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Marriage: Children:
  1. Samuel Woodruff: Birth: 30 JAN 1775 in Surry Co., NC. Death: ABT 1860 in Tishomingo Co., MS

  2. Mary "Polly" Woodruff: Birth: 3 SEP 1777 in Surry Co., NC. Death: 20 JUN 1841 in Spartanburg Co., SC

  3. Thomas Woodruff: Birth: 28 APR 1780 in Surry Co., NC. Death: 12 JAN 1868 in Spartanburg Co., SC

  4. Caleb Woodruff: Birth: 22 DEC 1783 in Surry Co., NC.

  5. Eunice Woodruff: Birth: 25 AUG 1786 in Surry Co., NC. Death: 25 SEP 1842 in Franklin Co., AL

  6. Joseph Woodruff: Birth: 5 OCT 1788 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

  7. Sarah Woodruff: Birth: 13 MAR 1793 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

  8. Elizabeth Woodruff: Birth: 9 JUN 1796 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

  9. Anna Woodruff: Birth: 27 DEC 1798 in Spartanburg Co., SC. Death: BET 1840 AND 1850 in Franklin Co., AL

a. Note:   * first settled with his family in the Yadkin River Valley, Surry Co., NC * served in the Revolutionary War as a private for NC * Spartanburg Marriages 1785-1911, Implied in Probate records, p. 303 Elizabeth Woodruff, daughter of Joseph Woodruff, m to ?Allen, lived in 1817 Eunice Woodruff, daughter of Joseph Woodruff, m to ?Sparks, lived in 1817 Polly Woodruff, daughter of Joseph Woodruff, m to ?Allen, lived in 1817 Salley Woodruff, daughter of Joseph Woodruff, m to ?Hendrix, lived in 1817 * Spartanburg, SC, Will Book A. p124-125 "L W & T of Joseph Woodruff of Dist. of Spartanburg; rec. 18 Dec 1817; to wife Anna Woodruff, one negro Lucy, to sons Samuel & Thomas & Caleb Woodruff and daughters Polley Allen, Eunice Sparks, Sally Hendry, & Elizabeth Allen, $100 each; to daughter Anna Woodruff, $150; sons Joseph Woodruffs heirs; to my son Joseph $2, John Crocker, Nathaniel Woodruff, son of Thomas Woodrufff, Exrc; 22 Sep 1817; Joseph Woodrff (seal). Wit: Wm. L. Allen, John B Hendrix, William Jones (X) Proven by John B Hendrix; 24 Nov 1817. W Lancaster, Ord. Sptg. Dist.
  * living in the Spartanburg (founded in 1785) area as shown by the 1st 1790 Census 086 2 77 WOODROUGH Joseph 1 4 3 0 2 one man>16 , 4 boys<16, 2 girls, his wife, and 2 slaves
  * 1800 Census Spartanburg Co., Census W361 WOODRUFF Joseph 189 01201-32011-00 1 boy>10, 2 boys >16, one man >45 3 girls<10, 2 girls>10, 1 woman>26, 1 woman >45
  * 1810 Census Spartanburg Co., Census W361 WOODRUFF John 189 No Twp Listed W361 WOODRUFF Joseph 189 No Twp Listed W361 WOODRUFF Joseph 190 No Twp Listed W361 WOODRUFF Josiah 195 No Twp Listed W361 WOODRUFF Samuel 189 No Twp Listed W361 WOODRUFF Samuel Sr. 190 No Twp Listed W361 WOODRUFF Thomas 196 No Twp Listed W361 WOODRUFF Thomas Jr. 190 No Twp Listed W361 WOODRUFF Thomas Jr. 196 No Twp Listed W364 WOODRULL Cabub 189 No Twp Listed *1820 Spartanburg Co., SC Census Anna is listed as head of this Family W361 WOODRUFF ANN 247 001201 00012 W361 WOODRUFF Caleb$023 250 420010 11010 W361 WOODRUFF Jonah 241 220101 21110 W361 WOODRUFF Joseph 247 300010 10010 W361 WOODRUFF Joseph 252 300010 10010 W361 WOODRUFF Moses $053 253 000100 00100 W361 WOODRUFF Samuel $022 252 310101 30110 W361 WOODRUFF Thomas 247 110110 11110 W361 WOODRUFF