Birth: 3 FEB 1897 in Heck, SD. Death: MAR 1983 in Santa Clara Co., CA
Amy Van Horn: Birth: 10 OCT 1826 in Doddridge Co., WV. Death: 1 MAY 1897 in Milton, Rock Co., WI
Anna J. Van Horn: Birth: BET 1852 AND 1853 in Pennsylvania.
Barendt Christianssen Van Horn: Birth: 30 AUG 1651 in North Holland, the Netherlands. Death: 14 AUG 1726 in Bergen, Hudson Co., NJ
Barent Van Horn: Birth: ABT 1690 in Teaneck, Bergen Co., NJ. Death: 20 FEB 1755 in West Springfield, Hampden Co., MA
Bernard Van Horn: Birth: 7 JAN 1767 in Philadelphia Co., PA. Death: 3 FEB 1854 in Wayne Co., WV
Camille Ann Van Horn: Birth: 18 DEC 1938. Death: 24 MAY 1990
Charles W. Van Horn: Birth: ABT 1822. Death: 2 JUL 1890
Charles Van Horn: Birth: AFT 1848. Death: 27 JUL 1876
Christian Barentsen Van Horn: Birth: ABT 1625 in Holland, the Netherlands. Death: 26 JUL 1658 in Delaware
Eleanor Van Horn: Birth: 24 JUN 1765 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. Death: 22 NOV 1833 in Chicopee, Hampden Co., MA
Gertrude Van Horn: Birth: ABT 1713 in Bucks Co., PA. Death: 1789
Hannah Van Horn: Birth: 15 JUL 1709. Death: 28 MAR 1735
Hannah Van Horn: Birth: 16 APR 1797 in Northumberland Co., PA. Death: 31 AUG 1876 in Scott Co., IA
Harmon D. Van Horn: Birth: APR 1852 in New York.
Job Van Horn: Birth: NOV 1761 in Chester, Burlington Co., NJ. Death: 9 JUL 1815
Johannes Christiansen Van Horn: Birth: BEF 18 MAR 1657 in New Amsterdam, NY. Death: BEF 5 MAR 1693
John F. Van Horn: Birth: in Odessa, Lafayette Co., MO. Death: 2 SEP 1991 in Missouri
John Franklin Van Horn: Birth: 1908. Death: 1971
John Warren Van Horn: Birth: 9 JUL 1881 in Nebraska. Death: 28 FEB 1963 in Nebraska
John Van Horn: Birth: 1687 in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY.
Joseph Van Horn: Birth: 18 JUN 1849 in Iowa. Death: in Thurman, Fremont Co., IA
Joseph Van Horn: Birth: BET 1807 AND 1808 in Pennsylvania.
Margaret Van Horn: Birth: 1740. Death: 11 FEB 1794 in Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Mary Elizabeth Van Horn: Birth: NOV 1877 in Wisconsin.
Mary P. Van Horn: Birth: 7 SEP 1846 in Illinois. Death: 4 FEB 1925 in Benton Co., WA
Mary Watson Van Horn: Birth: 1789. Death: 1868
Mildred Ellenor Van Horn: Birth: 15 MAR 1921 in Nebraska. Death: 12 JAN 1989 in Farmington, Fulton Co., MO
Permelia Van Horn: Birth: 22 MAY 1795 in Philadelphia Co., PA. Death: 1 AUG 1881 in Louisa, Lawrence Co., KY
Peter Van Horn: Birth: 16 APR 1686/87 in Bergen, Hudson Co., NJ.
Sarah Van Horn: Birth: 30 MAR 1721 in New York, NY. Death: 20 NOV 1806 in Columbiana Co., OH
William D. Van Horn: Birth: 1740 in Bucks Co., PA. Death: 8 AUG 1804 in Harrison Co., VA
William Riley Van Horn: Birth: 20 JUL 1795 in Harrison Co., VA. Death: 3 NOV 1857 in Logan Co., OH
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Abraham Van Horne: Birth: BET 1698 AND 1699 in New York. Death: DEC 1759 in Hunterdon Co., NJ
Abraham Van Horne: Birth: 1 MAR 1738/39. Death: 5 MAR 1810
Abram Van Horne: Birth: 3 DEC 1763 in Hunterdon Co., NJ. Death: 5 JAN 1840
Adaline Van Horne: Birth: 1868.
Anna Maria Van Horne: Birth: 1696 in Genesee Co., NY. Death: 6 SEP 1725 in Westchester Co., NY
Cornelius Covenhoven Van Horne: Birth: 13 APR 1794 in Ulster Co., NY. Death: 7 JUL 1854 in Joliet, Will Co., IL
Cornelius Van Horne: Birth: 1694.
