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a. Continued:   MISC REC:......... - AVAILABLE COUNTY RECS: LOUISA CO., VA CRTD:1742+ BTHS:1853+ MGS:1766+ DTHS:1853+ CENSUS:1800+ LAND:1742+ WILLS:1745+ MISC REC:.........1752 - LOUISA CO., VA - BIRTH HIST. EVENT:....1754 - FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR BEGINS HIST. EVENT:....1763 - FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR ENDS MISC REC:.........1773 - LOUISA CO., VA - JOHN MARSHALL GUARDIAN OF HENRY YANCEY HIST. EVENT:....1775 - REVOLUTIONARY WAR BEGINS HIST. EVENT:....1782 - REVOLUTIONARY WAR ENDS TAX REC:...........1783 - LOUISA CO., VA [TITHABLE RECORD] MISC REC:.........1784 - LOUISA CO., VA - DEATH WILL REC:.........1785 - LOUISA CO., VA [ WB-3P43/52 DATED: 1784] SEE WEBSITE: <a href=""></a> WILL SEE WEBSITE: <a href=""></a> EXTERNAL SEARCH - - GOOGLE (Following URL) <a href="HTTP://WWW.GOOGLE.COM/#sclient=psy-ab&q=HENRY+YANCEY+1752"> < CLICK HERE > </a> EXTERNAL SEARCH - - ROOTSWEB (Following URL) <a href="HTTP://"> < CLICK HERE > </a> EXTERNAL SEARCH - - FAMILYSEARCH (Following URL) <a href=""> < CLICK HERE > </a> EXTERNAL LINK - - VA MAPS: (Following URL) <a href=""> < CLICK HERE > </a> EXTERNAL LINK - - VA TIMELINE: (Following URL) <a href=""> < CLICK HERE > </a> EXTERNAL LINK - - VA RESEARCH: (Following URL) <a href=""> < CLICK HERE > </a> EXTERNAL LINK - - LOUISA CO., VA GENWEB (Following URL) <a href=""> < CLICK HERE > </a> EXTERNAL LINK - - FS Info: LOUISA CO., VA (Following URL) <a href=",_Virginia"> < CLICK HERE > </a> SOURCES: ALCW|HOLC-438|RBJL-124|RCLY|YMRL-149|LCVW-7,69|RJHW-11 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.