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Marriage: Children:
  1. Lucretia "Crecy" /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1782 in Halifax County,North Carolina. Death: 1860/1870 in Warren County,North Carolina

  2. Henry /Evans - West/: Birth: Aug 1783 in Warren County, North Carolina. Death: ABT Nov 1862 in Warren County, North Carolina

  3. Fanney /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1785 in Halifax County, North Carolina.

  4. Celia /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1786 in Halifax County, North Carolina. Death: 1844/1850

  5. Moses Mechan /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1790 in Halifax County,North Carolina. Death: 1860/1870 in Halifax County,North Carolina

  6. Nancy /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1795 in Warren County,North Carolina. Death: 1860/1867 in Warren County,North Carolina

  7. Patience /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1797 in Warren County, North Carolina. Death: 1860/1870 in Rutland, Dane County, Wisconsin

  8. Isaac /Evans - West/: Birth: 1805 in Warren County,North Carolina. Death: 1870/1880 in Franklin County, North Carolina

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a. Note:   ALSO, See files of MATTHEW EVANS for additional info on MOURNING EVANS. I believe that MOURNING EVANS was probably a daughter of JAMES & ELENOR EVANS, that she married a slave named NAT sometime around 1780, he must have been allowed a relatively lot of freedom because they had 8 children together, and he supposedly was able to be around the family a lot since the petition mentions that he was a faithful husband and good father. JAMES EVANS (b. abt 1720) had been a neighbor of WILLIAM WEST for a very long time, the senior EVANS having served in the Edgecombe Co., Militia under WEST in the 1750's. Once NAT was officially freed in 1806, he and MOURNING lived in Warren Co., next to some of the other children of JAMES EVANS (ARCHIBALD EVANS, who was married to LUCRETIA GREEN) ; as well as their own children ( LUCRETIA EVANS, who was married to ALLEN GREEN). It appears that the WEST family and many of the EVANS family were actually the same families.
Records for the MOURNING EVANS I know was a Free Woman of Color - From the DIGITAL LIBRARY ON AMERICAN SLAVERY, "Race, Slavery, and Free Blacks" (Petitions Abstracts): Petition 21280605 Details Location: Warren, North Carolina Salutation: To the Worshipful the Justices of the Court of pleas and quarter Sessions of the County of Washing[ton] (, ) Filing Court and Date: Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1806-August-23 Ending Court and Date: No Ending Court Specified
General Petition Information Abstract: A number of years ago, Mourning Ivins, a free woman of color, married a slave shoemaker named Nathaniel, and the couple had eight children. By 1804, Ivins had saved enough to purchase her husband from his owner, William West, and was given a bill of sale. She is fearful, however, that after she dies he and the children might be sold. Her husband has contributed greatly to their well-being, she contends; he has been a most faithful husband and a loving father. She asks for his freedom. Result: # of Petition Pages: 2 Related Documents: William West to Nathaniel Macon, 23 August 1806 Pages of Related Documents: 1
Citation Information Repository: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina Private Collections, Nathaniel Macon Papers Record Group: Document Number Box: 1773 ======================= The entire petition follows: Warren County, NC - Mouring Ivins Petition to Emancipate Husband, 1806
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To the worshipful the Justices of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of the County of Warren. The memorial of Mouring Ivins humbly representing sheweth unto your worships - that your memorialist is a free person of colour residing in the County aforesaid - that she early in life marryed and connected herself with a negro man that the property of William West - that by him she has eight children - that sometime in the year 1804 your memorialist by her sole care and industry accumalated money enough to purchase her said husband Nat of his then proprietor William West aforesaid and accordingly received from the said William West a Bill of sale which is of record, transfering to her your memorialist the absolute right & title to the said Negro Nat - your memorialist further states that the said Negro man Nat has ever conducted himself towards her as a faithful and affectionate husband - that in all circumstances as well in sickness and in health he has manifested to your memorialist & her children the most unceasing care & solitude - that by his industry & attention he has enabled your memorialist to support her children free from want and as respectably as any persons in their condition - your memorialist in consideration of the premiss and test upon the death of your memorialist the said negro man Nat should by the policy of the State or her children & their representatives be reduced unto a state of slavery prays that your worshipful body will free & emancipate the said Nat by the name of Nathaniel Ivins & your memorialist as in duty will ever pray
