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Phillip Iv (The Fair) King Of France: Death: 1314
Rotrude (Rothilde?) Princess Of France: Birth: ABT 852 in France died 0889/0912. Death: BET 889 AND 912
Unknown Daughter of Gerhard Count of Auvergne And Hildegarde Of France: Birth: ABT 830 in Puy-DE-Dôme, Auvergne, France. Death: in Limoges, Haute-Vienne, Limousin, France
Count Eberhard Graf Of Friuli: Birth: 865 in Friuli, , , Italy. Death: 927 in Eboracum, Britannia
Margrave Hunroch Of Friuli: Birth: 842. Death: 874
Alan Fitzroland Last Lord Of Galloway: Birth: ABT 1175 in Galloway, Wigtownshire, , Scotland. Death: 1234 in Galloway, Wigtownshire, , Scotland
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Marguerite Of Geneva: Birth: 1180 in Chêne-Bougeries, Geneve, Switzerland. Death: 08 APR 1252 in Pierre Chatel, Isere, Rhone-Alpes, France
Otto I "The Great" Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire Of Germany: Birth: 23 NOV 912 in Sachsen, Germany. Death: 07 MAY 973 in Memleben, Saxony, Germany
Richilde Von Saxe Princess Of Germany: Birth: ABT 950.
Richilde Von Saxe Of Germany: Birth: ABT 940 in Wessex. Death: 1020 in Germany
Borrell Ii Marquis of Barcelona Count Of Gerona And Odona: Birth: 946 in Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Death: 30 SEP 992 in Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Irmtrud Countess Of Gleiburg: Birth: in Schwaben, Kelheim, Bayern, Germany. Death: 1024 in Luxembourg, Belgium
Gilbert III (Magna Charta Baron) Earl of Gloucester and Hertford De Clare: Birth: 1180 in Hertford, Herts, England. Death: 25 OCT 1230 in Penros, Brittany, France
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Agnes Of Hainaut: Birth: 1142. Death: 1168
Gertrude Of Hainaut: Death: ABT 1168
Henry Of Hainaut: Death: 1207
Richilde Von Egisheim Of Hainaut: Birth: 1034 in Mons, Hainaut, Belgium. Death: 1088 in Hasnon Abbey, Hasnon, Hainaut, Belgium
Yolande Of Hainaut: Birth: 1131. Death: 1202
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King Coloman Of Halych: Birth: 1208. Death: AFT 11 APR 1241
Fadrique Master of The Order of Santiago And 1st Lord Of Haro: Birth: 1335.
Eystein Ivarsson Jarl Of Hedemarken: Birth: ABT 830 in Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway. Death: 870 in Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway
Count Sigrand Of Hesbaye: Birth: 706 in Hesbaye, Liege, Belgium. Death: 774 in Hesbaye, Liege, Belgium
Hildegarde Countess Of Holland: Birth: in Gand, Flandre Oriental, Belgium. Death: 990 in Egmond, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
John De Beauchamp Of Holt: Birth: 1245 in Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. Death: 1298
Jaume Sarroca Archbishoop Of Huesca: Birth: 1248.
Adelaida Of Hungary: Birth: 1038 in Esztergom, K Esztergom, , Hungary. Death: 27 JAN 1062 in Praha, Praha, , Czech Republic
Anna Maria Of Hungary: Birth: 1204. Death: 1237
Yolande (Violante Jolan) Princess Of Hungary: Birth: BET 1213 AND 1219 in Esztergom, Komarom-Esztergom, Hungary. Death: 12 OCT 1251 in Huesca, Aragon, Spain
Aufrica of Huntingdon: Birth: ABT 1140 in Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire, England. Death: UNKNOWN
Person Not Viewable
Jacob "Israel" Of Isaac: Birth: 1862 BC in Haran, Padanaram , Egypt. Death: 1715 BC in Ramses, Goshen, Egypt
Matilda of Islesworth: Birth: 1128 in Isleworth, Middlesex, England. Death: 1151 in England
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Person Not Viewable
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Budwine (Bouinbeuvesde) Count Of Italy & Meyz: Birth: ABT 810 in Amiens, Somme, Picardy, France. Death: 869 in Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France
Chrothais Concubine of Pepin Of Italy: Birth: 780 in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Death: ABT 810 in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Giselle of Italy: Birth: 882 in Perugia, Perugia, Umbria, Italy. Death: 13 JUN 910 in Turin, Torino, Piemonte, Italy
King Louis of Italy: Birth: 825 in Lorraine, Alsace, France. Death: 12 AUG 875 in Ghedi, Brescia, Lombardia, Italy
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Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Hermann I Count Of Kastl: Birth: 1040 in Kastl, Oberpfalz, Bavaria. Death: 27 JAN 1056
Ecgberht (Egbert) King Of Kent: Death: 04 JUL 673 in Kempsy, Worcestershire, England
Wihgils Of Kent: Birth: 411. Death: 463
Æöelberht I First Christian King Of Kent: Birth: 560 in Kempsy, Worcestershire, England. Death: 24 FEB 616 in Kempsy, Worcestershire, England
Svyatoslav of Kiev: Birth: 1120 in Chernigov, Chernigov, Ukraine. Death: 24 JUL 1194 in Polotsk, Chelyabinsk, Russia
Heribert Of Kinzigau: Birth: 925. Death: 992
Leah Of Laban: Birth: 1829 BC in Padanaram. Death: 1745 BC in Palestine
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Sancho 1st Lord Of Ledesma: Birth: 1331. Death: 1343
Robert De Beaumont 3rd Earl Of Leicester: Birth: 1135 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England. Death: 31 AUG 1190 in Durazzo, Greece
Lady Of Leinster: Birth: 920 in Caithness, , Highland, Scotland. Death: 958 in Caithness, , Highland, Scotland
Aldonza Alonso Of Leon: Birth: ABT 1212. Death: 1266
Blessed Sancha Of Leon: Birth: 1193. Death: 1270
Dulce or Aldonza Of Leon: Death: AFT 1243
Fernando Alfonso Of Leon: Birth: 1211.
