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Page:   Warren County USGenweb, Abstracts of Will Book 12:
2. Title:   Abstracts of Wills, Warren County, North Carolina
Page:   1779-1844, Entry #319
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Page:   1811 Warren County Tax List
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Page:   1830 Richmond City, Virginia,Monroe Ward, Image 48:
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Page:   1860 Dane County,Wisconsin, Rutland, Image 18,#914/951:.
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a. Note:   o 1830 when he showed up in the census in Richmond, Virginia. In checking the previous census for records of him, I found a JOHN MARSHALL (white), living in 1820 Richmond, Virginia, Image 34, as head of a household that included slaves both male and female, over the age of 45. This could possibly be the family that was referred to in the will of SARAH MARSHALL in 1821 Warren County, North Carolina, which mentions that DAVID MARSHALL was a "free man of color", perhaps newly freed at the time. It is likely that SARAH MARSHALL was a relative, perhaps his aunt, or even his mother, since most of the people she left bequests to were referred to as "belonging to ..." someone, the exceptions being her brothers. Another possibility is that SARAH was related to the THOMAS MARSHALL family, who lived in Halifax County, NC, and seemed to have had a very colorful life, which could possibly help explain the relationships between SARAH MARSHALL & the enslaved people referred to in her will. (See further details in the file of THOMAS MARSHALL, which I have added just as a reference point). Further info is that ISAAC MITCHELL, the bondsman for the marriage between DAVID MARSHALL & PATIENCE EVANS, was listed in 1820 Warren Co.,NC, Warrenton, Image 13, as FCP, age 14 -26, living alone, a few doors from BENNET KING and WILLIAM C. KING, both white. ISAAC MITCHELL also shows as bondsman for the Sept. 12, 1816 marriage between WILLIE GORDON & EVELING MAYO in Warren Co. Another interesting thing I found was in the "Freedman's Bank Records, 1865-1874", where a record of EDWARD MARSHALL, shows his parents as DAVY & PLEASANT MARSHALL, as below:
  Name: Edward Marshall Age: 32 Account Date: Feb Spouses's Name: Louisa [Marshall] Father's Name: Davy Marshall Mother's Name: Pleasant [Marshall] Birth County: Portsmouth Birth State: Virginia Children: Wm, Edward Siblings: Davy, Alfred, Jno, Wm, Rebecca, Fannie, Phebe
  I am wondering if this could be the right family, the only thing throwing off a definite answer is the name of their mother. It is possible, I suppose, that there was a mistranscription of the mother's name on this document, PLEASANT & PATIENCE aren't that far apart when written out. This needs more investigation. =============================== What follows are a series of entries for THOMAS MARSHALL, identified by Paul Heinegg ( as possibly the same person who was living in Charles City County in 1758, a white planter who married a mulatto woman, ANNE PERLE, in Prince Georges Co.,Maryland sometime prior to August 1743; where THOMAS was sentenced to be sold for 7 years. He later turned up in Halifax County, for which records I am quoting here. Perhaps sometime in the future, I , or someone else, may find this info useful in further research of this MARSHALL family.
  "Genealogical Abstracts of Wills, 1758-1824, Halifax County, North Carolina", Margaret M. Hofmann: Will #286 -pg.32 -THOMAS MARSHALL 22 Feb. 1781 - Aug Ct. 1782 wife (name not given) use of land and plantation until my son RANSOM MARSHALL comes of age or until wife marries and as a child (names not given) shall marry he or she shall draw its part of my estate son RANSOM all my land in Warren daughters NANCY MARSHALL and CHARITY MARSHALL equal parts of goods and chattels unborn child to have an equal share . Wit: BENJAMIN M. CULLOCK Extrs: my wife and BENJAMIN M.CULLOCK
  Will #238- pg. 55 -WILLIAM KING - 7 Jan 1777 Aug Ct 1777 wife MARTHA KING mare, cattle etc. son THOMAS MERSHEL KING 100 acres etc. daughter MARTHEW KING 100 acres etc. WILLIAM KING 100 acres and cow and calf father -in-law THOMAS MARSHALL 440 acres more or less. Wit: JOHN JUSTIN, EDMOND IRBY, BURELL KING. Extrs: father-in-law and DRURY KING.
