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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah Waters: Birth: 1744. Death: 1826

a. Note:   Philemon Waters II & Sarah Bordroyne 1711 - 1779 1709 - 1792
  Philemon Waters II was born 8 October 1711 in Stafford County, VA (in 1731 it became Prince William County). He was the son of Philemon Waters I (ca 1680 -1753) and his wife Mary.
  Philemon Waters II (or Junr.) married ca 1730-31 to Sarah Bordroyne who was born 20 March 1708/09. He lived his entire life in the neighborhood where he was born. Most of his children moved to South Carolina. Philemon Waters II was a very active citizen in Prince William County, VA as you can see by the land records given on the next page.
  Philemon Waters II was on the Rent Rolls (Tax) of Prince William County until 1777-78. According to the old manuscript he died 20 January 1779. Sarah lived until 1792. Their known children were:
  1. Philemon Waters III born either 1732 or 1734. Some say 1 June and that he was a twin. This has not been proven. He died in 1796 in Newberry County, South Carolina. See his page later.
  2. Rosanna Waters born 1 Jun 1734. She married John Farrow in 1751 and they moved to Spartanburg County, South Carolina. See her page later.
  3. Bordroyne Waters born ca 1736. He moved to South Carolina and was killed by the Tories in 1781. More later.
  4. Thomas Waters born ca 1738. He moved to Georgia first and then soon to Charleston, South Carolina. He was in Charleston by 1768. More later as this is my direct ancestor.
  5. John Waters born ca 1740-45. John probably lived in Maryland, which is just across the Potomac River from Prince William County, at some time in his life. He witnessed a deed for his father, Philemon Waters II in 1768 in Prince William County, VA. More later.
  6. William Waters born 1740 - 1750. He moved to Beaufort, South Carolina. Most of the Beaufort records were destroyed in the Civil War. William is still living in the 1790 census.
  7. Sarah Waters born ca 1750. She married John Head and they moved to South Carolina. More later.
  There may have been more children of Philemon Waters II and Sarah Bordroyne that are unknown to me. There was no will that I found or estate papers. He sold lots of his land that he had inherited, been granted or bought from someone else. He may have been with one of his children and had no estate to dispose of. With the missing records in Prince William County, VA it is very hard to reconstruct a family.
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