/Thibaud III Count of Troyes And Meaux
        /Theobald Iv "The Great" King of Navarre
       |    \Blanche Princess of Navarre
    /Henry III (The Fat) King Of Navarre
   |   |    /Archambaud Ix Count of Bourbon
   |    \ Marguerite
   |        \Beatrix De Montlucon
Juanna Queen of Navarre
   |        /Louis VIII "The Lion" King of France
   |    /Robert I Count of Artois
   |   |    \Blance (Blanca) Of Castile
    \Blanche of Artois
       |    /Henry II "The Courageous" Duke of Brabant And Lorraine
        \Mahaut Matilda of Brabant Louvain
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