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Marriage: Children:
  1. Robert Ellis: Birth: ABT 1713. Death: 1766 in Caernarvon twp, Lancaster Co.

  2. Mary Ellis: Birth: EST 1715. Death: 1779

  3. Jane Ellis: Birth: EST 1718.

a. Note:   Cadwalader signed his own will and affixed his seal or signet (long since lost). shown on the original will, but cannot be read. His G
 grandson Isaac also signed and stamped his will with a seal or signet
 ring or stamp. If found or viewed, this could show the family crest
 and pedegree, thus proving the lineage.
 CADWALADER "Battle Leader" Also semi-legendary British "king",
 leader against Anglo-Saxons in the 7th century. Prince of Gwynedd
 in 664 AD.
 "A people called the Welsh, so bold and ferocious that, when unarmed,
 they do not fear to encounter an armed force, being ready to shed
 their blood in defence of their country, and to sacrifice their lives
 for renown"
 Henry II, King of England c 1165
 (Letter to the Emperor of Byzantium)
 The Probate records (1571-1700) at St. Asaph for Penllyn at Llanyckill
 (Llanycil) near Bala for September 3, 1663 (Copied by Thomas Allen
 Glenn - 1914) show in the Abstracts of Wills (1671-1700) a Elis John,
 Will proved by his son Evan Ellis. The Pedigrees (also by Glenn) show:
 "John of Llanycil - son Elis John of Llanycil d. August 12, 1663.
 Children: John Ellis, Morris Ellis, Evan Ellis, Cadwalader Ellis,
 Robert Ellis, Margt. m. John Cadwalader and Elizabeth. Listed under
 Cadwalader are Thomas Ellis and David Ellis.
 The MM in Penllyn, Wales of 16 May, 1675 does not show a Cadwalader
 Ellis. (too young, or not yet a Quaker ?).
 The MM in Penllyn, Wales of 18, 5th month (July), 1683 shows a
 Cadwalader Ellis in attendance. NB. This is the same date as that of
 his son's baptism !
 One Cadwalader a witness to a will dated 26. 11mo.(January 1686)1685
 at the Penllyn MM, Wales.
 The earliest date for Cadwalader in PA is September 7, 1687 attending
 the Chester County MM. The Chester MM minutes of 2/5/1688 show him as
 a signator to "Subscribing to a position against giving, trading or
 selling liquor to the Indians". (from "Early Church Records of
 Delaware Co., PA", p. 77).
 The list of unrecorded Wills copied by Thomas Allen Glenn in his 1914
 recording of Probates in Penlynn from the records at St. Asaph, Wales
 shows a Ellis Cadwalader from Llanfawr. Will dated 1689.
 The MM at Hendre Mawr (1.6 miles N.W. of Bala), Merionethshire, Wales
 dated 21.12mo.(February 1700) 1699, shows a Cadwalader Ellis.
 Certificate of removal for Cadd`r Ellis from the Hendre Mawr
 MM dated 24. 12, 1699 (February 24, 1700). Ref. Abstracts of Thomas
 Allen Glenn on LDS film # 0441357. See also Browning "Welsh Settlement
 of Pennsylvania", p. 198.
 It is now (1989) believed that this Ellis line are those shown in the
 books: "Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania" - Browning and "Merion in the
 Welsh Tract" by Glenn, T.A. These people were mostly Quakers and some
 later Episcopalians. Mentioned in the Brownings book is the note that
 several Welsh families settled in Caernarvon TWP Lancaster, (now Berks
 Co.) in 1718, and probably came from The Welsh Tract, Radnor and
 Haverford in what was Chester County.
 N.B. Lancaster formed from Chester Co., in 1729.
 Berks , formed from Chester, Lancaster and Phila. Counties in 1752. Cadwalader's plantation was in what is now Berks Co., east of Morgantown. From the Quaker MM of Chester Co. it appears that Cadwalader
 married Margaret Edwards by a Justice and out of the Church, in
 July 1712. 28/2/1712 "Cadwalader Ellis to marry Margrit Edwards."
 "Ellis, Cadwalader of Goshen disowned, 30/9/1713." The Goshen
 meetinghouse is located at the intersection of Route 352 and Paoli
 Pike at Goshenville, PA. Address: 814 N. Chester Road, West Chester,
 PA 19380.
 This information would indicate that Cadwalader was a Quaker (and
 changed to an Episcopalian?)
 Cadwalader most likely came over with the second party of settlers
 formed by Hugh Roberts from whom he purchased 295 (310?) acres,
 on Ridley Creek in Goshen twp. Note: Wm. Penn allowed the purchase of
 two plots, one in the area of "Company No. 1 and one in the Goshen
 twp. "Welsh Founders----", by Browning, p. 387. From the general
 warrant "Company No. 1" (now Lower Merion twp) deed confirmed 310
 acres to Cadwalader Ellis, Goshen twp in the Welsh tract. Page 493
 "--- Goshen twp organized about 1704, this is the time it had its
