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Marriage: Children:
  1. Susannah Winans: Birth: 9 FEB 1667 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: ABT 1701 in Elizabethtown, NJ

  2. John Winans: Birth: 3 OCT 1673 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 5 NOV 1734 in Elizabethtown, NJ

  3. Conrad Winans: Birth: 1680 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 2 FEB 1727 in Rahway, NJ

  4. Jacob Winans: Birth: 1682 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 4 JAN 1722 in Elizabethtown, NJ

  5. Isaac Winans: Birth: 1684 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 1723 in Elizabethtown, NJ

Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret Winans: Birth: 1693 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 7 SEP 1745

a. Note:   * name also spelled Jan Winantz * one of the founding fathers of Elizabethtown, NJ; an original Elizabethtown associate of 1664; received a 2nd lot right * From Hatfield's "History of Elizabeth, NJ," p 101 " John Winans was doubtless, of the company that came from the East End of Long Island. He was remembered a weaver -a handicraft, in great request at that early day. He had a house lot, containing 5 acres, 10 by 5 chains, bounded N by Jacob Melyen, W by Humprey Spinning, and S and E by highways. He had, also, 16 acres of upland, "on the Neck," between Matthias Hatfield and Samuel Marsh, Sen, also 120 acres upland, "on Peach Garden brook," bounded by Robert Morse, Matthais Hatfield, robert White, and unsurveyed land; also, 40 Acres of land, on the S branch of Elizabeth Creek of River, bounded by Humprey spinning, Matthais Hatfield, and the plain; also 4 acres of meadow, at Rawack, and 6 acres on Elizabeth Creek; in all 200 acres. When his neighbor Jacob Melyn, had removed to New York, Winans bought Feb 8, 1672/3, his house lot, house, barn, orchard, etc. He died at the close of 1694. His estate valued at L271.15.8"
  Name: John Weinans Date: 14 Feb 1687-8 Location: Elizabeth weaver; will of. Wife, Susanna. Children--Samuel, Johannes, Conradus, Jacob, Isaac, Elisabeth, Johanna, Susanna Baker. Real and personal estate. The wife executrix. Witnesses--George Ross, Humphrey Speining. Edward Gay. Testator signs "Jan Winans." Proved Jan. 15, 1694-5. Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. II 1730-1750. Part II 1695, May 17. Letters issued to Henry Baker and wife, Susanna, Ebenezer Lyon and his wife, Elizabeth, all of Elizabeth Town.
  From Virgina Taylor: Here is more information that was shared by The Winans of America who until 1990 had a Winans reunion in San Antonio, Texas. FAMILY OF JOHN (JAN) WINANS (1) The origin and ancestry of JOHN (JAN) WINANS is unknown at this time, the first traced record of him being his marriage in 1664. It is presumed he was born about 1640 and that he was a Netherlander. However the records of the family of Prof. Samuel Ross Winans of Princeton, NJ. suggests he was of Prusso-Polish extraction and therefore he may have been of Danzig as was definitely the origin of his wife's brother-in-law Mathias Hatfield. Polish origin also appears in the tradition of the family of Henry Kipp-7 Winans. Perhaps the name originated in Holland and settled in Danzig for a generation or two before coming to the new world, or perhaps vice versa. Possible New Netherlands relatives were Wynant Pieters and Barnabus Wines. Possibly old world connections were Jan Wijnantz, landscapist of Haarlen in the 17th century or the Winans family of Brabant. A crest on the gravestone of one of Jan's grandsons resembles that of the Brabant family.
  As stated above, the first record of Jan is his marriage in New Haven, CT to Susannah Melyn on 25 Aug. 1664. She was baptized in the New Amsterdam Dutch Church 14 June 1643, daughter of Cornelis Melyn, patroon of Staten Island and his wife Jannetje Adraines. See New York Gen. & Biog. Record, Vol. 68 for Melyn ancestry. Cornelis was the son of Andre Melyn and Marie Ghuedinx-Botens and the grandson of Lambert Melyn of Antwerp.
