/Philip I King of France "The Fair"
        /Louis VI "The Fat" France
       |    \Bertha De Hainault
    /Louis VII "The Young" King Of France
   |   |    /Umberto de Maurienne
   |    \Alice De Maurienne
   |        \Gisela (Gille) De Maçon De Bourgogne
Philip Augustus Capet
   |        /Raymond de Bourgogne Count of Galicia and Coimbra
   |    /Alphonso VII "Pierre-Raimund" King of Castile
   |   |    \Urraca of León And Castile
    \Constanza Alfonsez Princess Of Castile
       |    /Ramon Berenger III Count Of Barcelona
        \Berenguela Raimundo de Barcelona
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