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a. Note:   * John Ward Sr. #1 names among his heirs, son-in-law John Cooper, will proven 20 Nov 1694, CNW II p 8 * will proven 11 March 1736, names his sons-in-law, Thomas, Jonathan and Daniel Sargeant; children of sister Sarah (Cooper) Woodruff, deceased; brother, Samuel ; children of Mary (Cooper) Ward; eldest daughter of Sister Elizabeth Fraley, deceased; also names wife Hannah, did he remarry after Phebe's death? After reading the below wills it appears that Hannah was 1st married to ?Sergeant and had children were John, Thomas, Jonathan, Hannah, Martha, and Mary. John Cooper does not name any children * settled in Newark, NJ * Pioneer Settlers, with Genealogical Notices. (By Samuel H. Congar.): JONATHAN SARGEANT was son of Jonathan, who took fidelity oath at N. Haven, 1644, at Branford in 1646, was church member, and his ch., Jona, Thomas, John and Hannah, were bapt. at N. Haven, 1651. Jonathan, sen., d. 1652. This family was extinct in Conn. by John, d. at Guilford, in 1675, and Thomas at Branford, 1700. Jonathan Sargeant, Sen. and Jr., witnessed the will of Samuel Rose, proved 1701. JONATHAN, Jr., d. ab. 1732. His wid. Mary m. COL. JOHN COOPER She d. 26th May, 1757, a. 80; w. n. ch. Daniel, dec., John dec., Thomas, Hannah Day, and Martha Harrison; and g. ch. Hannah Williams, Dorcas Harrison, and Martha Quinby. She had Jonathan, also Rev. John, of the Stockbridge Indian Mission, was b. 1710; grad. Yale Col. 1729; translated the New Testament into Mohekanews; d. 22d July, 1749; had a son John who after an interval succeeded him in the Mission. Jonathan m. Hannah Nutman. She d. 1743, a. 34. They had Hannah and Sarah. Hannah "a lady of great personal attractions and moral and Christian excellence" m. John Ewing, D.D. Sarah m. Jonathan Baldwin, a grad. of N.J. Collage, and for some time Steward of Kings, N.Y., and of Naseau Hall, Princeton. Jonathan Sergeant m. sec. wi. Abigail Dickinson. Jona. D. Sergeant was her son. Daniel was living in 1641. Joseph d. 26 Jan. 1797., a. 61. The wives of John Camp, David Sayres, and Sam. Huntington, were of the Sergeant family.
  Name: John Cooper Date: 16 Nov 1732 Location: Newark, Essex Co. Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. II 1730-1750 Calendar of New Jersey Wills will of. Son-in-law, John Sergeant, who is under age. Brother, Samuel Cooper. Children of sister Sarah Woodruff, deceased. Children of sister Mary Ward. Eldest daughter of sister Elizabeth Frayley, deceased. Sons-in-law--Thomas and Daniel Sergeant. Real and personal estate. Executors--wife, Hannah, and son-in-law, Jonathan Sergeant. Witnesses--Sam'll Farrand, Ezekiel Alling, Nathaniel Farrand. Proved March 11, 1736.
  Name: Hannah Cooper Date: 06 Dec 1756 Location: Newark, Essex Co. Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. III 1751-1760 Calendar of New Jersey Wills "being aged"; will of. Children--Thomas Sergeant, Jonathan (sole Executor), Hannah Day and Mary Peirson. Grandchildren, i. e., children of dec'd. sons Daniel and John Sergeant, and of dec'd. daughter Martha Harrison, viz., Hannah Williams, Dorcas Harrison and Martha Quimby. Personal estate. Witnesses--Hannah Sergeant, Sarah Sergeant. Proved Feb. 23, 1758. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.