  He was on of these New England and New York families which associated to found Elizabethtown, New Jersey in 1664-5. When he took permanent residence there seems uncertain since his daughter Susanna was born in New Haven, CT 1667 and son John baptized in New York City l674. He was there as early as 19 Feb. l665 when the name of John Waynes appears on the list of those who took the Oath of Fidelity and Allegiance to the new jurisdiction. When his brother-in-law Jacob Melyn returned to New York, John Winans bought his house-lot, house, barn, orchard, etc. 8 Feb. 1677-8.
  His wife Susannah is mentioned in his will and therefore dies between the date of the will, 14 Feb. 1687/8 and its probate 15 Jan. 1695/5. About 1693 he remarried to Ann Robertson, daughter of physician William Robertson. John dies in Dec. 1694 leaving an estate which was inventoried 17 June 1695. He was a weaver. At his death he had some 200 acres of land in Elizabethtown, 16 acres on "the Neck." 120 acres on Beach Meadow Brook, 40 acres on Elizabeth Creek, 4 acres at Meadow, 6 acres at another point on Elizabeth Creek.
  The following is from the Winans Family of America reunion in San Antonio, TX, in August 1982. Other information included from the same
  group in 1978 and 1990. (also curtesy of Virgina Taylor)
  "Three hundred and eighteen years ago, on August 25, 1664, John Winans, a native of the Netherlands, and Susannah Melyn were married at New Haven Conn. Susannah Melyn, born in America, was the daughter of Cornelis and Jannetji Melyn. The union of John Winans and Susannah Melyn was the beginning of the Winans family in America.
  Cornelis Melyn, a native of Antwerp, moved to America about 164l. Patroon of Staten Island, he was considered a central figure of New Netherlands. In addition to being a resident of Staten Island, he also at times live in New Amsterdam, and after 1659 of New Haven, CT, In 1645-46, he cultivated the site of Trinity Church, Broadway, New York. About l656 his residence was at what is now the corner of Broad and Stone Sts. in New York City. For an interesting account of his notable pioneer, see Innes' "New Amsterdam and Its People," Scribners, New York, 1902, in which a chapter and appendix are devoted to him.
  "John -1 Winans was a prominent man among the '80 Associates' who founded and settled Elizabethtown, New Jersey in 1664-1665. John was born about l640, Dutch ancestry, well educated, had books (inventory) when books were rare and had Gold and Silver Plate and Coat of Arms. Nine children were born to John and Susannah. After Susannah died (between 1688 and 1692) John married Ann Robertson, a daughter of William Robertson who was a notable physician and large landholder. They had one child, a son, William.
  "Through the efforts of many Winans descendants we have some data on 8 or more generations of Winans (from John-1 Winans from about 1640). The WINANS name can be found in many states from North to south, east to west. All Winans and their descendants have a common ancestor -- John -1 Winans and Susannah Melyn."
  Children of JOHN (1) and his first wife Susannah Melyn.
  1.1 JOHN b. July 1665 and d. before 1673 when another child was named John
