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Marriage: Children:
  1. Dolly Mae Bollinger: Birth: 5 Apr 1888. Death: 11 Aug 1944

Marriage: Children:
  1. George A. Bollinger: Birth: 30 Oct 1900 in Dudley,,PA. Death: 9 Jan 1986 in Dudley,,PA

  2. Charles K. Bollinger: Birth: 15 Aug 1903 in ,Huntingdon Co.,PA. Death: 21 Feb 1991

  3. Harry A. Bollinger: Birth: 26 Apr 1906 in Dudley, , PA. Death: 23 May 1982 in Altoona, Blair Co., PA

  4. Ethel M. Bollinger: Birth: 23 May 1908 in Dudley, Huntingdon Co., PA. Death: 21 Feb 2006 in Camp Hill, Cumberland Co., PA

  5. Walter Chaplin Bollinger: Birth: 21 Jan 1912 in Dudley,Huntingdon Co.,PA. Death: 8 Jul 1996 in Roaring Spring,Blair Co.,PA

  6. Verna Rose Bollinger: Birth: 17 Jul 1914 in Dudley, Huntingdon Co., PA. Death: 12 Sep 2009 in Orlando, , Florida

a. Note:   t husband of Barbara STINSON, one child. !Ref 876 (Dennis E. FIELDS) !BTB 6Mar91 [Obit of Charles K. BOLLINGER] - listed as father. !Ref 934 [Carolyn (MILLER) CARROLL, ltr of 12Nov93] - gave date and place of birth, listed wife as Emma MEARS. !BTB 15Jan86 [Obit of George A. BOLLINGER] - listed parents as William and Emma (MEARS) BOLLINGER. Listed four surviving siblings, two others preceded him. !BTB 10Apr96 [50th Wedding Anniv. of Orville and Rose HALL] - stated that Rose was born Verna BOLLINGER in Dudley, PA, daughter of William M. BOLLINGER and Emma Mae MEARS. !BTB 17Jul96 [Obit of Walter C. BOLLINGER] - listed parents as William McClellan and Emma May (MEARS) BOLLINGER. !BTB 2Jun82 [Obit of Harry A. BOLLINGER (1906-1982)] - listed parents as William and Emma (MEARS) BOLLINGER. Also listed three surviving brothers, two surviving sisters, and a deceased brother. !E039 Email of 21Aug2001 from Ron ROSE, List of Ancestors of Ralph L. BLACK - listed as William McClellen BOLLINGER, gave date and place of birth, year and place of death. Married twice: Emma MEARS and Barbara STINSON. !BTB 27Oct2009 [Obit of Verna "Rose" (BOLLINGER) HALL (1914-2009)] - listed parents as William and Emma (MEARS) BOLLINGER. Also listed five deceased brothers: George, Charles, Harry, Walter and Willie, and a deceased sister as Ethel MASEMORE.
  !COMMENT: If this is the correct William BOLLINGER, his first wife was Barbara STINSON who was 19 when they married and second wife was Emma MEARS who had children after 1900. Barbara STINSON was married second to John WILKINS. !QUESTION: were William BOLLINGER and Barbara STINSON divorced and both remarried ??
Note:   !HORTON Book, pg 86, compiled by George W. ALLOWAY, 1929 - listed as William BOLLINGER, firs is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.