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  1. Leven /Evans/: Birth: BEF 1775 in North Carolina. Death: 1840/1850 in Halifax County, North Carolina

  2. Benjamin /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1776. Death: ABT 1802 in Halifax County,North Carolina

  3. Elias /Evans/: Birth: ABT 1777. Death: AFT 1820 in Halifax County, North Carolina

  4. Joel /Evans/: Birth: 1779 in Halifax County,North Carolina. Death: 1850/1860 in Halifax County, North Carolina

  5. Morris /Evans/: Birth: 1791 in Warren County,North Carolina.

  6. Archibald /Evans/: Birth: 1793 in Warren County,North Carolina. Death: 1860/1870 in Warren County,North Carolina

  7. James /Evans/: Birth: 1800 in Halifax County,North Carolina. Death: 1860/1870 in Halifax County,North Carolina

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Page:   Warren County Tax Lists
3. Title:   Early North Carolina Settlers, 1700s-1900s
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4. Title:   U.S. Federal Census

a. Note:   y have been connected to the MORRIS EVANS family of Wake County because of the fact that a MORRIS EVANS was listed in several apprenticeship bonds with ARCHY (ARCHIBALD) EVANS, b. 1793. It is possible that she was a daughter of MORRIS, or even MAJOR EVANS, who was listed in the 1814 Warren Co. Tax list. It is even possible that MORRIS EVANS (1750) lived in Warren County briefly because there is record that he received his last Revolutionary Army pay in 1786 in Warren County. (See his file).
JAMES EVANS first appeared in Warren County, and then moved to Halifax County after 1800. It appears that sometime shortly after 1820 he died, since a woman his wife's age starts appearing in the 1830 census living in the household with a younger JAMES EVANS in Halifax. 3 new EVANS appear in the 1820 Warren Census: CHARLES, LEVEN and MATTHEW, although MATTHEW did appear in the 1811 Tax List. (Please note that since I first wrote this, I have since learned that MATTHEW EVANS was not related to either of these individuals and that he, in fact, was actually a former slave named NATHANIEL, who belonged to WILLIAM WEST, and that he was married to free woman of color, MOURNING EVANS in the late 1700s, who eventually bought and freed him. Please see the files of MATTHEW EVANS and MOURNING EVANS for further details. DW)
In the 1785 Warren County State Census JAMES EVANS was listed in the Capt. John Weather's District, as follows: 1 WM = 21-60 yrs, 3 WM = under 21 & above 60, 3 WF= all ages. He apparently was listed as "white" for this first census, thus giving us an idea of who may have comprised his household at the time. As a note, he was always listed in the succeeding census as "Free Person of Color", and taxed as such.
BENJAMIN, JOEL, LEVEN and JAMES EVANS were all taxable in District 12 in Halifax County in 1800. ============================================ Entries for James Evans: (Abstracts of Deeds, Halifax County,North Carolina, 1771-1786): #781- (257) MOSES LITTLE to DOLPHIN DREW YOUNG. 2 Mar 1779. 250 pounds. 100 acres which was part of land acquired by ANN MELTON 17??, on south side of Kehukey Swamp, joining Foremans Mill Swamp, BENJAMIN BELL. MOSES LITTLE. Wit: JESSE BRYANT, JAMES EVINS. Aug Ct 1779 CC: Ben McCulloch (this may have been for James Evans Sr.)
