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  1. Joseph Woodruff: Birth: 1676 in Southampton, LI, NY. Death: 2 FEB 1741 in Westfield, NJ

a. Note:   1. John Woodruff died prior to the will of 1703 2. Samuel Woodruff his will of 29 Dec 1715, names wife Hester,inherited Woodruff Homesite in Southampton, LI, son Samuel migrated to West Jersey New York City Wills 1706 -90, p? "In the name of God, Amen. December 29, 1715. I, Samuel Woodruff, of Southampton, in Suffolk Co., yeoman, being well in health. All debts and duties to be paid. I leave to my wife Hester, the east end of my dwelling house with ye Chamber and garett over the same, with the east part of the leanto joining the house, and 1/3 of the cellar and barn, and the free use of the well, during her natural life. And 1/3 of all lands, meadows, and Commanage, and a negro slave, John, and I20. I leave to my son Samuel, under age, and i have no other son, I leave the same to my eldest daughter, Mary Woodruff, the said dwelling house and barn where I now live, with my Home lot of land adjoining to the same. And all my land lying east of and adjoining to my home lot, and my 2 acres of land at Captain's Neck. All the rest of my lands I leave to the rest of my children. I leave to my daughter Mary, I25 when of age, and the use of the second row of apple trees, running east and west, on the south side of my orchard at Seabonack. I leave to my daughter Hester, I15, when of age. I leave to that child my wife is now bigg with, if a son I40, if a daughter, I15. Ther rest of my movable estate to my wife and my son Samuel. I make my beloved brother-in law, John Davis, of East Hampton, and my friend, Ephraim White, of Southampton, and my wife, executors. Note: The homestead of Samuel Woodruff, and of his father before him, on the east side of Southampton St, was sold by his son Samuel to Francis Pelletreau in 1726, and now belongs to the heirs of Josiah Foster. The Woodruff farm included all the ladn on the south side of the road to Bridgehampton, east of the homestead, and extended to Old Town St. The son Samuel Woodruff, moved to New Jersey, and was a very prominent man. The old Woodruff house, sold to Francis Pelletreau, was the last on Long Island which retained the old- fashioned rhomboidal panes of glass, once in universal use, and for this reason was known as the "House with Diamond windows." --W S P 3. Joseph Woodruff, above 4. Benjamin Woodruff d 1750 at Bridgehampton, m Sep 12, 1704 Margaret Davis of East Hampton; children: Daniel, David and Timothy (Howell's History of Southampton, p 407) New York City Wills 1744 -58, p 282 In the name of God, Amen, December 6, 1750, I Benjamin Woodruff, of the town of Southampton, in Suffolk County, being sick. I leave to my son David 1/2 of a I50 right in my half lot in the Great North Division, and "all my right in the Cedar Swamp near Fannings," and 1/2 of a lot near Red Creek. i leave to my son John I8. I leave to my grandson, John Woodruff, all my lands and meadows in Bruchy Neck, and 1 lot of meadow I purchased of Jonathan Jagger, and 1/6 of my Commonage; and his mother is to have the use of 2/3 of the same while she remains a widow. And my grandson, John Woodruff, shall pay to his brother Elias, I25. I leave to my grandson, Benjamin Woodruff, all my meadows adjoining to Brushy Nesk, form the fence that incloses said neck to the woods, and from the woods to the bay, and 1/6 of my Commonage, and 1/3 of my right in a lot in the Great North Division; also my home lot with all the buildings, and he is to pay to his sister Mary, I25, and his mother is to have the use of two thirds. i leave to my grandson, Samuel Woodruff, all the rest of my lands and tenements, meadowl, and Commonage. His mother, Abigail Woodruff, to have the use of the same. I leave to my daughter Edwards, 5 shillings, and I make my son David executor. Note: Benjamin lived at Bridge Hampton, probably on the homestead of late Elias Woodruff. In an old burying ground at Scuttle Hole is a tombstone of Benjamin Woodruff, who died in 1808, aged 73, (b. 1735.) This may possibly be the grandson, Benjamin, mentioned in the will. -- W S P a. John, named in will above b. Daniel, "refugee of LI to CT," relocated from Bridgehampton to East Haddam, CT on Sept 20, 1776 with three in the family & goods by Capt. Joshua Griffeth. Daniel served in the 1st line, in 1775, he signed the Association and also the Woolworth Agreement in 1787; children: Benjamin, John, Elias and