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a. Note:   * Pioneer Settlers, with Genealogical Notices. (By Samuel H. Congar.): LAWRENCE WARD took oath of fidelity at N. Haven at the organization of the government;, rem. to Branford 1646; was bro. of George of Branford and uncle to John Ward, the Dish Turne; was employed by the government of the old Colony to search for the Regicides Whalley and Goffe, at Milford, where it was probably known they were not to be seen, Micah Tompkins having secreted them. He was rep. in 1665 and `6, and in Newark the first Deacon on record. He d. in 1670; no oh.; his sist., Isabel, wi. of Joseph Baldwin and moth. of John Catlin adm. by John Catlin and John Ward, her attorneys.
  Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. I 1670-1730. Part I Early Will-Making in New Jersey. "Lawrence Ward, late of Newark, died intestate, without children, leaving only his widow upon his estate; and the said widow, Elizabeth Ward, renounced in favor of her sister Esebell Baldwyn, wife of Joseph Baldwyn, of Hadley in Massachusetts,upon condition that the said Elizabeth Ward, widow,shall enjoy the said whole estate during her life and to dispose of one-third part thereof remaining at the time of her death as she shall think good. The Governor accordingly appoints Isebell Baldwyn administratrix, September 2, 1671.
  "Esebell Baldwyn declares that whereas Lawrence Ward,late of Newark, my brother, deceased intestate, etc., leaving a widow, my sister Elizabeth Ward, upon the estate of my deceased brother, I appoint my son John Catlin and John Ward,turner, my kinsman, both of Newark, attorneys to take unto them jointly all my whole power and interest in and to the said estate, etc. September 4, 1671."1
  Name: Larens3 Ward Date: 18 Apr 1670 Location: Newark Inventory of the estate of �100.-.- real, �189.8.6 personal; made by John Brown senior and John Ward and presented by the widow Elizabeth Ward. Debtors of the estate are Huge Roberds, Robert Denison and Richard Larens, creditors (�20.4.8) Capt. Robert Treate, Steven Dode, Thomas Person, Steven Freman, Benjamin Balldin, Micah Tomcins, Jonathan Tomcins, Josiah Ward, Micah Tainter, Richard Comsbe, Thomas Richals. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.