 first Constable Cadwalader Ellis, a Welshman." He held this post for 4
 years. In 1710 he was appointed Supervisor of Highways for Goshen.
 In 1703 he had 310 acres in Duffein [Duffryn] Mawr* "Great Valley"
 (Goshen twp?).
 In 1703 he had 275 acres in "The Welsh Tract." Ref. Minutes of the
 Board of Property. Vol.1, pp. 338, 367. Also various Records of the
 Court of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Vol. 2, which shows "Edward
 Roberts (first son of Hugh Roberts), Robert Roberts (2nd son), Orion
 Roberts (should be Owen, 3rd son) deed to Cadwalader Ellis for 275 a
 in Welsh Tract 1703." Parenthesis added by the author.
 The minutes of the Radnor MM held at Merion on the 12th of the 9th
 month 1702, pages 69-70, item 5 decided to assist as follows:
 In 1702 the Haverford [Radnor] MM loaned money to Cadwalader. "At the
 same time �12 5s. 2d. was contributed to Cadwalader Ellis and his
 brother, also of Goshen, "whose house had been burned by fire, and his
 mother and brother having lost most they had." Ref. History of
 Delaware County by George Smith - 1862. Page 205 [1701].
 An important document "Land Commissioners minutes of the Welsh Tract,
 1702" (from the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Library, film
 reel 23.1) shows Ellis Jones with land 1699, pp -3-1, page 71 for 1692
 shows a Robert Ellis and wife Elizabeth Bennet with property in the
 Liberty Lands of Phila. The alphabetical "Index of Propriatary Papers"
 has "E" missing !
 "Warrants and Surveys of the Province of Pennsylvania including
 the Three Lower Counties 1759, Published 1965, Reprint 1975 by the
 Bookmark, P. O. Box 74, Knightstown, Ind. By Permission of Department
 of Records, City of Philadelphia: Cadwallader Ellis 1702 Vol 6, page
 * There is supposedly a plaque on a hill of this name just east of
 near Malvern.
 He is shown attending the Chester MM January 27, 1704 (p. 135-36).
 " " " Goshen MM held at Springfield on June
 28, 1710.
 "Cadaelleder Ellis, reported for going to marriage of Ellis Williams*
 who took a wife contrary to the rules of discipline - 20th day 4mo.
 Taken from "Early Chester Church Records, Vol. 3, p. 92. by Launey.
 He was still on the tax rolls in Goshen in 1715.
 It appears that Cadwalader speculated in land and may have owned
 as many as three plot of 275 acres or more, prior to moving to
 Caernarvon twp plantation. Ca 1708 he deeded 50 acres in Whitpain
 twp to his brother Humphrey probably as a wedding gift.
 Cadwalader bought a 500 acre plantation (1718) in Caernarvon twp (now
 Berks Co.) Lancaster County at the head waters of the Conestoga Creek.
 Part of the property was on Pine Run (now called Swamp Creek). His
 Will provides 125 acres each to daughters Mary and Jane. The remaining
 250 acres went to his only son Robert.
 Note: The PA � in 1770 is = US$ 46 in 1991. The 250 acre Estate was
 valued at � 1,100.
 * Ellis Williams relationship. See John of Llanycil and my
 pedigree site. Related back to David ap Meredydd 15th century.
b. Note:   He could have been born earlier than 1683 his date of baptism or registry.
c. Note:   Cadwalader signed his own will and affixed his seal or signet (long since lost). shown on the original will, but cannot be read.
 His G grandson Isaac also signed and stamped his will with a seal or
 signet ring or stamp. If found or viewed, this would show the family
 crest and pedegree, thus proving the lineage.
 It should be noted that the Hudson family known to Cadwalader
 here in PA came from Wales and as far as is known were not related
 to Chamberlain Hudson family of Westmoreland Co., Virginia and Sumner
 Co. Tenn.
d. Note:   The marriage certificate was to be signed by AT LEAST 12 witnesses. The signatures are usually arranged in 3 columns with the place of
 honor reserved for the fathers of the bride & groom at the top of the
 rightmost column, immediately beneath the signatures of the groom &
 the bride.
 This was the first and only marriage.
 The Chester MM records for the Goshen area 2nd mo (April) 28, 1712
 show Cadwalader Ellis and Margaret Edwards "passed" the meeting. The
 next month, the meeting asked them to wait until "Friends can be
 satisfied as to her behavior." The MM of the 5th mo (July) 28, 1712
 showed Cadwalader to be married by a Justice. Note: One Thomas
 Edwards was the Justice at this time. Margarets Brother ?. The MM
 of 9th mo (November) 30, 1713 shows Cadwalader to be "disowned."
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