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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sir William Wallace 1C9F Cunningham: Birth: 29 JUL 1840 in Trigg County, Kentucky. Death: 22 AUG 1918 in Trigg County, Kentucky

  2. Ellen E. 2C9F Cunningham: Birth: 1843 in Trigg County, Kentucky. Death: 07 DEC 1856 in Trigg County, Kentucky

  3. Alexander 'Zan' 3C9F Cunningham: Birth: 27 JAN 1845 in Trigg County, Kentucky. Death: 17 OCT 1933 in Evansville, Indiana

  4. Lydia 'Lida' 4C9F Cunningham: Birth: 1846 in Trigg County, Kentucky. Death: BET 1880 AND 1885 in Drewry remarries in 1885

  5. Zacharia 'Zachary' Taylor 5C9F Cunningham: Birth: 23 JAN 1849 in Trigg County, Kentucky. Death: 28 AUG 1931 in Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky

  6. Millissia Ann 6C9F Cunningham: Birth: 30 MAR 1851 in Trigg County, Kentucky. Death: 18 JUN 1931 in Trigg Furnace, Trigg County, Kentucky

  7. Malinda Cynthia 7C9F Cunningham: Birth: 23 JAN 1853 in Trigg County, Kentucky. Death: 26 FEB 1948 in Lyon County, Kentucky

  8. Axum Green 8C9F Cunningham: Birth: 05 JAN 1854 in Calloway County, Kentucky. Death: 23 MAY 1940 in Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky

  9. Kate Casander 9C9F Cunningham: Birth: 1857 in Trigg County, Kentucky. Death: 23 JUL 1943 in Trigg County, Kentucky

  10. Sonoma Hugh Dunkin 'Dunk' 10C10F Cunningham: Birth: 05 JUL 1862 in Trigg County, Kentucky. Death: 21 AUG 1948 in Kilgore, Texas

1. Title:   xCunningham Family History
Author:   Marqua Jean Duncan
Publication:   Name: Copyright 2002 McClanahan Publishing House;
2. Title:   Wade, Martin D
Author:   Gage, Emma
Publication:   Name: 1890's;
3. Title:   DC - Death Certificate
Author:   U.S. Government

a. Note:   H64
Note:   * Census Info * 1830 Trigg County, Kentucky - Andrew was not married and had no children, but he is on the census as having 1 male 10-15, 2 males 15-20, and 2 males 20-30. There are no females listed. As the other siblings were married, and already listed on the census, this works out to be Andrew as the head, living with his younger brothers James, Meekins, Alexander, and Robert. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.