To Mr. Nathaniel Macon
To the honorabell gentel men whome this may cum befor - there is a negro man by the name of Natt which said negro I ras'd from a childe until I solde him to Mouring Ivins and she the said Ivins has a disior all togeather to set him free if yor Honner gentel men pleas to take it in to consideraticion I will enform you on my honner the correcton of said negro Natt as wel as I can - he is a engenias hand and common about a plantaticion or as you genrally find and an extrodonary shue maker and verry endusstrus and while he lieved with me I entrusted abundance of buisness in his hands and he proformd his duty verry faithfully to me - so that I entended to sett him free at my deth but his haveing a free wife and childrean I solde him to her for butt trifeling - I am gentelmen your frend - given under my hand this 23rd day of august 1806 William West To Mr Nathanial Macon & other gentelmen &c in Warren County North Carolina
Source: Nathaniel Macon Papers NC Archives PC 10.2
[Nathaniel Macon was a Democratic Republican of Warren County; Congressman (1791-1815), and U.S. Senator (1815-1828]
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============================================================================================= INFORMATION ON ANOTHER MOURNING EVANS, who I don't believe was the same person who was wife of the slave NATHANIEL, but which info I am including for reference for anyone who may find out who she actually was:
I am not sure, but there may have been 2 MOURNING EVANS in the Warren County Records at the same time, one possibly white (married ROBERT CALLER), and the other a Free Woman of Color, the wife of NATHANIEL WEST/MATTHEW EVANS. Following are the records for the one who was first married to a POWELL EVANS, and later to ROBERT CALLER. The fact that there actually was a POWELL EVANS in Warren County also seems to point to the fact that this was a different MOURNING EVANS than the one who was a Free Person of Color, married to the slave named NATHANIEL.
Re: Bute/Warren Co.NC Callier Family Posted by: Sue Moore </cgi-genforum/email.cgi?097747803> Date: January 28, 2001 at 10:58:26 In Reply to: Bute/Warren Co.NC Callier Family <15.html> by Linda of 67 A Warren Co. researcher looked this information up for me and I thought I would add it to Linda's information. A will for Robert Caller was drawn in Apr 1802 and probated at the February 1805 quartersessions, leaving all of his estate to Mourning Caller. There were also wills for Charles Caller (drawn 23 Dec 1780, probated at November Court 1781) leaving 600 acres known as Caller's Ordinary to his father Robert Caller (witnessed by brother John Caller), and by Robert Caller (drawn 29 Jan 1798, probated May Court 1798) leaving property to Mourning Evans for the period of time she was separated from her husband Powell Evans, and at her death or remarriage to Robert's son James Caller. There are no Caller wills after the 1805 probate in a book that covers 1779 through 1844. In court minutes, Robert Caller was appointed guardian of Charles Caller (orphan of William Caller) at October Court 1784. Charles Caller chose to replace his guardian, Robert Caller, with Anderson Paschall at Nov. Court 1798, and administration was grandted to Robert Caller at February Court 1799. Administration of the will of Robert Caller was granted to Thomas Caller (son of Robert) at November Court 1804, and an inventory of the estate was also filed at November court 1804. The will was proved on the oath of William E. Johnson at February Court 1805. Anderson Paschall, acting as guardian of Charles Caller, brought suit against Robert Caller in August court 1801. ----------------------------------- Mourning Evans to Robert Callier ? Posted by: Linda </cgi-genforum/email.cgi?726051849> Date: January 29, 2001 at 19:46:56 of 67 The following is a deed of gift from Robert Callier Sr. to Mourning Evans, wife of Powell Evans, written 29 Jan 1798 and entered into the Warren County, NC will book Vol 1,#101, as filmed by the Church of the Latter Day Saints. "Know all men by these present, that I ROBERT CALLER of Warren County and State of North Carolina for and in consideration of the Love and Affection which I bear to a certain MOURNING EVANS, of the County and State of the aforesaid, as well as for the consideration of 10 shillings to me in hand paid is the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged hath given, granted, bargained and sold into the said MOURNING EVANS for and during the time of her natural life and time of her separation from her husband, POWELL EVANS and any other man, Fifty acres of land lying in said county adjoining THOMAS SALES land and GREEN DUKES land, and also the use of 3 Negroes [to wit] Young, Ned, Milly and old farm two cows and calves. The choice of my stock, 2 feather beds, her choice, with the furniture, one walnut dish___, one round walnut table, four common chairs, one new chest, 6 pewter plates, 2 bajons [?] 