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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph J ALLEN: Birth: BET. 1738 - 1807 in mother Agnes Patterson. Death: BET. 1829 - 1891

  2. John W ALLEN: Birth: BET. 1783 - 1805. Death: BET. 1824 - 1888

  3. Sarah Ann "Sally" ALLEN: Birth: 1790 in Elbert Co. GA or VA. Death: 1860 in Paulding Co., GA.

  4. Mary "Polly" ALLEN: Birth: ABT. 1796 in Elbert Co., GA..

  5. Nancy Elizabeth ALLEN: Birth: 14 APR 1798 in Elbert County, Georgia. Death: 22 AUG 1856 in Gwinnett County, Georgia

  6. James ALLEN: Birth: 30 APR 1808 in Elbert Co., Ga.. Death: 3 DEC 1880

  7. Rhoda ALLEN: Birth: 1812 in Elbert County, Georgia. Death: AFT. 1870 in Benton Co., MS.

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1. Title:   Early VA MS Territory .FTW

a. Note:   [Early VA MS Territory .FTW]
  Sources: Will of Joseph Allen, Will Bk. 1830-1835, pg. 247 and Will Bk. L, pg. 126. Various deeds in Elbert Co., GA.. Superior Court. Revolutionary War Record, JOSEPH ALLEN, 3rd Co. of the Ga. A. Battalioncommanded by Capt. Wil liam McIntosh. (from 01 Jan-31 Dec 1782 and 09June, 1783-04 Nov., 1783. JOSEPH ALLEN, Lt., 2n d Batt. for one year 1793from GA., Military Records 1779-1839, p. 19 from Original Vol. on fi le atGA. Dept. of Achives & History, Atlanta, Georgia. County of Elbert in 2ndBatt., 21 Oct , 1797, JOSEPH ALLEN, Ex. Minutes 1797-1798, p. 7-8,appointed Lieutenant by the Governor. NOTE: JOSEPH ALLEN reported he was born in Virginia. There are severaldifferent theories as t o his parentage and his exact place of birth. Heis reputed to be the brother to William, Beve rly and Reuben Allen ofElbert Co., and possibily brothers Nathaniel and Benjamin. Some believ eJoseph is the son of one BENJAMIN ALLEN of Spotsylvania Co.Va., thenanother JOSEPH ALLEN o f Spotsylvania Co. and finally another theory isDANIEL ALLEN of Prince Edward Co.Va. JOSEPH ALLEN was a member of Holly Springs Baptist Church, in theColdwater Community, Elber t Co. Accepted into membership by letter. Hewas a member of Vans Creek Church, received by ex perience on 09 Oct.,1801 prior to Holly Springs.The present day church site is on the countyl ine adjoining Hart Co. His place of burial is unknown, but probably atthe old church site abo ut a 1/4 mile away. Land Warrant, County of Wilkes, surveyed by Samuel Creswell to JOSEPHALLEN, a tract of land c ontaining 200 ac. in said county on ColdwaterCreek, on his own Headright, 9th day if August 1 784.(Photocopy oforiginal document, GA. Archives, Atlanta). (Note: Sold land to Franklin Cunningham, 07 Feb. 1785, 200 ac. onColdwater Creek, Wilkes Co . Also James Allen to Franklin Cunningham, 200ac. on Coldwater Creek for 10 pounds sterling , adj. Nicholas Long, org.grant 1785 to said Allin, John Cunningham. Robert Ross, Test). Land Warrant, County of Wilkes , surveyed by Samuel Creswell to JOSEPHALLEN, a tract of lan d containing 200 ac. in said county, in lieu of anold warrant of Salley Shackleford, 6th da y of March 1785. (Photocopy oforiginal document, GA. Archives, Atlanta). Tax Digest of Wilkes Co., GA: JOSEPH ALLEN, 1785 Dist. DDD-Capt. Nail's Dist. (Note: Capt. Nail's Dist.DDD was reduced in s ize by giving up some residents with some from Capt.Ragland's Dist. Nathaniel Allen was in Ca pt. Ragland's Dist. in 1785.Reuben Allen was in Capt. Nail's Dist. DDD, Wilkes Co. 1785, 4 na mes fromJoseph Allen). JOSEPH ALLEN, Wilkes Co., GA. 1786-Dist. BBB- Capt. Pullom's Dist. (Note:No other Allens wer e mentioned in 1785 or 1786). JOSEPH ALLEN, 1787, Wilkes Co., GA. Dist. CCC- Capt. Kidd's Dist. (Note:Reuben Allen was in s ame district, 2 names from Joseph Allen). JOSEPH ALLEN, Wilkes Co., GA., Dist DDD, Capt. Bailey's Dist. (Note: NoAllens are mentioned i n this district except Joseph). JOSEPH ALLEN drew lands through the 1821 Land Lottery, Elbert Co., GA. 1827-Muscogee Co., Lots #52 &24; granted 06 October 1827. " " - Troupe Co., Lots #41 & 3; granted 04 July 1829. (G.R., 353.6 GA. Surveyor GA., General Dept) (G.R., 369, p. 261; Agnes Allen, widow RS, draws (2) land. John, orphanof JOSEPH ALLEN, draw s land 1) HISTORICAL COLLECTION OF GA. CHAPTER,DAR., VOL III. JOSEPH ALLEN'S WILL, 1833 In the name