Mary son Benjamin went to Guilford, CT, "as his sheep were put in flock there;" he was in the Privateer Service on the Oliver Cromwell and the Putman, he also served in NY and CT in the Revolution. He signed the Association in 1775 and the Woolworth Agreement in 1787; children: Jesse (1765 -1857), Job (1776 -1857), and Elisha, who had a son Jesse There is a Daniel Woodruff (b. 1747), buried at Scuttle Hole, Bridgehampton, d. 22 July, 1825, age 78 and a Benjamin Woodruff, (b1735) d. Feb 23, 1808, age 73 ...FEW (Francis Eben Woodruff) Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut, by Frederick Gregory Mather, p 644 c. David, "refugee of LI to CT," asked permission to cross from CT to LI in Nov 1780, signed the Association in 1775, and the Woolworth Agreement in 1787; "probably" was the one who served in Col. Smith's Reg. in the 4th line, participated in the CT general Assembly in 1778 children: David and Joshua d. Timothy, named in will above; son Silas Woodruff from Bridgehampton, LI, served in Col. Smith's Reg; signed the Association in 1775 and the Woolworth Agreement in 1787; children: Elias of Plattsburg, NY, Silas, Abigail and Joseph of Orange Co., NY and "probably" had a daughter, Hannah who m Phineas Paine There is a Silas Woodruff who d 27 Apr 1829, age 80, buried at Scuttle Hole ...FEW; Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut, by Frederick Gregory Mather, p 644 DAR records: Timothy Woodruff m to Elizabeth Parsons (???? Elizabeth m to Timothy Woodruff Jr. of Etown or could all of this ancestry belong to the Etown Woodruffs??); son, Silas Woodruff m to Hannah ?; son, Elias Woodruff m to Abigail Leeke; son Benjamin Leeke Woodruff m to Maria S Greene; daughter, Kate Woodruff DAR # 33489 m to James Shaw , born in Plattsburgh, NY. Silas Woodruff (1744 -1849) enlisted in Capt. Zephaniah Rogers company, Col. Josiah Smith' regiment 1776 for the protection of Long Island. He was born in Southampton, NY, where he died. 5. Nathaniel Woodruff 1680 -1725 m 24 Oct 1705, Abigail Leake 1687 dau of Ebenezer Leake and Hannah Baker of Easthampton, LI, NY children: Nathaniel Woodruff Jr. and Isaac Woodruff left Southampton in 1740 to settle in Deerfield, Cumberland Co., NJ with the Leaks, Strattons, Fithians and others from LI, NY. Nathaniel Woodruff Jr. m Abigail Brooks, he d 1751; CNW II p 193 New York City Wills 1708 -28, p 322 In the name of God, Amen, December 21, 1725. I, Nathaniel Woodruff, of Southampton, in Suffock County, weaver, being sick. I leave to my wife Abigail the use of one third of my lands and household goods, and the lower room in my dwelling house during her widowhood. I leave to my sons Nathaniel and Isaac my home lot, to be divided equally between tham. Also my new lot of land in the woods, also my upland and meadow at Brushy Neck, and a U50 right of commanage from the Canoe Place to East Hampton bounds. I leave to my sons Isaac and Nathaniel each 5 shillings, to be paid when of age. I leave to my children Abigail, Sarah, Ebenezer, Jonathan, Amy, Mary, and Stephen, all my goods and movabels, after my wife's decease. My executors are to sell my right of commonage in Quogue Purchase. 6. Isaac Woodruff 7. Sarah Woodruff m ? Davis New York City Wills 1708 -28, p 506 Zechariah Davis. In the name of God, Amen. Janurary 2, 1715, i Zechariah Davis of the town of Southampton in Suffolk county. I leave to my wife Lydia, all estate, both real and personal, that she was possessed of before her marriage to me. My will is that all my land lying between the widow Mary Cooper, and the house that was formerly in the possession of John Earl, deceased, and my close (?) at the Seven Ponds, and 1 1/2 acres of meadow at Little Nayack, shall be sold by my executors. I leave to my youngest son, Joseph Davis, all buildings and orchards adjoining to my homestead, being 10 acres, more or less, with a pigtell of upland and meadow. Also all my meadow at the hither wading place, and 1/4 U50 right of Commage, throughout the bounds of Southampton. I leave all the rest of my lands, meadows, and Commonage to my eldest son, John Davis, and all the movabel estate to my daughter, Sarah Davis. I make by brother-in- law, Samuel Woodruff and my friend, Ephraim White, executors. Note: Zechariah Davis probably lived near Northsea, in the town of Southampton. He married Sarah, daughter of John Woodruff. --W S P 8. Hannah Woodruff 9. Abigail Woodruff 10. Elizabeth Woodruff
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