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Marriage: Children:
  1. Martha Hawley: Birth: 1848 in Zodiac, Gillespie, Texas. Death: 1867 in Utah

  2. George Cornamon Hawley: Birth: 1850 in Texas.

  3. Mary L Hawley: Birth: 1853 in Texas. Death: 1888

  4. Moroni Hawley: Birth: 1856 in Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma.

  5. Gideon M Hawley: Birth: Dec 1859 in Utah.

  6. Rosina Jane Hawley: Birth: 1 Dec 1860 in Pine Valley, Washington, Utah.

  7. Sarah Priscilla Hawley: Birth: 1864 in Pine Valley, Washington, Utah.

  8. Isaac L Hawley: Birth: 1865 in Pine Valley, Washington, Utah.

  9. Joseph Hawley: Birth: 1869 in Pine Valley, Washington, Utah.

  10. Lillian Elizabeth Hawley: Birth: 1871 in Iowa.

  11. William Samuel Hawley: Birth: 6 Jul 1873 in Dow City, Shelby, Iowa. Death: 2 Mar 1940 in Sidell, Vermillion, Illinois

Marriage: Children:
  1. Melissa Lucy Hawley: Birth: 16 Dec 1857 in Utah. Death: 29 Jul 1923 in Madison, Johnson, Missouri

  2. Mary Dorinda Hawley: Birth: 30 Mar 1859 in Pine Valley, Washington, Utah. Death: 11 Nov 1938 in Madison, Johnson, Missouri

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