Eva Van Horne: Birth: 26 AUG 1789. Death: 19 FEB 1868
Gerrit Van Horne: Birth: 17 DEC 1671 in New Amsterdam, NY. Death: JAN 1737 in New Amsterdam, NY
Gerrit Van Horne: Birth: 1726. Death: 1765
Gerrit Van Horne: Birth: 1760. Death: 1825
Mary Joanna Van Horne: Birth: 1799. Death: 1873
Matthias Van Horne: Birth: 10 OCT 1724.
Richard Benedict Van Horne: Birth: 1877.
Thomas Van Horne: Birth: 14 MAY 1748. Death: 26 FEB 1841 in Springfield, Otsego Co., NY
William Cornelius Van Horne: Birth: 3 FEB 1843 in Chelsea, Will Co., IL. Death: 11 SEP 1915 in Montr´┐Żeal, Qu´┐Żebec, Canada
William Van Horne: Birth: 1871.
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Adriaien Peterse Van Houten: Birth: 17 AUG 1706 in Paterson, Passaic Co., NJ. Death: 22 DEC 1753 in Pompton, Passaic Co., NJ
Catherina Van Houten: Birth: 4 FEB 1712.
Catlyntje Helmigse Van Houten: Birth: 17 FEB 1685 in Hudson Co., NJ. Death: 6 SEP 1777 in Bergen Co., NJ
Cornelis Van Houten: Birth: BEF 10 SEP 1651 in Amersfoort, Long Island, New York. Death: BEF 20 APR 1701
Cornelius Van Houten: Birth: 1586 in the Netherlands.
Dierckje Van Houten: Birth: BEF 7 NOV 1685 in Bergen Co., NJ.
Dirckie Van Houten: Birth: ABT 1636. Death: 1704 in New York, NY
Geesje Van Houten: Birth: ABT 1625 in the Netherlands. Death: AFT 1696
Hannah Van Houten: Birth: 1817 in Trumbull Co., OH. Death: 7 MAY 1893 in Ohio
Helmigh Roelofse Van Houten: Birth: BEF 25 JUN 1648 in Rensselaerwyck, Albany Co., NY. Death: 7 OCT 1729 in Slooterdam, Bergen Co., NJ
Jacob Van Houten: Birth: 11 DEC 1687.
Jannetje Van Houten: Birth: 24 FEB 1718/19 in Paterson, Passaic Co., NJ. Death: 1769
Jenneke Helmigse Van Houten: Birth: NOV 1699 in Bergen Co., NJ.
Pieter Van Houten: Birth: 23 JAN 1680 in Pompton Plains, Morris Co., NJ. Death: AFT 1723 in Slooterdam, Bergen Co., NJ
Roelof Corneliszen Van Houten: Birth: 25 JUN 1618 in Ultrecht, Holland, the Netherlands. Death: BEF 16 JUN 1672 in Bergen Co., NJ
Rollofse Van Houten: Birth: 1598 in the Netherlands.
Smith Van Houten: Birth: 20 JUN 1918. Death: 4 OCT 1988
Theunis Van Houten: Birth: 1658.
Vroutje Van Houten: Birth: 1692.
Willempie Van Houten: Birth: 9 MAY 1739 in Pompton Plains, Morris Co., NJ. Death: 27 MAR 1797 in Pompton Plains, Morris Co., NJ
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Rebecca Theunis Van Huyse: Birth: ABT 1670 in New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY. Death: ABT 1725 in New Harlem, New York, NY
Katherine Van Ingen: Birth: 21 FEB 1900 in New York.
Hermanus Barentse Van Inwegen: Birth: ABT 1679 in Gelderland, the Netherlands.
Janneken Van Inwegen: Birth: 1706.
Hester Hanse Van Iselen: Birth: BEF 22 NOV 1665 in Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ. Death: 1718
Reynier Van Iveren: Birth: 1665.
Pieterje Van Iversen: Birth: AUG 1703.
Alexander Van Kampen: Birth: 1749.
Catharina Van Kampen: Birth: 1747.
Jan Geritsen Van Kampen: Birth: in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY. Death: 1745 in Somerset Co., NJ
Madlena Van Kampen: Birth: 1745.
Magdalena Van Kampen: Birth: 1750.
Maritaje Van Kampen: Birth: 1743.
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Odilia van Katzenelnbogen: Birth: 22 MAR 1453 in Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany. Death: 15 AUG 1517 in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Elisabeth van Keppel: Birth: 15 NOV 1739 in Lancaster, England. Death: 2 NOV 1768 in Lisbon, Portugal

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