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Marriage: Children:
  1. Allen W. Dill: Birth: 1824 in Smith Co., TN.

  2. Philemon C. Dill: Birth: 1826 in Smith Co., TN.

  3. James Henry Dill: Birth: 1832 in KY or TN. Death: 1899 in Boone Co., MO

  4. John W. Dill: Birth: ABT 1835 in KY or TN.

  5. Ira M. Dill: Birth: 1839 in Boone Co., MO.

  6. Augustus Dill: Birth: 1842 in Boone Co., MO.

  7. Ann E. Dill: Birth: 1845 in Boone Co., MO.

  8. Alonzo Dill: Birth: JAN 1850 in Boone Co., MO.

a. Note:   N203 GSD II.439 The names William Dill, John Dill, and Philemon C Dill appear in the Smi th County TN Court Minute Book 1813-1815 with regard to land transactions. 1820 census: Smith Co TN, p 53: Philemon C Dill, 210001-31110 1850 census: Boone Co MO, Dist 8, p 430 (203): Philemon 56 Farmer SC, Eliz aeth 32 VA, James H? 17 VA?, John W 15 VA?, Ira M 10 MO, Augustus 7 MO, A nn E 4 MO, Alonzo 8 mo on Oct 8 MO. 1860 census: Boone Co MO, Cedar TWP, p 737 (57): Philemon 63, Elizabeth 3 9, Augustus 21, Ann A 15, Alonzo 11. (No birth places recorded) 1870 census: Boone Co MO, Cedar Twp, p 22 (44): Phileman 70? SC, Elizae th 50? VA, Ann E 23 MO, Alonzo 20 MO. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.