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Marriage: Children:
  1. Samuel Woodruff: Birth: 30 JAN 1775 in Surry Co., NC. Death: ABT 1860 in Tishomingo Co., MS

  2. Mary "Polly" Woodruff: Birth: 3 SEP 1777 in Surry Co., NC. Death: 20 JUN 1841 in Spartanburg Co., SC

  3. Thomas Woodruff: Birth: 28 APR 1780 in Surry Co., NC. Death: 12 JAN 1868 in Spartanburg Co., SC

  4. Caleb Woodruff: Birth: 22 DEC 1783 in Surry Co., NC.

  5. Eunice Woodruff: Birth: 25 AUG 1786 in Surry Co., NC. Death: 25 SEP 1842 in Franklin Co., AL

  6. Joseph Woodruff: Birth: 5 OCT 1788 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

  7. Sarah Woodruff: Birth: 13 MAR 1793 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

  8. Elizabeth Woodruff: Birth: 9 JUN 1796 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

  9. Anna Woodruff: Birth: 27 DEC 1798 in Spartanburg Co., SC. Death: BET 1840 AND 1850 in Franklin Co., AL

a. Note:   * LDS, IGI records * Assumption is that she is related to the Lindsey family of Brunswick, VA William b. ca. 1737, d. 1768; wife Jane 1. James William Lindsey m Mary Carlton in ca. 1760? 3. Caleb Lindsey 4. Anne Lindsey b. ca 1750s m Joseph Woodruff in 1774
  SPARTANBURG, 96 District, SC 1790 CENSUS INDEX 086 2 8 LINDSEY Dennis 1 1 1 0 0 087 2 91 LINDSEY James 2 1 4 0 0 087 2 92 LINDSEY James,Wm. 1 0 3 0 0 086 1 13 LINDSEY William 2 4 1 0 0 086 2 77 WOODROUGH Joseph 1 4 3 0 2 From : Spartenburg County/District South Carolina Deed Abstracts Books A-T 1785-1827 (1752-1827) by Albert Pruitt (TPL)
  Book G pg 69
  Mar. 9 1793 James William Lindsey (Rutherford Co., NC) to James Lindsey (Spartanburgh): for 10 pounds sterling sold 75 acres on Lick Creek of Enoree River; Grant Mar. 5, 1792 by Gov. Charles Pinckney to James William Lindsey; border SW & SE- Wm. Rives and John Hamley, S- Thomas Childers, E-Isaac Hamley, and NW-William More. Witness Burrel Pace, Joshua Lindsey, and Samuel Woodruff. Signed James Wm Lindsey. Wit. oath Sept 19, 1800 Burrel Pace to G. Brewton. Rec. Sept 22, 1800.
  p. 70-71
  Aug. 7. 1797 James Lindsey (Spartanburgh) to Micajah Lindsey; for 10 pounds sterling, sold 175 acres on branches of Lick Cr of Enoree R; where James Lindsey lives; border N-Hambey and Reeves, E Joseph Woodruff, S-Amos Pilgrim and Alijih Hendrix, and W-Wm Moore. 100 acres is half of 200 ac grant June 5, 1786 Gov. Wm Moultrie to William Moore jr, 75 acres joins W part of 100 ac and was granted Mar 1, 1792 gov. Charles Pickney to James William Lindsey. Witness oath Isaac Brewton and Philip Bruton. Signed James Lindsey. Wit. oath Sept. 18, 1800 Isacc Brewton to G. Bruton. Rec. Sept 22, 1800.
  p. 71-72
  Oct 25, 1799 Micajah Lindsey (Spartanburgh) to Wm Hendrix; a bond of 70 pounds sterling; condition: bond void if Micajah makes good deed for 70 ac granted to James Lindsey, 50 acres where Micajah Lindsey lives, and 30 acres, total of 150 acres except what John Lindsey owns on S. side of Meeting house Br. where James Lindsey Sr. lives. Witness David Moor and Thomas Woodruff III. Signed Micajah Lindsey. Wit. oath Sept. 19 1800 Thomas Woodruff III to G. Brewton. Rec. Sept 22 1800.
  Book P pg 89-90
  July 20, 1816 Micajah Lindsey (Monroe Co, MS) to Thomas Price (Spartenburgh); for $70 sold 65 acres on NW side of Bethel Meeting House Br. of Enoree R; border: N-Hamaby and Reeves, S-Amos Pilgrim and Elijah Hendrix, and W-William Moore. Witness Thomas Woodsruff III and William L. Allen. Signed Micajah Lindsey Wit. oath Aug 29, 1816 William L. Allen to Samuel Woodruff. Rec. Sept 5 1816.
  2. John2 Carlton (Blake1) was born 1730 in VA, and died 1810 in Spartanburg SC. He married Agatha Lindsey, daughter of William Lindsey and Jane Lindsey.
  John Carlton of Brunswick County is the first family member who has been documented. He first appears as a witness for William Lindsey in May 1756. He was a neighbor of William Lindsey in Brunswick Co, VA in the 1750's. He was a young man, with wife Agatha and a daughter, Mary, born in 1753 or 1754.
  John Carlton received a grant of 130 acres of land from William Lindsey in 1757, on Wildcat Creek, in an area where William Lindsey had patented or bought much land, and sold parcels at a nominal rate to his sons and sons-in-law. The grant to John Carlton is the basis for supposing that he was also a son-in-law of William Lindsey. There was clearly a family connection--John and Agatha Carlton named a son Lindsey Carlton.
  John Carlton sold this land to Thomas Holcombe in 1760, but he, together with his wife "Agga," is found a few miles away in Lunenberg County betwen 1760 and 1768. In 1774, he appears as a taxpayer in Surry County, North Carolina.
  From 1757 to 1768 John Carlton owned farmland in Brunswick and later just across the line in Lunenburg County. A 1766 lawsuit initiated by John Carlton in Lunenburg County was discharged by "his not being an inhabitant of this colony," suggesting that he was already moving back and forth between Virginia and North Carolina. He and his family were settled in Surry Co NC by 1774.
  There are many records of John Carlton in Surry County, where he was a substantial farmer and owned land in the Deep Creek area, near Yadkinville in what is today Yadkin County. There were eleven in his household in 1787 and eight in 1790. In 1791 or 1792, he moved to Spartanburg is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.