Fernando Alfonso Of Leon: Birth: 1215 in Salamanca, Salamanca, Castilla-Leon, Spain.
Fernando Of Leon: Birth: 1192. Death: AUG 1214
Martín Alfonso Of Leon: Birth: 1210.
María Alfonso Of Leon: Birth: 1190. Death: AFT 1252
Ramiro Ii King Of Leon: Birth: ABT 900 in St Salvador, Leon, Castilla-Leon, Spain. Death: 01 JAN 951 in St Salvador, Leon, Castilla-Leon, Spain
Sancha Alfonso Of Leon: Birth: 1210. Death: 1270
Teresa Alfonso Of Leon: Birth: 1210.
Urraca Alfonso Of Leon: Birth: 1190. Death: 1197
Urraca Alfonso Of Leon: Birth: 1210. Death: AFT 1252
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Henri Iii Duke Of Limburg: Birth: 1140 in Limburg, Belgium. Death: 21 JUN 1221 in Rolduc, , Limburg, Netherlands
Rustique Bishop Of Limoges: Birth: in Lyon, Rhone, Rhone-Alpes, France. Death: 25 APR 501 in Lyon, Rhone, Rhone-Alpes, France
Sophie Vitovtovna of Lithuania: Birth: 1370. Death: 15 JUN 1453
Caribert (Heribert) Count of Loan: Birth: 690 in Laon. Death: AFT 23 JUN 720
Adalbert Of Longwy And Haute-Lorraine: Birth: 1000. Death: 1048
Alberade de Camouville (de Mons) Princess of Lorraine: Birth: 864 in Mons, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France. Death: 893 in Meersen, Brabant Wallon, Belgium
Henry (Konrad) Pfalzgrave Of Lorraine: Death: 29 SEP 1033
Otto Lotharingia Count Of Lorraine: Death: BEF 944
Matilda of Louvain: Birth: 994 in Leuven, Flemish Brabant, Flanders, Belgium.
Oberto I Azzo Of Lucca Este: Birth: 912. Death: 975
Folmar Count Of Luneville And Amance: Death: ABT 980
Conrad I Count Of Luxembourg: Birth: 1040 in Trier, Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Death: 08 AUG 1086
Liutgard Of Luxembourg: Birth: 943 in Of, Bruxelles, Brabant, Belgium. Death: 995 in Egmond-Binnen, Egmond, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Luitgard of Cliny & Trier Countess Of Luxembourg: Birth: ABT 910 in Luxembourg.
Luitgarde De Tries Of Luxembourg: Birth: 914 in Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Death: 986 in Nordgau Region, Medival States
Henri Vi Count Of Luxemburg: Birth: 1240 in Luxembourg, Belgium. Death: 05 JUN 1288 in Hesse, Germany
Walram Valeran Of Luxemburg: Birth: 1245 in Ligny, Namur, Belgium. Death: 05 JUN 1288 in Woringen, Unterallgau, Bayern, Germany
Bishop Rusticus Of Lyon: Birth: in Lyon, Rhone, Rhone-Alpes, France. Death: 25 APR in Lyon, Rhone, Rhone-Alpes, France
Alice or Isabella Of Maine: Birth: 1107. Death: 1154
Drusilla of Mauretania: Birth: ABT 15 in Princess of Mauretania, Queen of Emesa. Death: ABT 50
Eberhard Ii Count Of Meinvelt And Zurichgau Male: Birth: BET 885 AND 900. Death: ABT 994
Udon Count Of Meinvelt: Birth: 930.
Eanuulf - Eanwulf - Eadulf ou Eadulf of Mercia: Birth: ABT 665 in Mercia, Essex, England. Death: AFT 705 in Mercia, Essex, England
Edburga Fadburn Of Mercia: Birth: 825 in Mercia, Lincolnshire, , England. Death: in Hoek van Holland
Wulfrun Noblewoman Of Mercia: Birth: 908.

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