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  1. Joseph Woodruff: Birth: 1703 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 20 AUG 1778 in Elizabethtown, NJ

  2. Honorable Samuel Woodruff Esq.: Birth: 1715 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 10 AUG 1768 in Elizabethtown, NJ

  3. Isaac Woodruff Esq.: Birth: 14 AUG 1722 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 17 OCT 1803 in Elizabethtown, NJ

a. Note:   * #1894 FPCE; Mary #1895 * From Hatfield's, "History of Elizabeth, NJ," p. 244 * 1699, Joseph received a first lot right along with his brothers David and John * on the Elizabeth Church Tax list for 1743 * involved in the dispute between the Proprietors and the Associates pre-Revolutionary War, traveled to Milford, CT to meet with Gov. Robert Treat, Jan 1698, with Rev. John Harriman, pastor of FPCE * elder at FPCE 1722, 1740, 1745 * "In the account book of the Reverend John Harriman (pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Elizabeth Town) ...Occasionally he records the hire of a horse, or of a man and horse, for a journey to New England. On one occasion, January 1698-9, Joseph Woodruff accompanied him to Milford, Connecticut, where they had a conference with Governor Treat, as appears from Mr. Woodruffs affidavit (dated July 26, 1743) in the answer to the Elizabeth Town Bill in Chancery; (a long dispute between the Proprietors and the Associates, delayed and adjourned and finally terminated only by the War of Revolution.)" CNW * From Hatfield's History of Elizabeth, NJ, p 123: "The boundary line between this town and Newark needed adjustment; and John Ogden, sen., Luke Watson, Robert Bond, and Jeffry Jones were deputed to arrange the matter with the commissioners from Newark. They met together for this purpose, May 20, 1668. It appears from an affidavit of Joseph Woodruff of this town, made July 26, 1743, before Judge Joseph Bonnel, also of this town, that, being at Milford, CT, about the year 1699, He heard Gov. Treat say, ..." * "The church was represented in the Synod this year 1722 by Elder Joseph Woodruff, whose affidavit relative to the Newark Boundary Line is recorded in the Answer to the Elizabeth Town Bill of Chancery. As early records of the church are not exant, it is only by reference to the records of the Synod that the names of the Elders previous to 1765 can be ascertained. Robert Ogden had a seat in the Synod in 1721, and Joseph Woodruff in1722 and again in 1740 and 1745 and Samuel Woodruff in 1764 and 1765." * "Joseph Woodruff died intestate" * CNW I p 51 -56
  Note: Regarding Joseph Woodruff Sr. #6 and his cousin Joseph Woodruff Sr. #03 of Westfield. After reading CNW's accounts of the two men and Hatfield's History of Elizabeth, NJ, it is difficult to distinguish the separate identities of these two contemporaries. It appears that Joseph Woodruff #6 was involved in the dispute of town boundaries with Elizabeth and Newark, NJ and Joseph Woodruff #03 was involved in the dispute over land ownership with the Associators and the Proprietors. From Hatfield's history of Elizabeth, NJ, p 311-12 On Nov 18, 1729, "The names of the Associates present are attached, with their seals, to a paper, previously recorded, of the same date in which are recited briefly the Nature of their Title-Deeds, the names of the Original Associates, and those of 1699 additional, together with a statement of the Loss of the Town Books, and an Agreement to allow the new Book to be regarded as a Lawful Record of Surveys and Conveyances." The Woodruff signatures were John Woodruff, Joseph Woodroff, Joseph Woodruffe, Ben Woodruff, Timothy Woodruff, Thomas Woodruff, Caleb Woodruff, and Samuel Woodruff. Trustees were appointed or "Committe Men," as they were called for "the disposal of the common lands of the town, and for the systematic and organized defence of the people's title to their inferitance, of which they or their faters had now been in possession more than fifty years." Named to the Committe in 1729 was Benjamin Bond, Joseph Woodruff, and John Harriman. Joseph Woodruff Sr. #6 more than likely served on the Committe above representing the Woodruff interest in the original associators.
  Note the differences in spelling of the Joseph Woodruffs. Joseph Woodruff #6 had inherited property, (shared with his brothers,) Lot Number 67, from his father John in 1691. It is likely that Joseph Woodruff Jr. #675 next inherited his land since he willed land "belonging to his father." Note Joseph Sr.'s sons, Ben and Samuel Woodruff's signatures, perhaps they already owned land in 1729. Joseph Woodruff Sr. #03 does not appear in New Jersey until 1699/1700. Joseph Woodruff Sr. #6's land would not be in dispute since the "Elizabethtown" Woodruffs were in possession of the property since 1664. It is probable that Joseph Woodruff Sr. #03 was involved in the property dispute between the associators and proprietors that is well documented.
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