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Note:   * Earl was an ordained Baptist minister, performing many marriages in Trigg County, Kentucky. He had lost the use of his limbs some years ago, and had fallen in 1924, breaking his hip and rendering him practically helpless. In his younger days, Earl was a teacher, at the same time studying law, but only practiced the law but a little. After becoming a minister, he was very active and held pastorates in Trigg County, Paducah, and several other places. (from Cunningham Family, Leaves from the Family Tree, by Marqua Duncan, 2002)
  Early 1900?s No Date Report of the Oak Grove School Department as follows: Lena Thomas 98, Jessie Bridges 92, Stark Thomas 90, Averite Sumner, 96, Clyde Travis 91, Alfred Thomas 96, Gertrude Thomas 96, Blanche Travis 97, Avie Eggner 95, Lucien Thomas 94, Marvin Randolph 98, Vernon Thompson 94, Bessie Rutland 97, Troy Rutland 94, Fonnia Wilson 94, Mattie Thomas 99, Lillie Thomas 97, Lucy Lawrence 97, Marvin Thomas 95, Jessie Osburn 97, Bertha Ford 98, Daisy Ford 99, Ida Meador 98, Anna Crews 98, Clyde Finson 96, Fannie Guier 98. E. H. CUNNINGHAM, TEACHER (Trigg County Historical Clippings, Vol 7)
  January 11, 1902 Young Minister Ordained Rev. E. H. Cunningham was ordained into the Baptist ministry at Oak Grove last Saturday. His brother the Rev. John T. Cunningham presided and conducted the examination, Rev. I. N. Strother preached the sermon and Rev. Sam Sumner offered the ordination prayer. (Trigg County Historical Clippings, Vol 5)
  * Obituary * 1925 EARL H. CUNNINGHAM Cadiz Record April 27, 1925 Rev. Earl Cunningham Dies In Nashville Remains Brought To Trigg County And Buried Tuesday Near Oak Grove Fifty Four Years Of Age And Had Been In Poor Health For Number Of Years Rev. Earl Hughs Cunningham a former well known citizen of Trigg county died last Monday morning April 27th, at 11:30 o'clock at an infirmary in Nashville. Death followed an attack of flu, although Mr. Cunningham had not enjoyed good health for a number of years. Some years ago he lost the use of his limbs practically and a fall a year or two ago in which his hip was broken made him practically helpless. In his younger days Mr. Cunningham was a teacher, at the same time he studied law, but did not practice but little. After entering the Baptist ministry he was very active and held pastorates in Trigg county, Paducah and other places. More than twenty years ago he was united in marriage to Miss Thomas, daughter of F. M. Thomas six miles south of town. The wife lived but a short while, and Mr. Cunningham never again married. He was held in high esteem by many friends, and was a man of splendid ability and a good speaker. The remains reached Trigg county at noon Tuesday and were taken to the Thomas grave yard near Oak grove, six miles south of Cadiz, and there consigned to their last resting place by the side of the wife. George L. Cunningham, two miles west of Cadiz, and Rev. John T. Cunningham are brothers of the deceased. Other brothers and sisters are W. J. and B. H. Cunningham, of Paducah; Mrs. Dudley Meacham, Mrs. Robert Sandy and Miss Maude Cunningham, also of Paducah. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.