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Marriage: Children:
  1. Isaac Woodruff: Birth: 1744 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 2 JUL 1804 in Elizabethtown, NJ

  2. Nehemiah Woodruff: Birth: AFT 1744 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 17 JAN 1821 in Springfield, NJ

  3. Samuel Woodruff: Birth: AFT 1744 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: BEF 1802

  4. Sarah Woodruff: Birth: AFT 1744 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 1 AUG 1822

  5. Lewis Woodruff: Birth: 1754 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 27 FEB 1816 in Elizabethtown, NJ

  6. Dr. Aaron Woodruff: Birth: 1760 in Elizabethtown, NJ. Death: 12 JAN 1784 in Elizabethtown, NJ

a. Note:   * #1892 FPCE * served in the Revolutionary War; PM, PS, NJ * deputy mayor of Elizabeth- Town under the new charter of 1789 under Mayor John DeHart * Mayor of Elizabethtown in 1781 * served as a trustee of the FPCE, 1753 -1758 and president of the FPCE trustees, 1774 -1793; " After his (Governor Jonathan Belcher, a friend of Isaac's brother, Mayor Samuel Woodruff,) removal to this town, at the request "of a great number of" the members of the First Presbyterian Congregation, a Charter of Incorporation was granted them, by the Governor, August 22, 1753, appointing Stephen Crane, Cornelius Hatfield, Jonathan Dayton, Isaac Woodruff, Matthias Baldwin, Moses Ogden, and Benjamin Winans, the first trustees of the Congregation, with power "to erect and repair Public Buildings for the Worship of God and the Use of the Ministry and School Houses & Alms Houses & Suitably to Support the Ministry & the Poor of their church: and to do & perform, other Acts of Piety & Charity * member of the NJ Assembly 1778 -1782 * commisoner for Army Supplies; ( Sons of the American Revolution); John Ross of Woodbridge, and Isaac Woodruff of Elizabethtown served as commisssioners for the eastern Division, in charge of purchasing tents, canteens, etc. * "The last will and testament of the honorable Isaac Woodruff Esq., reads as follows: "In the name of God, amen. I, Isaac Woodruff of Elizabethtown in the Borough of Elizabeth and State of NJ, enjoying health of body and possessing also a sound and disposing mind and memory, upon the reflection of the uncertainty of life at this time, make this instrument as and for my last will and testament. To each of my children living at the time of my decease, I give and bequeath the sum of 10 pounds of NY currency. To my son Lewis Woodruff, I also give and devise all my dwelling house and lot of land belonging and adjoining thereto, where I now live, situate opposite the dwelling hous of Jonathan Hampton and adjoining to the land of Jonathan Dayton, Esq., with all the outhouses, buildings, and improvements to the same belonging. Also, I give to my son Lewis, one other lot of land at Woodruff's Farms, adjoining land of the late Ezekiel Woodruff; all of which real estate I purchased of the Executors of Joseph Woodruff Jr., deceased (this would be the Store and lot adjoining the house and lot of Joseph Woodruff Jr. that he did not wish to sell, yet his estate was forced to,) Further, I give and devise to my son Lewis Woodruff, my dock, lot of land, and storehouse theron erected, with all the improvments, situat on the Elizabethtown creek or river and near the dwelling of William Cressy, also my pew in the FPCE, with liberty for any of my family to sit therein when there is room. All which devises of real estate to my said son Lewis are to him, his heirs and assigns, forever. But if my said son Lewis should happen to die without lawful issue, my will then in that the said real estate so devised to him be equally divided between his brothers and sisters that may be living at the time of decease, and the children of such as are or may be dead, provided that all the children of any deceased brother or sister shall only receive the shares their parent would take if living. Also, I give and devise to my son Lewis Woodruff and my kinsman, William Woodruff of Elizabethtown, their heirs and assigns, forever, in joint tenancy, all that dwelling house and lot of land in which my son Isaac Woodruff now lives, situate in Elizabethtown aforesaid, on the road leading to the point and adjoining lands formerly of Timothy Ogden deceased and lands of Jacob Ogden. I also give to my said son Lewis and my said kinsman William Woodruff the sum of 1400 punds NY currency, the said house, lot of land and money, so devised and given to them is IN TRUST nevertheless to and for the following uses and purposes to wit. My said trustees and the survivor of them and the heirs, executors, and Administrators of such surviror of them, shall permit my son Isaac to use occupy, and possess and enjoy in his own proper person the said dwelling house and lot of land during his natural lifetime, and after his death the same is to continue in trust to and for the use of such child and children of my son Isaac lawfully begotted as shall survive him, and the child or children of such child as may be deceased, the same to be in trust to them in fee as tenants in common, each child of my son to have one share and the children of any deceased child at any time to have the share of their parents, but out of the share of any child or grandchild is to be deducted the amount of monies heretofore paie to him, her or them, or which hereafter may be paid and charged in my books or book accounts. And the said decise and bequest is upon this further trust that my said Trustees and survivor of them, and heirs executors and administrators of such survivor, immediately after my decease pay unto my daughter Sarah Eaton, wife of Thomas Eaton of Elizabethtown, 100 pounds NY currency out of the said sum of 1400 pounds, for which her separate receipt shall be a discharge. And as to the residue of the said 14oo punds given in trust, my will is that it be put at interest, or such part therof as may be necessary to fulfilll the trust hereinafter mentioned. The interest of 300 punds, part of the said 1400 punds, I direct to be paid by my said Trustees and their survivor of them as aforesaid, yearly and every year to my said daughter sarah Eaton during the minority of her children, for her and their use, and her sole and separate receipt only shall be a discharge for any such payment, and as any child shall arrive at 21 yrs or marry, or to any being in that situation at the time of making this will, my siad trustee or the survivor of them as aforesaid shall pay one share of the said 300 punds, that sum to be divided into as many shares as my said daughter shall have children. And further, my said Trustees, and the survivor of them as aforesaid, shall pay the interest arising on 500 pounds, andother part of the said 1400 pounds, yearly and every year to my son Nehemiah Woodruff for and towards the support of his family, and as his children arrive at the age of 21 years or marry, the same sum of 500 pounds to be paid in the manner and proportion as hereinbefore directed in the case of the children of my daughter Sarah Eaton. And as to the said 500 punds residue of the said 1400 ponds given in trust, my will is and I do direct that my said Trustees and the survivor of them aforesaid, pay the same to such children of Samuel Woodruff, deceased as shall be living at the time of my death, in equal portions, and the children of and child to be paid to them respectively as they arrive at the age of 21 years or marry, and to such as are married or of age at the time of this will. all the rest of my estate real and personal I give to my Executors hereinafter named, and the survivor of them, in fee to be sold by them, and the neat proceeds thereof i direct to be appropriated to the fulfillment of this my will. And if ther should be any over- plus, I order the same to be divided equally among my children and the children of any deceased child, such children or any deceased child to receive the proportion their parent would be entitled to if living. and I do appont my said son Lewis Woodruff and my said kinsman William Woodruff, Executors of this my last will and testament, but it is not my intent therby to discharge or acquit my said Executors or either of them, form them to me or my estate by bill, bond, not, book account or otherwise, but the same must be paid by them or either of them, andy appointment herein made to the contrary notwithstanding. And I do by these presents revoke all other and former wills by me made. In witness I have hereunto wet my hand and seal this 8th day of February, 1802. witnessess: Wm. 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