  "Halifax County, North Carolina, Vol.I, 1784-1787", Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.: November Court 1784- #15 - WILLIFRED MARSHALL is appointed admx on the Estate of THOMAS MARSHALL Dec'd. JOHN CLAYTON & BENJAMIN NEVILL bound in the sum of One thousand pounds for his faithful performance &c. (his wife is finally named. DW)
  #31- Ordered that the sheriff sell the perishable part of the Estate of THOMAS MARSHALL dec'd & report the same & c..
  November Court 1785- #267-Whereas it appears to this court that ABNER BOOTH a base born child of SARAH BOOTHS & now bound apprentice to THOMAS MARSHALL hath been suffered to run at large & hath not been take proper care of by his Master it is therefore ordered that the said THOMAS MARSHALL is a Very improper person, to keep the said boy & it is therefore ordered by this Court that the said boy, be taken from the said MARSHALL & bound unto some other proper person.
  #268-Ordered that the abovesaid ABNER BOOTH be bound unto WILLIAM JOHNSTON untill he arrive a lawful age to learn the art of planting. (I have wondered if this may have been the same BOOTH who married FRANCES RAGLAND in 1807 Granville Co.,NC)
  #287-The Sheriff returned an account of sales THOMAS MARSHALL dec'd who is allowed 2 1/2 pCent.
  "Abstracts of Deeds, Halifax County, North Carolina, 1758-1771" : Deed Book 7- #164-(155) JOHN FISH of Halifax co. to JOEL HURT of same. 9 Feb 1760. 10 pds VA money. 100 acres, joining sd JOEL HURT, JOHN PARKS. JOHN FISH. Wit: THOMAS MARSHALL, JOHN MARSHALL. Sept. Ct. 1760. CC: Jos. Montfort.
  #176-(163) JOS. JNO WILLIAMS of Halifax Co. to THOMAS MARSHALL of same. 25 Sept 1760. 10 pds VA money. 100 acres, deed bearing date 25 Apr 1754, joining A. BURT, RICHD. BURT, JOHN MARSHALL, NEVEL. JOS. JNO. WILLIAMS. Wit: WM. HAMILTON, JNO, ALSTON. Sept. Ct. 1760. CC: Jos. Montfort.
  #178-(164) WM. ROBERTS & MARTHA his wife of Halifax Co. to THOMAS MARSHALL of same. 11 June 1760. 250 pds of VA. 17 1/2 acres where sd WM. ROBERTS now lives. WM. ROBERTS, MARTHA ROBERTS. Wit: WM. LINSY, THOMAS LA...?, BENJA. HAILE. Sept Ct 1760. CC: Jos. Montfort.
  Deed Book 8 - #622-(219) GRANVILLE GRANT to THOMAS MARHSALL of Halifax Co. 10 Dec 1760. 640 acres, joining GILES CARTER, HENRY CHANDLER, JAMES ANDERSON, ABRAM JOHNSTON, JOHN MORRIS, JOHN WATTS. Thos. Childs for Granville. Wit: W. LUCAS, JOS. MONTFORT. Jan. Ct 1763. CC: Jos. Montfort.
  #767-(365) JOSEPH GARLAND of Halifax Co. to ARCHIBALD HAMILTON of same. 14 Jan 1764. 43 pds 2 shillings 2 pence proclamation money. 200 acres, joing Jeanets Branch, Elk Marsh Swamp, JOSEPH BLAKE. JOS. GARLAND. Wit: THOS. MARSHALL, JAMES KIRKPATRICK. Jan Ct 1764. CC: Jos. Montfort.
  #772-(369) MELCHIZEDECK NORDEN planter of Halifax Co. to THOMAS MARSHALL of same. 18 Jan 1764. 80 pds of VA. 100 acres, joining Cainquarter Creek, CHADLOW. MELCHEZEDECK NORDEN, ELIZABETH NORDEN. Wit: MATTHEW GARRIGUS, WILLIAM JOHNSTON, DRURY KING. 20 Jan 1764. A.J.: Jos. Montfort
  Deed Book 9- #847-(6) JOHN PARKS of Halifax Co. to THOMAS MARSHALL of same. 16 Apr 1764. 10 pds proclamation money. 8 acres which was part of a Granville Grant to sd PARKS, joining MARSHALL, PARKS. JOHN PARKS. Wit: ARCHIBALD HAMILTON, WILLIAM RYMES. Apr Ct 1764. CC: Jos. Montfort.
