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Marriage: Children:
  1. Barsil OR Burrell Speculative Parrish: Birth: BET 1776 AND 1777 in Poss Bute Co., NC. Death: 10 NOV 1852 in Hardin County, Tennessee

  2. Ancel SonSpec Parrish: Birth: ABT 1780 in Poss Bute Co., NC. Death: in Davidson Co. NC

  3. Edward Jr. (III) Parrish: Birth: BET 1781 AND 1782 in poss. Bute Co, NC. Death: BEF MAY 1838 in Putnam county, IN

  4. Ezekiel SonSpec Parrish: Birth: BET 1784 AND 1785 in Prob Franklin Co, NC. Death: BET APR AND SEP 1829 in Putman Co., IN

  5. Elizabeth Parrish: Birth: 22 MAR 1790 in Franklin Co, NC. Death: 12 SEP 1879 in Putnam county, IN

  6. Parrish. Gilly Speculative: Birth: ABT 1791 in Prob. Franklin Co, NC. Death: AFT 1840 in Prob TN

  7. Susannah Parrish: Birth: 1 AUG 1792 in Franklin Co. NC. Death: 9 FEB 1878 in Green county, Iowa

  8. Delanna Parrish: Birth: 19 NOV 1799 in Prob Franklin Co, NC. Death: 1891 in IOWA

  9. Person Not Viewable

a. Note:   JAN 2012
 With no proof that a Susannah was the wife of Edward II - here is another THEORY:
 Edward's last child, a girl, was named Delana/Delaney.
 Burrell Parrish [PERHAPS] a son of Edward, named his first daughter, Delaney.
 Gilly and Lodewick [she PERHAPS] a daughter of Edward, named one of their two children mentioned by researchers, a girl, Delaney.
 If this a coincidence? Or does it refer to Edward's wife - Delanna/Delany NOT Susannah!
 Family tree #1330 has her name as Susan rather than Susannah. They do not have her maiden name either, or any other information except estimates of dates.
 The order of the children is somewhat different from what we have from Parrish Family Exchange:
 -Edward b. abt 1789 Rowan co., NC m. about 1805 in NC d. pre May 22, 1838 in Putnam co. Indiana
 -Elizabeth b. March 22, 1790 in NC m. February 27, 1806 in NC (No spouse named) Death date given as September 12, 1879 in Putnam co. Indiana
 -Amos b. after 1791 (Revied version by author Mrs U omits Amos)
 -Susannah b. 1797 in Rowan co. NC m. October 06, 1810 in Randolph co.,NC (No spouse named) d. 1878 in Indiana
 -Delanna b. 1799 in NC m. December 21, 1820 Rowen co., NC (no spouse named) no death date
 -Reuben b. 1800 in NC (revised version by author Mrs U omits Reuben)
 As discussed in the NOTE on Edward II these dates seem open to revision and we have included some speculation as to possible dates and birth order.
 You will note the birth year given for Susannah would make her about 13 years old when she was married.
 From the Parrish Family Exchange we have Delanna m. Isom Wright
 Susanna m. Elijah Wright and Elizabeth m. Amos Wright. The 1850 census for Putnam county, Indiana lists Elizabeth and Amos Wright. She is 60, says born Indiana, but we know she was born in North Carolina. Amos is age 68, born in North Carolina. Also listed are Susannah and Elijah Wright. She is 53, born North Carolina. He is age 56, born North Carolina.
 From the DAR record, National # 608667, we have the same date (February 27, 1806) for the marriage of Elizabeth Parrish and Amos Wright, and for her date of birth (March 22, 1790). Amos' birth date is given as October 30, 1782 in North Carolina. They both died in Putnam county, Indiana, he on October 02, 1870; she on September 12, 1879. Whoever submitted the documentation for Edward Sr. made an error in that children of Edward Jr.'s are attributed to Edward Sr. IE Jesse, Zebedee Noah, Henry and Thomas. They list a James, no birth date, married a Nora Humphries. No other information that we have has mentioned a son James for either Edward Sr. or Jr. Although a James Parrish does appear in census records of 1850 in Henry county Iowa, and in Land Records of Washington county, Iowa, there is nothing to prove he was a son of Edward Sr. and there is no James mentioned in the will of Edward Jr. This James may have been a nephew/cousin of our Parrishes. See revised NOTES on Edward Sr. 11-11-98
 Most of early Parrish info is bogus. See NOTE on Edward Sr. and Jr.
 Many sources give wife of Edward Sr as Susannah Wright.
 However, Richard Wright [13073], b. 1730 Surry, Rowan Co, NC, d. 3 Sep 1784, Rowan Co, NC. m 1732, Rowan Co, NC, Abigail Wigerly [13074], b. abt 1732. Although the transcriber said thje Will was difficult to read - there are No daughters named in WILL
 Richard [13076], b. 4 Jul 1757, d. 12 May 1833, Davidson Co
 Amos [79532] b. 3 Oct 1782, Rowan Co, d. 9 Oct 1870, Greencastle, Putnam Co, IN,
 He m. 27 Feb 1806, Elizabeth Parish.
 Elijah [79632] b. 14 Jun 1793, m. 6 Oct 1810, Randolph Co, NC - Susannah Parish
