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Edley Osborn Lynn: Birth: 1817 in Henderson Co., KY. Death: 1880 in Morgan Co., AL
Eliza Lynn: Birth: ABT 1861 in Wisconsin.
Ellen Lynn: Birth: 1635. Death: 1674 in Salem, Essex Co., MA
Elmer Eugene Lynn: Birth: MAY 1856 in Yates Co., NY.
Esta Mae Lynn: Birth: 26 MAR 1931. Death: 30 SEP 2010 in Monroe Co., TN
Eulas Lynn: Birth: 25 DEC 1914 in Overton Co., TN. Death: 13 MAR 1993 in Overton Co., TN
George Elmer Lynn: Birth: MAY 1889 in Wellsville, Allegany Co., NY.
Gertrude Lynn: Birth: AUG 1890 in Wellsville, Allegany Co., NY.
Gus Lynn: Birth: 12 JUL 1910 in Monroe Co., TN. Death: 28 JUL 1992 in Monroe Co., TN
Hattie M. Lynn: Birth: JAN 1896 in Wellsville, Allegany Co., NY.
Hazel B. Lynn: Birth: NOV 1898 in Wellsville, Allegany Co., NY.
Helen Frances Lynn: Birth: 18 NOV 1923 in Loudon Co., TN. Death: 30 SEP 2007 in Loudon Co., TN
Homer Eugene Lynn: Birth: 21 APR 1909 in Overton Co., TN. Death: 15 JUL 1964 in Overton Co., TN
Howard E. Lynn: Birth: OCT 1892 in Wellsville, Allegany Co., NY.
Ida Lynn: Birth: 18 APR 1880 in Monroe Co., TN. Death: 10 OCT 1946 in Loudon Co., TN
Jack Benny Lynn: Birth: 7 DEC 1949. Death: JUL 1984
James Lynn: Birth: 1725 in County Derry, Ireland. Death: 17 FEB 1779 in Mecklenburg Co., NC
Jefferson Clyde Lynn: Birth: 14 FEB 1914 in Monroe Co., TN. Death: 11 AUG 1999 in Monroe Co., TN
Jessie Albert Lynn: Birth: 1846.
John W. Lynn: Birth: 11 OCT 1900 in Monroe Co., TN. Death: 13 JUL 1936 in Monroe Co., TN
John W. Lynn: Birth: 3 JAN 1871 in Monroe Co., TN. Death: 10 DEC 1955 in Monroe Co., TN
Jonas Columbus Lynn: Birth: ABT 1819 in Tennessee. Death: JAN 1869 in Monroe Co., TN
Jonas O. Lynn: Birth: 10 OCT 1879 in Tennessee. Death: 23 DEC 1950 in Loudon Co., TN
Lee Jackson Lynn: Birth: 15 MAR 1918 in Loudon Co., TN. Death: 26 JUN 1972 in Loudon Co., TN
Lena Lynn: Birth: 15 AUG 1918 in Monroe Co., TN. Death: 1 AUG 2006 in Monroe Co., TN
Lillie Elizabeth Lynn: Birth: 3 FEB 1917 in Loudon Co., TN. Death: 26 NOV 1997 in Loudon Co., TN
Margaret Lynn: Birth: 3 JUL 1693 in County Derry, Ireland. Death: 1773 in Augusta Co., VA
Martha Jane Lynn: Birth: 19 JUN 1947. Death: 27 NOV 2003 in Monroe Co., TN
Mary Jane Lynn: Birth: 19 NOV 1908 in Monroe Co., TN. Death: 25 OCT 2001 in Monroe Co., TN
Mary Kate Lynn: Birth: 6 DEC 1925 in Loudon Co., TN. Death: 18 SEP 2005 in Loudon Co., TN
Mary Susan Lynn: Birth: 12 APR 1829 in Georgia. Death: 20 OCT 1913 in Raines Co., TX
Matilda Lynn: Birth: MAY 1887 in Wellsville, Allegany Co., NY.
Nellie Jane Lynn: Birth: APR 1883 in Wellsville, Allegany Co., NY. Death: 27 MAR 1927 in London, Middlesex, England
Nellie Mae Lynn: Birth: 27 FEB 1930 in Loudon Co., TN. Death: 29 JAN 1995 in Trumbull Co., OH
Oliver Vanetta Lynn: Birth: 27 AUG 1926 in Johnson Co., KY. Death: 22 AUG 1996 in Hurricane Mills, Humphreys Co., TN
Oliver Vanetta Lynn: Birth: 25 AUG 1897 in Wellston, Jackson Co., OH. Death: 22 JUL 1981 in Paintsville, Johnson Co., KY
Peggy Lynn: Birth: ABT 1854 in Monroe Co., TN.
Pleasant Lynn: Birth: MAY 1876 in Tennessee.
Polly Lynn: Birth: ABT 1771.
Rosmus Meltia Lynn: Birth: 22 JUL 1874 in Mammoth, Juab Co., UT.
Sallie Lou Lynn: Birth: 1932. Death: 20 JAN 2010 in Sweetwater, Monroe Co., TN
Sarah Lynn: Birth: 1674 in Kilmacrenan, County Donegal, Ireland.
Sarah Lynn: Birth: ABT 1847 in Tennessee.
Susan Lynn: Birth: ABT 1852 in Monroe Co., TN.
Susanna Lynn: Birth: 24 NOV 1708 in Devonshire, England.
Tabitha Ann Lynn: Birth: 27 OCT 1854 in Overton Co., TN. Death: 19 MAR 1926 in Overton Co., TN
Thomas Andrew Lynn: Birth: 10 MAR 1923 in Tennessee. Death: 26 AUG 2008 in Loudon Co., TN
Tillman Laken Lynn: Birth: 22 DEC 1858 in Overton Co., TN. Death: AUG 1928 in Overton Co., TN
Walter H. Lynn: Birth: DEC 1877 in Tennessee.
Washington Lynn: Birth: 1833 in Tennessee. Death: BET 1860 AND 1870
Wiley Lynn: Birth: ABT 1839 in Tennessee.
William Harb Lynn: Birth: 22 OCT 1830 in Buncombe Co., NC. Death: 20 DEC 1918 in Monroe Co., TN
William Hicks Lynn: Birth: 14 MAR 1875 in Monroe Co., TN. Death: 14 AUG 1937 in Monroe Co., TN
William Newton Lynn: Birth: 6 AUG 1785 in Warren Co., GA. Death: 24 OCT 1860 in Russell Co., AL
William Robert Lynn: Birth: 17 AUG 1954 in Sweetwater, Monroe Co., TN. Death: 14 FEB 1988 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX
William W. Lynn: Birth: 3 MAR 1745 in Rowan Co., NC. Death: 4 MAR 1829 in Warren Co., GA
William Lynn: Birth: BET 1795 AND 1805. Death: 1848 in Overton Co., TN
William Lynn: Birth: 1806 in Albany Co., NY. Death: 2 APR 1897 in Yates Co., NY
William Lynn: Birth: 1805.