  #852-(15) ARCHD. HAMILTON merchant of Halifax Co. to THOMAS HUNTER planter of same. 17 Apr 1764. 200 pds VA currency. 250 acres, joining JOSEPH JOHN WILLIAMS, Fishes Mill Swamp, JOHN FISH, Thicket Swamp. ARCHD. HAMILTON. Wit: THOMAS MARSHAL, WM. RYMES. Apr Ct 1765. CC: Jos. Montfort.
  #1034-(267) MELCHIZEDECK NORDEN of Halifax Co. to JOHN MUIRHEAD. 28 Jan 1765. 20 pds of VA. 176 acres which was part of land sd NORDEN had purchased from FRANCIS REDING 7 Dec 1761 joining THOMAS MARSHALL. MELCHIZEECK NORDEN. Wit: SAMUEL THOMPSON, THOMAS MARSHALL. Jul Ct 1765. CC: J. Montfort.
  #1176-(450) JOHN MUIRHEAD of Isle of Wight Co. Virginia to JAMES FORSYTH of Granville Co. 1 Nov 1766. 20 pds of VA. 176 acres which was part of land acquired by MELCHIZADICK NORDAN from FRANCIS READING and which sd JOHN MUIRHEAD had purchased from NORDAN 28 Jan 1765, joining THOMAS MARSHALL. JOHN MUIRHEAD. Wit: THOS. MILLER, WILLIAM RANJ..? 3 Sept 1767. A.J.: Montfort Eelbeck.
  Deed Book 10- #1413-(346) JOS. JNO. WILLIAMS of Halifax Co. to JAMES AULD of same. 10 Dec 1768. 250 pds proclamation money. 321 acres which had been patented 1 Dec 1727 which had been Bertie Pct now Halifax Co., joining Beaverdam Swamp. 441 acres which had been ao Granville Grant 25 Apr 1754, joining Beaverdam Swamp, RICHD. BURT. It was noted that 135 of the 441 acres JOS. JNO. WILLIAMS had purchased from RICHD. BURT and THOMAS MARSHALL. 620 acres, joining Beaverdam Swamp, RICHD. BURT, McCULLOCH, Smiths Branch, WILLIAMS. JOS. JNO. WILLIAMS. Wit: RICHD. BURT, PETER THOMPSON. Feb Ct 1769. CC: Jos. Montfort.
  #1498-(524) THOMAS MARSHALL of Halifax Co. to his daughter MARTHA KING. 10 Feb 1769. For "natural love and affection." 640 acres which had been a Granville Grant to sd THOMAS MARSHALL 10 Dec 1760, reserving 10 acres for his lifetime. 100 acres which sd MARSHALL had purchased from MELCHIZEDECK NORDEN, on Cane Quarter Creek. THOMAS MARSHALL. Wit: EDWD. MONTFORT. Feb Ct 1769. CC: Jos Montfort.
  "Abstracts of Deeds, Halifax County, North Carolina, 1771-1786" : Deed Book 13 - #224-(1) THOMAS MARSHALL and WINNEFRED his wife of Halifax Co. to WILLIAM HAY of same. 7 May 1774. 62 pds 10 shillings proclamation money. 17 1/2 acres where WILLIAM ROBERT did live. 100 acres, joining BURT, RICHARD BURT, JOHN MARSHALL, NEVILL. 8 acres, joining ROBERTS, PARKER. THOMAS MARSHALL, WINIFRED MARSHALL. (witnesses omitted) May Ct 1774. Examined by Jas Hogun Esq. WINIFRED MARSHALL relinquished her right of dower. Aug Ct 1774. CC: Jos. Montfort.
  #558-(568) ARCHIBALD HAMILTON and Company merchant of Halifax Co. to BENJAMIN McCULLOCH of same. 11 Oct 1775. 500 pds proclamation money. 300 acres known as"WILLIAM's Old Place" which had been patented 1 Dec 1727. 441 acres which had been a Granville Grnt 25 Apr 1754 which JOS. JNO WILLIAMS conveyed to JAMES AULD 10 Dec 1768 (excepting 135 acres which JOSEPH JOHN WILLIAMS had conveyed to THOMAS MARSHALL and WILLIAM BURT). ARCH. HAMILTON & CO. Wit: THO. FROHOCK, STEPHEN JETT, JOHN ABERNATHIE. Feb Ct 1772. CC: Ben McCulloch
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