(Abstracts of Deeds, Halifax County, North Carolina,1786 -1796, Vol.III, published by GoldenWest Marketing Genealogy, 5812 Temple City Blvd,PMBD705, Temple City, CA 91780-21112, tel:800-445-8925. website: ) #126-(240) John Winfield of Halifax Co. to James Evans of Warren Co. 12 Feb 1787, 20 pounds specie. 107 acres which was part of land acquired by Abraham Brinkly 10 Dec 1760, joining Saml. Hawkins (formerly Joseph Hopkins' corner), James Matthews. John Winfield. Wit: John Jones(x), Roderick Wright. Feb Ct 1787. CC: Wm. Wootten
#1208-(567) State of N.C. (No.308) to James Evins. 20 Dec 1791. 100 acres on south side of Buchskin Creek joining William Burt, Nelms, John Harvey, James Herrington. Alexander Martin. J. Glasgow., Sec. Reg. 8 Nov 1793 by N. Long
#1210-(568) State of N.C. (No. 297) to Samuel Williams (no day, no month) 1790. 51 acres, joining James Evins, William Gilbert, Samuel Hawkins, James Weaver. Alex. Martin. J. Glasgow, Sec. Reg. 6 Dec 1793 by N. Long (**Note by DW- JAMES EVANS was listed in the same District, within a few houses from, as SAMUEL WILLIAMS in the 1786 State Census)
#1562-(805) State of N.C. (No. 344) to Stephen Marshall. 9 Jul 1794. 176 acres, joining Hereson Branch, Wolf Pit Branch, William Burt, Samuel Marshall, Samuel Stokes, Sikes, William Tucker, James Arrington, James Evans. Richard Dobbs Spaight. J. Glasgow, Sec. Reg. 25 Jul 1795 by N. Long
#1580- (817) Granville Grant to Wilson Williams. 12 Dec 1760 (?) 94 acres, joining Thomas Thomas(Thrower?), Jas. Evans, Aron Etheridge, John Pope, Fishing Creek, Calleb Etheridge, sd Williams. Thos. Child for Granville. Wit: W. Lucas, J. Montfort. Aug Ct 1795, Egbert Haywood attested to Joseph Montfort's signature. CC: L. Long. (probably referring to James Evans Sr. if the 1760 date is correct?)
(from Abstracts of Deeds, Halifax County,NC, 1796- 1802, Vol.IV, same publication) #280-(220) Timothy Mathews of Halifax Co. to James Evans of Warren Co. 20 Nov 1797, 10 pounds 50 acres, joining Nelms, John Harvey. Timothy Mathews Wit: G. Mathews, Jno. Mathews. Nov Ct 1797. L. Long, CCt
#346-(281) Peter Morgan Esqr. High Sheriff of Halifax Co. to Joseph Wright Nicholson. 20 Feb 1798. Mary Pearce assignee of Walter Fitzsimmons assignee of Wm. Batchelor obtained a judgment against Wm. Etheridge. Sd William Etheridge died with an infant daughter leaving no guardian; Catherine Etheridge was appointed her guardian. (Elizabeth Etheridge mentioned, but wording not clear.) Thus were sold 2 tracts, 1 joining north side of Fishing Creek, Popes Branch; 1 joining Thos. Thrower, James Evans, Aaron Etheridge, Pope Branch; amounting to 210 acres. 110 pounds 1 shilling. P. Morgan Shff. Wit; Mat C. Whitaker William Burt, Jas. Judge. May Ct 1798. L. Long CCt
(from Abstracts, 1802-1807, Vol. V of the same publication) #182-(134) James Weaver of Halifax Co. to Edmund Jones of same. 9 Feb 1803. 78 pounds 19 shillings 3 pence. 9 Feb 1803. 269 acres on south side of Little Fishing Creek, joining James Gilbert, James Evans, Winfield, Jesse Christie, James Weaver, Spring Branch; also 100 acres, joining James Evans,Weaver, Carpenter, Stephen Sampson, James Matthews. Wit: William Burt Jr. Abel Davis. Recorded 1 Jul 1803 before John Hall J.S.C.L.E.
#697-(221) James Evans of Halifax Co. to William Burt of Harson(?) Co. NC. 25 Jan 1805. 30 pounds 100 acres on Hawtree, joining, Burt, Nelms, Isham, James Arrington. Wit: Jos. J. Williams [Jr.] Jm. Matthews. Feb Ct 1806. CC: L. Long
#716- (264) James Evans of Halifax Co. to William Burt of Warren Co. 25 Jan 1805. 30 pounds. 50 acres on Hawtree Branch, joining Nelms (now William Burt's ), John Harvey. Wit: Jos. Jno. Williams Jr., Jm. Matthews. Feb Ct 1806 CC: L. Long