1 pot, 1 skillet, 1/2 dozen knives & forks, 1 spinning wheel, 1 pair of cards, 1 frying pan, and 2 pewter dishes & one __?__, the negroe man, Ned, above mentioned to be hired out for the use of said Mourning Evans by my son JAMES CALLER during the term above mentioned, and be it further known and understood by all men that the true intent & only meaning is that the said Mourning Evans only to possess & live on & by the use of the above sold & given property during the above term. And after her death or after or Agreeing & actually cohabitating with any man her claim shall actually & whereby cease and be also futher known by all men that after the expiration of the said term do by these present give the above mentioned Negroes Ned, Young, & Milly with their issue to my son James and his heirs and assignees with the stock & household property. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal this 29 day of Jan 1798. Witn: John Watson, Absolam Bennett, Wm. Neal May Court, 1798, Robert Caller asked that the above Deed of Gift be recorded. Warren County, NC Marriage Records Collen, Robert to Evins, Mourning 8-27-1798 Microfilm - Warren County NC Wills, Vol 1, 2, & 3, 1780 to 1825 Vol 1, #102 - ROBERT CALLER I Robert Caller of Warren County in good health, mind and memory make and ordain this my last will & testament. I give to my wife, Mouring Caller, all my Estate, real and personal of every nature and kind so ever and appoint her executor to this my last will with a desire that all just claims against me be paid as soon as possible. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day ____ of April 1802. Signed, Sealed and published in presence of: Wm. E. Johnston Wm. Neal Robert [his mark] Caller [Seal] Proven February Court 1805 in open court by the oath of Wm. E. Johnston and ordered to be recorded whereupon Mourning Caller the Executrix therein named Qualified accordingly. Which Robert did Mourning marry? The Robert Caller, Sr's. son, Thomas Caller, was appointed admininstrator of his father's estate a year before this claim. I am confused!
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NORTH CAROLINA MARRIAGE BONDS 1741-1868: Groom: Robt Collen Bride: Moarning Evins Bond Date: 27 Aug 1798 Bond #: 000160308 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 ImageNum: 002505 County: Warren Record #: 01 048 Bondsman: John Winkler Witness: S Green ----------------------------
Was this the same MOURNING EVANS who was married to NATHANIEL WEST, a slave who she purchased in 1804 from her neighbor, WILLIAM WEST, perhaps, after the death of her then husband, ROBERT CALLER?
(Warren County, North Carolina Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1797-1800, Christmas-Beattie) June Court 1798 Pg. 141a - Friday - June 1st - ROBERT CALLER acknowledged deed of gift to MORNING EVANS, which is ordered to be registered. - JAMES CALLER acknowledge bill of sale to MORNING EVANS, which is ordered to be registered.
(Abstracts of Wills Warren County, North Carolina 1779-1844) #76 - ROBERT CALLER -29 Jan 1798 - May Ct 1798 For love and affection, I give MOURNING EVANS of Warren County (for her lifetime and time of separation from her husband POWELL EVANS or any other man) 50 acres of land adj. THOMAS SALES and GREEN DUKE, also Negroes Young NED, MILLY, and Old FANNY, Cows stock, furniture, etc. My Negro NED is to be hired out for the use of said MOURNING EVANS by my son JAMES CALLER. This bequest is only for the lifetime of MOURNING, and a her death or her agreement to cohabitate with any man, this property will revert to my son JAMES CALLER. (this is a deed of gift rather than a will, and was witnessed by JOHN WATSON, ABSALOM BENNETT, and WILLIAM NEAL.)
#77- Robert Caller - Apr 1802 - Feb Ct. 1805 - WB 13/9 To MOURNING CALLER - all my estate. Ex. MOURNING CALLER Wit: WILLIAM E. JOHNSTON, WILLIAM NEAL. (Tuesday, February 26, 1805) (Will Book 9- Warren County USGenweb site) 332. 12 March 1797; Ack: May Ct. 1798. JAMES CALLER to MOURNING EVANS. Sale of a sorrel mare, for 20 Pds. Va. money. Wit: THOMAS CALLER & BEVIL PARDUE. 332. 29 Jan. 1798; Ack: May Ct. 1798. ROBERT CALLER to MOURNING EVANS. Sale of love & affection, of 50 A. adj. THOMAS SALES & GREEN DUKE, 3 negroes, stock & household property, for as long as she is separated fr. her husband POWELL EVANS "or any other man", all to go to his son JAMES CALLER at her death. Wit: JOHN WATSON, ABSOLAM BENNET & WILLIAM NEAL. (note by DW: the 3 negroes were NED, YOUNG & MILLY, believe they may have been known later by the surname of CLANTON).
Not sure if this was the same MOURNING EVANS as the subject of this file, but I am including this info for future reference in case anything ever proves they were one and the same. I mostly believe she was not because by 1806, this MOURNING EVANS would have been living with her husband, MATTHEW EVANS. (DW)
Warren County Tax Records 1782 Capt. Twitty’s District POWEL EVANS 107 pds
1783 Hawtree District POWEL EVANS, 68 pds THOMAS EVANS, 9 pds
1784 Wyatt Hawkins, Esq. District THOMAS EVANS -80 acres, 1 free poll POWELL EVANS - 1 free poll
1814 Tax Rolls for Warren Co.,NC Smith Creek District MOURNING CALLER.
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