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  1. Samuel Nathaniel Woodruff: Birth: 1766 in Augusta Co., VA. Death: 1844 in Hopkins Co., KY

a. Note:   * 1786 taxables, Atkins District, Surry Co., NC lists a Samuel Woodruff and a Nathaniel Woodruff Jr. each owning 300 acres
  * 1790 Spartanburg Co., SC Census 086 1 15 WOODROUGH Nath 1 5 2 0 0 by 1790, 5 boys under age 16 and 1 girl
  * 1800 Census Spartanburg Co., Census W361 WOODRUFF Nathaniel 188 11301-00001-01 1boy<10, 1boy>10, 3 boys>16, 1 man >45; 1 woman>45, 1 slave
  * Not listed in the Spartanburg 1810 Census
  * desendants of this family are listed in the rootsweb world connect project of Katrina Monticue *
  * from the files of W Lindsey * In Surry Co., NC, tax list, 1771, Nathaniel Woodruff Sr., with sons Nathaniel, Jr., and Thomas, according to Phifer, "Upstate Ancestors," p. 4. * NW is on the 1784-7 NC state census in Surry Co., Capt. Wright's Distr., taken by Wm. Cook in Feb. 1786, wtih a while male 21-60, 6 wm under 21 and above 60, and 3 wf, with no slaves. (Or is this NW, Sr.?). * On 1790 census in Spartanburg Co., SC, with a male 16+, 5 other males, and 2 females. This indicates he was m. prior to 1779. Could this possibly be the Nathaniel Woodruff who m. Catey Vick, daughter of John Vick, in Brunswick Co., VA, on 22 Dec. 1779? See file of Nathaniel Woodruff, Sr. * On 10 July 1792, James Wofford sold to Nathaniel Woodruff land from a tract of 400 acres granted to Jospeh Brown on 2 April 1773 on Jamey's Creek, bordered east by John Keighler and all other sides by vacant lands, it being the west part of the tract. JW signed, with wit. David Bruton, Burwell Pace, Paul Castleberry (mark), and Samuel Woodruff. The deed was recorded 24 July 1800 (Spbg. DB G, pp. 42-3). * On 8 Aug. 1795, James Bruton deeded to NW 100 acres granted to JB on 3 Oct. 1785, bounded oneast by land that NW then lived on, on west by Susanna Heemby, on the south by Burwell Pace, and on north by John Woodruff. The deed was signed by JB, and wit. by Burwell Pace, John Woodruff, and Samuel Woodruff (his mark), and recorded 24 July 1800 (Spbg. DB G, pp. 40-2). * Note that Burwell Pace m Lydia, a daughter of Moses Woodruff, NW's great-uncle. Samuel is evidently the brother of NW. Who is John? * Phifer, "Upstate Ancestors," p. 4, cited in file of Nathaniel Woodruff, Sr., p. 5, says that NW disappears from the census in Spartanburg Co., SC, by 1800, and probably moved elsewhere. * But note that a NW who would seem to be this Nathaniel appears in Spartanburg Co. deed records after 1800: see below. * On 14 Oct. 1800, John and Margaret Dinsmore sold to Nathaniel Woodruff 82 acres on Jamey's Creek, waters of Tyger River, out of a grant to John Kieghler, with John Dinsmore signing and Margaret making her mark. Wit. were David Bruton, John Woodruff, and James Taylor (Spbg. DB L, p. 95). Note that John Dinsmore's wife Phebe may have been a Woodruff (see his file), and that John Dinsmore's sister Mary Jane married Mark, son of Dennis Lindsey, closely associated with the Woodruff and Bruton families (see files of Dennis and Mark Lindsey). In addition, David and Margaret Dinsmore, parents of John and Mary Jane, may also have had a daughter Mary who married a Samuel Nathaniel Woodruff born in 1766--see file of David Dinsmore. Is this the NW who was son of Nathaniel? If so, he went to Hopkins Co., KY, dying there in 1844. * Note that David Dinsmore had purchased the preceding tract from John Kissler/Keighler, who is mentioned in the 1792 deed of James Wofford to Nathaniel Woodruff as a neighbor of NW. * Various records indicate that John and Margaret Dinsmore were selling the land of David Dinsmore in 1800 to move to Wayne Co., KY, with Mary Jane Dinsmore and Mark Lindsey. They settled on land claimed by George Bruton in Wayne Co. * Is this the NW who was dismissed by letter from the Jamey's Creek Baptist church at Woodruff, SC, in 1805? * On 22 Feb. 1806, Nathaniel Woodruff bought from William Lindsey and Rachel his wife 38 acres on a branch of Ferguson's Creek where Samuel Woodruff's line crossed the branch, with WL signing by mark and Rachel signing by deed, and with wit. John Crocker, Thomas Woodruff, and Joseph Woodruff. The deed was recorded 1 Jan. 1810 (Spbg. DB M, p. 157). Was Nathaniel Woodruff living in Spbg. Co. at the time? The original deed needs to be checked. I believe that this William was uncle to the Mark Lindsey who m. Mary Jane Dinsmore, being a son of William's brother Dennis. * On 29 March 1810, Nathaniel Woodruff gave power of attorney to William Lindsey Allen, signing as Nathaniel Woodruff, Sr., with Wm. Shackelford and Jonathan Moore wit. (Spbg. DB M, p. 241). If this is NW, son of Nathaniel, would have signed as Sr. because his first cousin Nathaniel, son of Thomas, had come of age by this time? The NW who was son of Nathaniel was definitely the elder, the other NW having been b. in 1775.
  Note that Wm. Lindsey Allen is a son of John Peter Allen and Elizabeth Lindsey, Elizabeth's sister Anna having married NW's brother Joseph. After the death of Dennis Lindsey, father of Mark, discussed above, William Lindsey married Mary (Calvert?), the widow of Dennis. In addition, Samuel Woodruff, a son of Joseph Woodruff and Anna Lindsey, m. Mary Allen, a sister of Wm. Lindsey Allen, and Mary Woodruff, a sister of Samuel, m. James, another sibling of Wm. L. and Mary Allen.
  According to descendant Denise Gaines of Weatherford, TX, a Samuel Nathaniel Woodruff was b. in 1766, married Mary Dinsmore in Spartanburg Co., SC, and d. in 1844 in Hopkins Co., KY. Gaines says that it is believed that SNW and Mary Dinsmore had 5-6 children, who may include Mary K. Woodruff, b. 18 Dec. 1792, Spbg. Co., SC, m. Joseph Woodruff; John Willis Woodruff, b. 4 Aug. 1793, Spbg. Co., SC, d. 15 Sept. 1864, Hopkins Co., KY (m. Frances Davis); David Woodruff, b. 1789-90, d. May-Oct. 1841 (m. Elizabeth Jones); Virginia Woodruff, b. 1800, Hopkins Co., KY (m. John Keyser); William Woodruff; and Hiram Woodruff. Notice the name John Keyser; is this a relative (or son?) of the John and Hannah Kissler/Keighler who sold land to David Dinsmore?
  Note that the age of this Samuel Nathaniel fits very well into the family of Nathaniel Woodruff, Sr., and that the Nathaniel, Jr., of Spartanburg Co., SC, did apparently leave SC sometime after 1800. Note, however, that Denise Gaines says that NW's daughter Virginia was b. in Hopkins Co., KY, while the NW who was son of Nathaniel appears to have been in Spartanburg Co., SC, as late as 1810. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.