Andrew Lynne: Birth: BEF 24 MAR 1602/03 in England. Death: AFT 6 AUG 1684 in County Waterford, Ireland
Anne Lynne: Birth: ABT 1647.
Audrey Lynne: Birth: 1491 in London, Middlesex, England. Death: 28 DEC 1522 in London, Middlesex, England
George Lynne: Birth: 1547 in Warwickshire, England. Death: BEF 29 NOV 1617 in Northamptonshire, England
George Lynne: Birth: 1570 in Northamptonshire, England. Death: 5 NOV 1606 in Northamptonshire, England
Joan Lynne: Birth: ABT 1434. Death: BET 1504 AND 1505 in Laxfield, Suffolk, England
Margaret Lynne: Birth: ABT 1528 in Rutland, Leicestershire, England. Death: 1594 in Rutland, Leicestershire, England
Martha Lynne: Birth: ABT 1601.

Elizabeth Lynstrom: Birth: ABT 1689.
Elizabeth Lynton: Birth: 1695. Death: 1751
William Lynton: Birth: ABT 1674 in Westmoreland Co., VA. Death: 1734 in Richmond Co., VA
Violet Lynus: Birth: 1721 in New Garden, Chester Co., PA. Death: 12 AUG 1803 in Franklin Co., VA
Aaron Lyon: Birth: BET 1759 AND 1760 in Essex Co., NJ. Death: in New Jersey
Abiel Lyon: Birth: 25 APR 1680 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA. Death: 9 OCT 1756 in Pomfret, Windham Co., CT
Abigail Lyon: Birth: ABT 1697.
Abigail Lyon: Birth: 27 OCT 1730 in Westchester Co., NY. Death: 2 OCT 1830 in Willoughby, Lake Co., OH
Abigail Lyon: Birth: 1683 in Essex Co., NJ.
Abigail Lyon: Birth: 1726. Death: 1781
Abigail Lyon: Birth: 11 SEP 1725. Death: 7 JAN 1802

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