 ______ [unreadable name - unknown] Probably ISOM who m. Delanna Parrish 21 Dec 1820 Rowan Co,
 Susannah [79634] (NFI) -Susannah WRIGHT (b. 1798 - ....
 Susannah [79634] (NFI) -Susannah WRIGHT (b. 1798 - ....
 HIS SONS married daughters of Edward Parrish. How could Susannah Wright - born ca 1798 - dau of Richard Jr - - be wife of Edward and mother of daughters who married her brothers?
 Also, in both the 1800 and 1820 Census figures fior Rowan County, the oldest female listed was 45+. Far older than Susannah Wright.
 NEW calculations, based on order of children in Will of Richard Wright Jr.
 First child b. ca 1781. Amos, second child b 1782. Susannah is the fourth child, so estimate her birth year as 1786 - NOT 1796 to 1798.
 Even so, Edward was having children starting in at least 1777 [assuming Burrel WAS his child] and Susannah not born yet! AND in 1800, she would have been about 14 NOT the 45+ years, recorded for the oldest female in Edwards household.
 Per Wright research - some give Susannah Wright's husband as Thomas Allen:
 name: Thomas /Allen/
 gender: Male
 birth: 1794
 North Carolina, USA
 Marriages (1)
 spouse: Susannah /Wright/
 marriage: 1817
 North Carolina, USA
 submitter: fhailar1082037
 name: Delilah ***/Wright/ (Lawfully begotten children by my first beloved wife, namely Sarah, Amos, Jane, Susannah, Delila**, Reuban, Isaiah, Elijah, Nancy, Isom and Gilly.......... May 12th AD. 1833.)
 gender: Female
 birth: 20 May 1782
 Rowan, North Carolina, USA
 death: 15 Jul 1869
 Bristol Township, Greene, Iowa, USA
 father: Richard/Wright
 mother: Nancy/Morgan
 Marriages (1)
 spouse: James Allen ***
 marriage: 1804 Rowan, North Carolina, USA
 Show children (6)
 child 2:** Susannah Allen
 gender: Female
 birth: 1807 Rowan, North Carolina, USA
 death: Aft 1875
 Jackson Township, Parke, Indiana, USA
 child 3: Mary /Allen/
 gender: Female
 birth: 1820 Putnam, Indiana, USA
 Submission submitter: fhailar1082037
 Name: Thomas Allen
 Estimated Birth Year: 1791
 Gender: Male
 Age in 1870: 79y
 Color White
 Birthplace: North Carolina
 Home in 1870: Missouri, United States
 HouseholdGenderAge Thomas Allen M 79y Ellen Allen F 72y**
 Different man? Second wife?
 1850 Person Co NC
 Thomas T Allen M 62y Martha Allen F 33y
 Josephene Allen F 12y
 Mary F Allen F 9y
 John S Allen M 7y
 Veneble Allen M 6y
 Lucy T Allen F 3y
 Camiron Allen M 10m
 1850 Lawrence county, Lawrence, Missouri
 Thomas Allen M 63y Ellen Allen F 52y**
 Moses Allen M 24y
 Sampson Allen M 19y
 Sarah A Allen F 16y
 No Thomas Allan/Allen with wife Susannah. Found some Thomas Allan probably right age, but no info beyond his name and residence in 1860
 Richard Wright, Jr. Will
 In the name of God Amen - I Richard Wright of the Co. of Davidson and State of North Carolina, being of Sound mind though weak do ordain & make this my last will & testament, that is to say I will & bequeath to my beloved wife Cary after my just debt are paid, all of my property to be hers during her life or widowhood, and if she marries then to be equally between her and my lawful begotten children by her namely: Nelson, Silas, Burges, Mary, Micajah, and Milas, I also will & bequeath to my Lawfully begotten children by my first wife, namely Sarah, Amos, Jane, Susannah, Delila, Reuban, Isaiah, Elijah, Nancy, Isom and Gilly, one dollar each, I do will & bequeath to Nelson & Silas, the two young colts that the mare now has sucking, I do constitute and appoint my worthy friend Spencer Clark Executor to this my last will & testament in witness whereof I hereunto set my hand & Seal in the presence of us May 12th AD. 1833.
  His His John X Cashatt Richard X Wright mark mark Burgess Wright
 John Cashatt POSS brother-in-law of Ancel Parrish
 Susannah b. 1792 from Shirley 1 Aug 1792 From Wright: 1 Aug 1792
 Delanna b. 1799 from Wright source: 19 Nov 1799
 Reasons for SEVEN year gap same as previous 4 year, and/or menopause.
 Edward's wife probably the 1 female 25/44 in the 1800 census, born ca 1756 and age 43-44 in November of 1799. Delanna could have been a real 'change-of-life' baby
 From Parrish Researcher:
 Rown Co. Land Bk 25--Page 177 Apr 4, 1819 EDWARD PARRISH Sr.--NO wife signs ........255 acres on Lick Creek to EDWARD PARRISH Jr (both of Rowan Co.) land next to Richard Wright, Burrel Rush, John Jarret and ANSYL (sic) PARISH. WITS E. and A. Wright.
 Some reseacher tried to claim that EDWARD and ANCIL PARRISH were the same person. But here is a deed that mentions Edward Sr and Jr AND an ANCIL/ANSYL Parrish. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.