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Ossie McCrae: Birth: 12 SEP 1874. Death: 1912 in Upson Co., GA
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William McCraig: Birth: ABT 1850.
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Ann Rea McCraken: Birth: 2 NOV 1775 in Northampton Co., PA. Death: 2 NOV 1852 in Beaver Co., PA
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Rachel McCraney: Birth: 27 OCT 1704 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. Death: 18 SEP 1788 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT
William McCraney: Birth: ABT 1660. Death: 25 OCT 1725 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA
Elizabeth McCrary: Birth: BET 1842 AND 1843 in Tennessee.
Elizabeth McCrary: Birth: BET 1824 AND 1825 in Tennessee. Death: BEF 1880
George McCrary: Birth: 29 JUN 1840 in Tennessee. Death: 11 AUG 1887 in Tennessee
Gertrude McCrary: Birth: ABT 1890 in Calvert, Robertson Co., TX.
Harriet McCrary: Birth: 30 AUG 1859 in Sullivan Co., TN. Death: 1929 in Bristol, VA
Jane McCrary: Birth: 1851 in Tennessee.
John McCrary: Birth: BET 1848 AND 1849 in Tennessee.
Lucy McCrary: Birth: BET 1852 AND 1853 in Tennessee.
Mary Margaret McCrary: Birth: 15 MAR 1847 in Tennessee. Death: 19 FEB 1911 in Washington Co., TN
Phebe McCrary: Birth: 2 JAN 1765 in Kingwood, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Death: 19 JUN 1854 in East Hamburg, Erie Co., NY
Samuel McCrary: Birth: BET 1854 AND 1855 in Tennessee.
Sarah McCrary: Birth: BET 1844 AND 1845 in Tennessee.
Sarah McCrary: Birth: ABT 1790 in North Carolina. Death: BET 1850 AND 1860
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Owen McCravey: Birth: 1691 in County Roscommon, Ireland. Death: 1742 in Northampton Co., NC
Hattie McCravy: Birth: 1866.
Dan McCraw: Birth: 3 AUG 1933 in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN. Death: 6 SEP 2013 in Hot Springs, Garland Co., AR
James M. McCraw: Birth: 1866 in Pulaski Co., AR.
James Otha McCraw: Birth: 25 OCT 1904 in Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR. Death: DEC 1986 in Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV
Lois A. McCraw: Birth: 19 JUL 1910 in Tennessee. Death: MAY 1978 in Tipton Co., TN
Tennessee M. McCraw: Birth: 1 SEP 1844 in Arkansas. Death: 25 JUL 1919 in Pulaski Co., AR
William McCraw: Birth: 1842 in Arkansas.
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Daniel McCray: Birth: ABT 1745 in Scotland. Death: 1819 in Washington Co., TN
Delilah Ann McCray: Birth: BET 1852 AND 1853 in Middlebury, Elkhart Co., IN. Death: 1880 in Maine Prairie, CA
George Clinton McCray: Birth: 23 MAR 1821 in Washington Co., TN. Death: 14 APR 1883 in Dixon, Solano Co., CA
Lois Edna McCray: Birth: 22 MAR 1921 in Indiana. Death: 3 JAN 1975 in Cypress, Orange Co., CA
Matilda Elizabeth McCray: Birth: 19 JUL 1835 in Mississippi. Death: 18 FEB 1919
William McCray: Birth: 1764 in Monaghan, Ireland. Death: JUL 1836 in Titusville, Crawford Co., PA
William McCray: Birth: 23 APR 1789 in Jonesboro, Washington Co., TN. Death: 13 MAR 1849 in Grundy Co., MO
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Lucy Ann McCrea: Birth: ABT 1805 in New York.
Susannah McCrea: Birth: 1765 in Ballston, Saratoga Co., NY. Death: 16 DEC 1818 in Ballston, Saratoga Co., NY
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Albert W. McCready: Birth: 1887 in South Dakota.
