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  1. Major /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1733 in Brunswick County, Virginia. Death: AFT 1794 in Granville County, North Carolina

  2. Thomas /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1734 in Brunswick County, Virginia.

  3. Charles /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1737 in Brunswick County, Virginia.

  4. Richard /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1740 in Brunswick County, Virginia. Death: BEF 9 Jan 1786 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia

  5. Sarah /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1742 in Brunswick County, Virginia.

  6. Joyce /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1743 in Brunswick County, Virginia.

  7. Erasmus /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1745 in Brunswick County, Virginia.

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a. Note:   nant lineage in Western Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa, and the southern parts of Eastern Africa. E-M2 has several subclades.
8/24/2015 - DW More DNA Results from Descendants of MORRIS EVANS. In checking the latest results of the EVANS DNA PROJECT, which is the results from male descendants taking the Y-DNA Tests, there are currently 7 members from the MORRIS EVANS 1675-1739 ancestry, all of whom show they belong to the E-M2 Haplogroup, which is a sub-Saharan African group, an indication that MORRIS EVANS was of African origins. I think that this can now lay to rest the stories that MORRIS was Welsh, and that researchers can now concentrate on the actual names of their family members rather than trying to prove ethnicity. For those interested in the results, here is the link to the EVANS DNA PROJECT Results page, which can be checked on a regular basis for any new updates:
3/14/2014- DW Another descendant of MORRIS EVANS, from the line of JORDAN EVANS, has contacted me, and I think that it is now obvious that all claims that MORRIS EVANS was of Welsh descent are proven to be wrong. Additionally, this also disproves claims about the family of a descendant of MORRIS EVANS, b. 1665, also named MORRIS EVANS (1750-1834) who had a son named JORDAN EVANS (1779-1865). JORDAN's wife, DELILAH REYNOLDS, has most often been claimed to be a Native American, mostly because of several stories passed down about her. Following is part of my correspondence with J. NEEL, of Kentucky, dated 3/13/2014, 7:10 a.m.:
I have read some of your posts on the subject of this families' origin. I am a descendent of Jordan Evans and Delilah Reynolds, through Duncan Evans. I have recently participated in the DNA project. The findings show no connection to Native Americans. There are two trace lines from Africa, Senegal and Bantu. As I proceed with my research on these lines, I can now center my search on free African Americans and their predecessors. I know there are family members, including a book on the subject, who insist on an Indian and Cherokee connection. But, none of their information is documented by anything other than family tales. Some of their finding simply are not logical.
11/12/2013-DW Please note that while the below info indicates that MORRIS EVANS was likely of African descent due to DNA results, I am looking further into this since new info has come to light which may indicate the person tested may not have been from MORRIS' line, after all. Additional tests and research are being done and I do hope to have further details in the near future. (Note that as my updated info above shows, the results are confirmed to match the currently 6 others who tested from the MORRIS EVANS line)
Sept. 19, 2011-DW For years, it was thought that MORRIS EVANS may have been of Welsh descent, but a few days ago I was contacted by a direct descendant who had DNA tests done and it was proved that the family was of African descent. Following is the portion of the message discussing the results: "Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2011 12:33 PM Subject: Regarding the Ancestral Origins of Morris Evans (b. 1675) My name is G. Evans. I am a direct descendant of Morris Evans as follows: Morris (b.1675) Charles (b. 1696) Richard (b. 1740) Richard (b. 1776) Fielding (b. 1812) George (b. 1853) Charles Robert (b. 1889) George Maze (b. 1915) Preston (b. 1933)
I am the 7x great grandson of Morris (b. 1675) and his direct patrilineal descendant. As a result, I carry a near identical y-chromosome package. I recently had a Y-Chromosome DNA test done. The results of that test were unambiguous. I am positive for a SNP marker that indicates that my patrilineal line originates in West Africa and specifies my haplogroup as E1B1a. Heavy concentrations of this haplogroup are found among the Mandenka and Yoruba. I also had a mitochondrial DNA test done that indicated an admixture that is 73% African (Mandenka/Yuroba) and 27% European (Orkney Islands/Scots, Eastern European). This mixture obviously represents genetic contributions from both of my parents. These results indicate that Morris (b. 1675) was of African descent on his father's side. His father could have not been English/Welsh... ...I am also willing to share the test results with you as documentation. The testing was done by Family Tree DNA, the premier firm in this field."
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