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Marriage: Children:
  1. Samuel Ward: Birth: 1656 in Branford, CT. Death: 14 OCT 1686 in Newark, NJ

  2. Abigail Ward: Birth: 4 JUN 1658 in Branford, CT.

  3. John Ward: Birth: ABT 1660 in Branford, CT. Death: AUG 1690 in Newark, NJ

  4. Nathaniel Ward: Birth: 1665 in Branford, CT. Death: JAN 1733

  5. Caleb Ward: Birth: 1669 in Newark, NJ. Death: 6 FEB 1735 in Newark, NJ

  6. Josiah Ward: Birth: 1672 in Newark, NJ. Death: 16 APR 1716 in Newark, NJ

a. Note:   * also known as John Ward, The Turner * believed to be son of George Ward whose children settled in Newark, NJ * Did this Sarah Hills m this John Ward???; there is contradictory documentation. Both Sarah Lyman and Sarah Hills are said to M a John Ward.... there are 2 John Wards from Branford who settled in Newark, NJ * one of the founding fathers of New-Ark, NJ, signed the New-Ark Plantation agreement on October 30, 1666 (10/Branford) * there are two John Ward's who signed the agreement at Newark, NJ; a John Ward Sr. (14/Branford) and a John Ward (10/Branford); the latter is probably this John Ward since if "John Ward" is not listed as John Ward Jr. and he signed before John Ward Sr.; Josiah Ward (7/Branford) may be John's brother and Lawrence Ward (4/Branford) is said to be his uncle. Both are listed as being influential figures of Branford who removed to Newark. * In The Records of Newark, published for the Newark Historical Society, the Plantation agreement lists the following subscribers; Laurance Ward, (later referred to as Deacon Lawrence Ward;) John Ward, Senior, ( or Sergt John Ward;) Josiah Ward and John Warde (or John Ward, Turner.); p 2 * In The Records of Newark, p 13, Town Meeting, Jan 1668; "John Ward is Chosen the Common Brander, and Recorder , of all Neat Cattle in our Town, for this Year Insueing, according to our Country Law." and on p 278, he is listed as John Ward, "Turner," 1660, '77. * Records of Newark; Appendix, listed for John Ward, "Turner" Branders 1660, '77 Constable 1670 Grand Jury Men 1677 Fence Viewer 1678 Town's Men 1675, '76 Warners of Town Meetings 1676, '84 * From: Some Early Families of Bloomfield, NJ "JOHN Ward, called the "dishturner" and more frequently "turner" was the founder ancestor of the Wards of Watesesson Plain. He came to Newark in 1666 with the Branford Group. His UNCLE LAWRENCE , the first of the settlers to be mentioned as a deacon, also came at that time, but died childless four years later. NATHANIEL, the son of John owned property here in 1697. The characteristic names of the Wards have been John, Josiah, Nathaniel, Lawrence, Jacob, Caleb, Matthais, and Samuel, all coming from the early settlers." * History of the Colony of New Haven, CT p 617 * LDS website * Pioneer Settlers, with Genealogical Notices. (By Samuel H. Congar.): JOHN WARD, JR., or the Turner, was, says trad., son of George of Branford, and neph. of Deac. Ward; w., 1684, n. ch.,-- John, Josiah and Samuel; wi. Sarah, and s. in l, John Gardner. Sarah b. 1651, John 1654, Samuel 1656, Abigail 1658, Josiah 1661; had also Nathaniel and Caleb. * Shaw, William H., History of Essex and Hudson Counties. p. 716- 728; PIONEERS OF THE ORANGES; John Ward, Sr., had fifty acres, bounded on the north by Thomas Johnson, on the east by the plain, on the south by John Catlin, and on the west by the hill. Ward was one of the pioneers of the Oranges.
  Name: John Ward Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. I 1670-1730 turner;1 will of. Proved July 16, 1684.
  Name: John Ward Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. II 1730-1750. Part II turner; will of. Wife mentioned, but not named. Sons--Josiah, John, Samuel, John Garner. The wife executrix. Witnesses--Richard Lawrence, Stephen Davis. Proved July 16, 1684. Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. II 1730-1750. Part II Appendix 1684, July 16. Administration granted to his widow Sarah. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.