of God, Amen, I Joseph Allen, of the State of Georgia, Countyof Elbert, being fa r advanced in years, and feeling the effects ofdecling mortality, though perfectly sound of m ind and memory, do make andordain this my last will and testament as follows: that is to sa y firstof all I recommend my soul to God who gave it and my body to dust fromwhence it was ta ken, to be buried in a Christian like manner at thediscretion of my herein after named Execut ors, and as to my worldlyestate where with it has pleased God to bless me, I dispose of asfol lows; 1st to each of my beloved children I give and bequeath the sumof one dollar that is Jos eph Allen, Jr., William Allen, James Allen, JohnAllen, Elizabeth Head, Betsy Reed, Nancy Couc h, Rhoda Allen, Sarah Kellyand Polly Blair, to be paid out of the proceeds of my personal est ate asmy said Executors shall think proper to dispose of for that purpose outofit also it i s my will that all my just debts and funeral expenses befirst paid as soon as the law will au thorize such arrangements after mydeath, 2nd to my beloved wife Agnes Allen, I give and beque ath all myestate both real and personal during her lifetime or during she remainsmy widow, i f she should marry again, it is my will all my perisableproperty to be divided amongst my chi ldren. 3rd, it is my will that afterthe death of my beloved wife Agnes Allen, it is my will t hat my four sonsJoseph Allen, Jr., William Allen, James Allen and John Allen, the land Iam pr ospered of which lands it is my will shall be equally dividedamongst my sons above mentioned . 4th, it is my will that my beloved wifeAgnes Allen shall give to my five children William A llen, James Allen,John Allen, Nancy Couch, Rody Allen their part of my estate as she seesprop er to do. 5th, it is my will that my son James Allen should have $50to be paid trade after m y death as it was willed to him by hisGrandfather Patterson. 6th, it is my will for my belove d wife Agnes Allento have the use of the interest three hundred dollars that I have in thehan ds of William White of this county. It is my will for said wife tohave the use of said mone y to buy her a slave for her own benefit and itis my will that she should have the use of tha t as long as she remains mywidow and of her death to be equally divided amongst my children . It ismy will for either of my four sons to have the use of clearing or tendingany part of m y said lands as they see proper, not interupting my saidwife's possession. Lastly, I do hereb y revoke and make void all otherwills by me made and declare this only my last will and testa ment. I dohereby nomiate, constitute and appoint my trusty friends Williamson Clarkand Willia m Bower exectuors to this will to execute the same agreeably tothe tenor thereof. In testamon y, whereof, I have hereunto set my hand andaffixed my seal the 29th day of October, 1830. Signed, sealed and acknowledged in presents of Henry Duncan Nancy Hendry X Joseph Allen Recorded the 9th day of May 1833, Wm. B. Nelms, C.C.O. Estate sale of JOSEPH ALLEN, SR., dec'd, 05th September 1833, Elbert Co. (People who bought property at the sale) James Allen, Samuel Karr, Edy Holdbrook, Agnes Allen, Thomas Patterson,Wiley B. Brown, Edmon d Allen, Nimrod Patterson, William Page, EdwardCason, Thomas Haynes, Thomas Stanton, John Kel ly, Martin Moss, HenryDuncan, Eppy White, William P. Reed, John Smith, Jr., Charles Hendry,An drew Patterson. _________________________________________________________________ Possible brothers of Joseph Allen: 1. Beverly Anthony Allen, b. 1757 Spotsylvania Co., VA.; d. Jan. 1816Logan Co., KY., m. 12 Fe b 1786 to Anna Singletary. 2. Reuben Allen, b. abt. 1754 Spotsylvania Co., VA., d. bef. 17 Aug 1812Logan Co., KY., m. El izabeth Hendricks? 3. Nathaniel Allen, b. 1750 Spotsylvania Co., VA., d. 1812 Elbert Co., GA. m. 17 Aug. 1778, Permilia Hudson 4. Benjamin Allen, b. abt. 1750, Spotsylvania Co., VA., m. 24 Apr. 1777Cussias Chambers; 29 J an. 1781 Elizabeth Hudson. 5. Wiliam Allen, b. 1756 VA., m. 1) Miss Carter; 2) Nancy Wathall; 3)Sara Keys. 6. James Allen ________________________________________________________________ is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.