  1.2 SUSANNAH b. 9 Feb. 1667 New Haven, Conn., baptized New York Dutch Church 8 Oct. 1674. She married before the date of her father's will in 1688 to Hendrick (Henry) Baker (Backer) who was born ca 1658 baptized N.Y. Dutch Church 26 Sept. 1660 and died 4 Feb. 1734/5 at Elizabethtown, NJ. He was a son of Jacobus Backer and wife Margaret Stuyvasent, the latter a half-sister of Peter Stuyvasent. Susannah's death date is unknown. Henry had a second wife Lyda and Prof. Winans believed there may have been another wife prior to Susannah who was the mother of some of the children. Children of Henry Backer, those by Susannah are not identifiable: a. Henry Backer, b. ca 1700 d. 17 Mar 1760 in his 60th year. He married Mary Hatfield. Mary d. 13 Apr 1755 in 50th year. Both are buried in Rahway, NJ. His will dated 29 Jan. 1760, proved 7 April 1760. b. Jacob Baker d. before 9 Apr. 1730 as he is mentioned as deceased in his father's will. The will mentions Jacob's son Lawrence and daughter Susanna. He and family were residents of Staten Island. c. Nicolas Baker baptized 21 Oct. 1707 in Staten Island Dutch Church. No further data on the following children: Deborah Baker, Joanna Baker, Susanna Baker, Margaret Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Sarah Baker, Lydia Baker, Hannah Baker.
  1.3 ELIZABETH b. ca 1669 d 1 July 1739 baptized 28 March 1671 in the NY. Dutch Church. She married Capt. Ebenezer Lyon b. ca. 1670 d. 31 March 1739, buried at Elizabethtown, NY. He was the son of Henry and Elizabeth (Bateman) Lyon and was b. at Newark, NJ. His will dated 22 Jan 1739/9 with codicil dated 17 March 1738/9 proved l6 May 1739. Elizabeth and Cap. Ebenezer are buried side by side in the Presbyterian Church Yard at Elizabethtown, NJ. Had children: a. Elizabeth Lyon m. Ephraim Clark b. Dorcas Lyon m. Ebenezer Stebbins c. Ebenezer Lyon m. Abigail who died before 1733 d. Hannah or Martha Lyon m. John Thompson Jr. e. Susanna Lyon m., (1) Benjamin Wade, (2) David Morehouse. David was b. 1689 d. 12 Dec. 1739 in 51st year. His will dated 15 Jan. 1739 proved 24 Dec 1739. Susanna d. ca. June 1777. Her will dated 8 Oct. l776, proved 21 June 1777. f. Bethia Lyon b. ca. 1713 d. 10 July 1766 age 53 m. (1) John Winans,(1.8.1.), son of Jacob Winans, her 1st cousin. He d. 22 May 1733 age 26 buried at Elizabethtown, NJ. She married (2) Joseph Foster son of Nathan Foster and Mary (Lyon) Foster. He was b. ca 1715 d.18 Aug 1742. Bethia m. (3) Ichabod Grumman Sr. b. ca. 1724 d. 16 Dec 1788 in his 65th year, buried at Elizabethtown, NJ. e. Abigail Lyon
  *1.4 SAMUEL b. ca. 1671 d. 27 Sept 1747 m. Zerviah (?) He was baptized at the NY. Dutch Church 2 Apr. 1672. Zerviah d. 13 Sept 1737 in her 53rd year and is buried beside her husband at Elizabethtown, NJ.
  *1.5 JOHN b. ca 1673 baptized 3 Oct. 1674 at the NY. Dutch Church with his sister, Susanna. He m. (1) Remember (Baldwin?) (2) Mrs. Frances (Moore)Doddridge.
  1.6 JOANNA b. between l675-8 appears in father's will but there is nothing more known.
  *l.7 CONRAD b. ca 1680 d. Feb. 1727-8 m. Sarah Palmer. Sarah was the daughter of James and Sarah (Denham) Palmer, granddaughter of Rev. Thomas Denham of Rye, NY. (See Baird's "Rye." ) Sarah d. Oct. 1732. Two of Conrad's sons, James, b. 1715, d. April 4, 1795, m. Sarah Reynolds, b. about 1716, d. Oct. 10, 1802; and William, b. 1727-8, went to Greenwich, CT, and later to Duchess Co., NY and are ancestors of many of the New York State Winans. *1.8 JACOB b. on 1682 d. 4 January 1722, m. Mary Morse.
  *1.9 ISAAC b. ca 1684 d 1723 m. 1st, Hannah (?). Hannah d. after 12 June l732 on which date she signed certain papers in connection with settlement of Abigail (Mellyn) Sewall estate. Isaac and Hannah became the ancestors of Ross Winans of Baltimore, MD, who was b. 1796 in Sussex Co., NJ, and later made his residence in Baltimore.
  Child of JOHN (1) and 2nd wife Ann Robertson
  *1.10 WILLIAM b. ca 1694 d. 1763, m. Hannah (Coddington?). His will dated 30 Nov. 1762 proved 26 March 1763. By one of his daughters he becamethe grandfather of the wife of Colonel Edward Thomas, and by another daughter, the grandfather of Dr.William Winants, surgeon in the Revolution. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.