Thomas $021 247 120010 20010 W361 WOODRUFF Thomas $03 253 000011 00001 *1830 Spartanburg Co., SC Census W361 WOODRUFF AMOS $058 306 W361 WOODRUFF CALEB $023 304 W361 WOODRUFF GIDEON $059 228 W361 WOODRUFF H. P. CAPTAIN$0211 329 W361 WOODRUFF ISAAC $061 233 W361 WOODRUFF JAMES 223 W361 WOODRUFF JOHN JR. 244 W361 WOODRUFF MOSES $053 264 W361 WOODRUFF RICHARD $057 229 W361 WOODRUFF SAMUEL 312 W361 WOODRUFF SILAR 232 W361 WOODRUFF THOMAS $021 329 W361 WOODRUFF WILLIS $0233 232 *1840 Spartanburg Co., SC Census W361 WOODRUFF Amos $058 055 W361 WOODRUFF Anna (wife of Joseph $02)055 W361 WOODRUFF C. p. $0212 082 W361 WOODRUFF H. p. $0211 082 W361 WOODRUFF Isaac $061 055 W361 WOODRUFF James $0216 055 W361 WOODRUFF James 150 W361 WOODRUFF R. s. $057 058 W361 WOODRUFF Richard $0213 055 W361 WOODRUFF Rosama. (wife of Caleb $023) 058 W361 WOODRUFF Silas 058 W361 WOODRUFF Thomas $021 055 * 1850 Spartanburg Co., SC Census W361 WOODRUFF A. (perhaps Amos $058) 256 W361 WOODRUFF ANDREW $0217 097 W361 WOODRUFF C.P. $0212 097 W361 WOODRUFF JAMES $0216 198 W361 WOODRUFF JAMES F. 097 W361 WOODRUFF MARGARET 256 W361 WOODRUFF NANCY 256 W361 WOODRUFF R. $0213 258 W361 WOODRUFF S. (perhaps Silas) 256 W361 WOODRUFF THOMAS $021 097 * Joseph Woodruff received a grant of 200 acres near Spartenburg, SC which would later become Woodruff, SC. He came to the area from Yadkin River Valley in NC after serving in the Revolution. One of Woodruff's sons, Thomas, remained in the area and "dreamed" of founding a town. His two son, Dr. Charles Pickney Woodruff and Capt. A B Woodruff were instrumental in carring out their father's wishes. The town of Woodruff is named in Thomas Woodruff's honor. The two Woodruff brothers worked vigorously to get the railroad to run through the town. With its completion in 1885, the town grew rapidly. The oldest standing home was built in the 1830's by Harrison Patillo Woodruff, son of Thomas. The home of Dr. Charles Pickney Woodruff stood where the Woodruff Post office is now located and the home of Capt A B Woodruff is now an overfloww parking lot for the Lanford Funeral Home. From: "Synopsis of the Early History of Woodruff" by Edna F Westmoreland
  * LDS, IGI records * DAR Partiot Index; Centennial Edition; p 3288
  The following information is from the files of W Lindsey * According to Phifer, "Upstate Ancestors," p. 4, cited in file of Nathaniel Woodruff, Sr., a descendant of JW claimed that JW was a son of Nathaniel, Sr. Phifer notes that he settled on land in the southern part of Spartanburg Co., SC, next to Nathaniel, Sr., in the vicinity of present-day Woodruff, where his descendants have been prominent in local history. The family was closely associated with the Church of Christ on Jamey's Creek, which became Bethel Baptist church and then First Baptist of Woodruff. Many of the family are buried in the old Bethel Cem. * Del Jackson's 20 July 1984 letter, cited in file of Nathaniel Woodruff, says that JW married Anna Lindsey on 24 Jan. 1774 in NC. The marriage record is in what appears to be a copy of a record of the bible of JW and Anna Lindsey, which also has the dates of birth of their children; this was published in NATCHEZ TRACE TRAVELER 4,2 (1984), p. 62. * JW is on Surry Co., NC, tax lists by 1777, according to Phifer, "Upstate Ancestors," p. 4, cited in file of Nathaniel Woodruff, Sr. * In an 18 Feb. 1984 letter to me, Del Jackson (see file of Nathaniel Woodruff) says that JW is on a 1782 Surry Co., NC, tax list along with Moses, Nathaniel, and Thomas Woodruff. The tax list shows him with 200 acres south of the Yadkin. JW was received for baptism at Bethel Baptist church (then the Church of Christ), Jame's Creek, Woodruff, SC, 16 Sept. 1787--see minutes of Woodruff, SC, First Baptist Church, 1787-1804, 1810-1811, as abstracted by Dorothy H. Phifer. * On 1790 census in Spartanburg Co., SC, with 1 male 16+, 4 other males, and 3 females. * JW died testate, with a will dated 22 Sept. 1817, Spbg. Co. (estate file box 32, package 9, WB A, pp. 124-5). The will specifies that JW is of Spartanburg Dist. It leaves to wife Anna a slave Luce and a featherbed and furniture, with the slave woman and her increase as well as the furniture to be sold at Anna's death. The balance of the property JW asked to have sold and the proceeds divided among his heirs, with the following exceptions: to sons Samuel, Thomas, and Caleb, as well as daughters Polly Allen, Eunice Sparks, Sally Hendrix, and Elizabeth Allen, $100 each; to daughter Anna Woodruff, $250. The will implies that son Joseph had died, but also states that son Joseph is to be willed $2 (and note that Dorothy Phifer says he died in 1856). Exrs. are John Crocker and Nathaniel, son of Thomas Woodruff. The will was recorded 18 Dec. 1817 in WB A, pp. 124- 5. The will was wit. by Wm. Lindsey Allen, son of John Peter Allen and Elizabeth Lindsey, sister to JW's wife Anna. Note that JW's daughters Elizabeth and Mary m. siblings of WLA. The will is abstracted in Brent Holcomb, SPARTANBURG CO., SC, WILL ABSTRACTS 1787- 1840). *The estate file shows that on 24 Nov. 1817, John Crocker and Nathaniel Woodruff, exrs., noting that the estate was somewhat insolvent, and of a perishable nature, and the legatees being mostly of age and desirous of a quick sale, asked that the court permit as quickly as possible to permit the sale to be held. For the sale of JW's estate that was left in wife Anna Lindsey's hands until her death, see her file. * In a 10 Feb. 1995 letter of Dorothy Gaines (no address recorded) to Dorothy Phifer, DG tells DP that she had recently obtained the estate file of JW, which contains a petition to dispose of the share of the items left to JW's wife Anna per his will, to the heirs of the esttate. The list includes Elizabeth, wife of Caleb Allen, Caleb Woodruff, Anna, wife of Dennis Lindsey, Polly Allen, Sarah, wife of James Hendrix, and Samuel Woodruff. * According to James Woodruff (cited in file of Thomas Woodruff, son of Nathaniel), the tombstone of JW reaqds "In Memory of/ Joseph Woodruff Senr/ who departed this life/ 2nd Nov. 1817/ Aged 66 years" (citing SPBG. CEMETERY SURVEY, by Pinckney Dist. Chapter of SC Geneal. Soc., 1993). * Unless otherwise noted, all dates of birth I have recorded for JW's children are from Del Jackson's 20 July 1984 letter, cited in file of Nathaniel Woodruff. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.