#794- (378) James Evans of Halifax Co. to William Burt of Warren Co. 25 Jan 1805. 50 pounds. 100 acres on Haw Tree Swamp, joining William Burt, M...?, John Honey(?), James Arrington. Wit: Joseph Jno. Williams, Jm. Matthews. Feb Ct 1806. CC: L. Long
(Warren County, North Carolina Will Book 10)
309. May Ct. 1800. Acct., 1793-1798, of Est. of WILLIAM YARBROUGH, dec'd., by STERLING HARWELL, Extr. Includes: Share of tobacco (Petersburg & Halifax) to JAMES & WILLIAM YARBROUGH; STERLING HARWELL Gdn. to JOEL YARBROUGH (legacy); trip to Petersburg (yoke of oxen) & ferriage to WILLIAM EATON; taxes to: JAMES MOSS, BENJAMIN MOSS, HONORIOUS POWELL, JAMES MALONE & WILLIAM MALONE; among the names: JAMES EVANS B. RICHARDSON JOHN RICHARDSON
(The Deeds of Halifax Co.,North Carolina,1820-1824, by Dr.Stephen E. Bradley,Jr.) #604-(590) Hardy Richardson to Lewis Boon, both of Halifax Co. 1 Mar 1822. $105. 35 acres which was half of 70 acres that sd Hardy Richardson had bought from William Willy, joining Jesse Richardson, Falling Creek, Jas Jno Williams. Wit: W. R. Marshall, James Evans. Proved Feb Ct 1823. Richard Eppes CC
(Warren County, North Carolina Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1801-1805, by Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie) February Court -1804 Pg. 249 -Tuesday - February 28th - WILLIAM RICHARDSON proved a Deed from JAMES EVANS to ELIJAH RICHARDSON- **Note: as further info, on Friday, August 31, 1804, August Court Term 1804 - JOSEPH HAWKINS, Sheriff, returned his list of Insolvent amounting to 52 poll & 20 saws of cotton machine belonging to ELIJAH RICHARDSON, who is run away with his Gin which is allowed him. (DW)**
(Warren County,North Carolina Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1797-1800, by Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie) August Court -1797 Pg. 123a - Friday - August 31st -On the Petition of JAMES EVANS accompanied with the affidavit of the Surveyor of this County that a mandate was made in the return of the said Surveyor.
===================================================== (From: North Carolina State Archives, MARS Search:)
MARS ID = File No. 510, Samuel Williams CLASS: State Agency Records 1788, 1790 BOX: Halifax County Acres: 51 - Grant No.: 297 - Issued: Nov. 16, 1790 Entry No.: 184 - Entered: Aug. 29, 1788 Book: 77 - Page: 156 Location: Between the line of James Evans, William Gilbert, and Samuel Hawkins -------------------------------------------------- File No. 537, JAMES EVINS, Halifax County Land Grant 100 acres On S. side of Buckskin Creek Issued: 20 Dec 1791 Book: 79, pg. 216 Grant No. 308 Entered: 09 Apr 1790
State of North Carolina No.308. Know ye that we have granted unto JAMES EVINS one hundred acres of land in our County of Halifax on the South Side of Buckskin Creek begining at WILLIAM BURTs corner pine in NELMS ine then along JOHN HARVEYs line South one hundred and Seventy four poles to a white oak then West Seventy Six poles to a black jack in JAMES HARINTONs line then along Said line North forty four poles to his Corner a pine then along HARINTONs other line West twentyfour poles to a pine then North one hundred and thirty poles to a Spanish oak and pine in W'M BURTs line then alonghis line to the begining To Hold to the Said JAMES EVINS his heirs and assigns forever dated the 20th day of Dec'r 1791. J. GLASGOW Secretary------------ALEX MARTIN ============================
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