Albert W. McCready: Birth: 4 APR 1909 in California. Death: 14 JAN 1976 in Orange Co., CA
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Almarinda McCreary: Birth: APR 1846 in Indiana.
Buford C. McCreary: Birth: 11 JAN 1813.
Elizabeth Crawford McCreary: Birth: 1730 in Augusta Co., VA. Death: 1810 in Pennsylvania
George McCreary: Birth: ABT 1772. Death: SEP 1826 in Claiborne Co., TN
George McCreary: Birth: 24 JUN 1889 in Cambria, PA. Death: 10 SEP 1962 in Indiana, Indiana Co., PA
George McCreary: Birth: 1799 in Burke Co., NC.
James C. McCreary: Birth: ABT 1802.
James McCreary: Birth: 18 OCT 1822 in County Down, Ireland. Death: 21 JAN 1889 in Locke, Ingham Co., MI
John McCreary: Birth: 19 NOV 1811.
John McCreary: Birth: 2 MAR 1777. Death: 14 MAR 1866 in Switzerland Co., IN
John McCreary: Birth: 1733. Death: 1816 in Pennsylvania
John McCreary: Birth: 1710. Death: APR 1777
Joseph McCreary: Birth: BET 1748 AND 1749 in Ulster, Ireland. Death: ABT 1820 in Burke Co., NC
Joseph McCreary: Birth: 2 MAR 1804.
Mary Ann McCreary: Birth: NOV 1833 in England. Death: 6 APR 1908 in Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI
Mary Elizabeth McCreary: Birth: 1 APR 1850 in Monroe Co., KY. Death: 30 MAR 1932 in Monroe Co., KY
Mary McCreary: Birth: ABT 1885 in Ireland.
Mary McCreary: Birth: 1809 in Morrow Co., OH. Death: 21 AUG 1882 in Morrow Co., OH
Nancy Margaret McCreary: Birth: 1801 in Tennessee or Virginia. Death: BET 1840 AND 1850 in Claiborne Co., TN
Nancy McCreary: Birth: 1759 in North Carolina. Death: 1838 in Kentucky
Samuel McCreary: Birth: 17 AUG 1815 in Tennessee. Death: 31 AUG 1878 in Tennessee
Sarah R. McCreary: Birth: 1828. Death: in Switzerland Co., IN
Sophia McCreary: Birth: 29 OCT 1861 in Locke, Ingham Co., MI. Death: 4 NOV 1924 in Williamston, Ingham Co., MI
Thomas Walker McCreary: Birth: 1805.
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Alfred Lewis McCreery: Birth: 11 JAN 1896 in Cuyahoga Co., OH. Death: 7 JAN 1963 in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH
Bernice Ruby McCreery: Birth: 28 APR 1923 in Cuyahoga Co., OH. Death: 15 NOV 1979 in Cuyahoga Co., OH
Ernest Russell McCreery: Birth: 26 APR 1915 in Cuyahoga Co., OH. Death: 17 JUL 1928 in Cuyahoga Co., OH
Gladys Ruth McCreery: Birth: 28 JUL 1916 in Cuyahoga Co., OH. Death: 15 APR 1985 in Sandusky, Erie Co., OH
Helen McCreery: Birth: 15 JAN 1898 in Cuyahoga Co., OH. Death: 14 MAR 1931 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH
Norma Jane McCreery: Birth: 9 MAR 1925 in Cuyahoga Co., OH. Death: 9 APR 1926 in Buffalo, Erie Co., NY
Silas Andrew McCreery: Birth: 20 OCT 1869 in Cuyahoga Co., OH. Death: 6 FEB 1901 in Cuyahoga Co., OH
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Rebecca McCribble: Birth: 1820 in North Carolina.
Anne McCrimmon: Birth: ABT 1816 in North Carolina. Death: 1857 in Tyler Co., TX
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