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  1. Ralph IV Cromwell: Birth: 1292 in Tallershall, Lincolinshire, England. Death: 28 Oct 1364 in Cromwell, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England

1. Title:   Burke's Peerage & Baronetage, 106th Edition, Charles Mosley Editor-in-Chief, 1999
Page:   1228
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Page:   Douglas Richardson, 10 Nov 2005

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Note:   The following is an e-mail of a post to SGM, 10 Nov 2005, by DouglasRichardson, which identifies Joan:
From: Doug Richardson [mailto:royalancestry AT] Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2005 12:18 AM To: Chris Phillips; Jim Weber Cc: Gordon Banks; Therav3 AT Subject: C.P. Addition: Joan de Somerville, wife of Sir Ralph de Cromwell
Dear Newsgroup ~
The authoritative Complete Peerage 3 (1913): 551 (sub Cromwell) has agood account of the life history of Sir Ralph [de] Cromwell (died 1398),1st Lord Cromwell, who married Maud [de] Bernake. In the record of SirRalph Cromwell's extended ancestry, it identifies his great-grandfatheras follows, with no mention of his wife:
"Ralph de Cromwell (died shortly before 2 March 1298/9)."
The wife of Ralph de Cromwell (died 1299) can now be identified as Joande Somerville, daughter of Sir Robert de Somerville (died 1297), ofWichnor (in Tatenhill), Yorkshire and Great Benton, Northumberland, byhis wife, Isabel (died 1300), daughter and co-heiress of Roger de Merlay,Knt. (died 1265), of Morpeth, Northumberland and Burton Agnes, Yorkshire.
The evidence for Joan de Somerville's identity and parentage is found inRev. Stebbing Shaw, History and Antiquities of Staffordshire, 1 (1798):119, which reads as follows:
"Which Robert [de] Somerville, knt. lord of Whichnor, 21 Edward I.granted to Ralph de Cromwell, knt. in frank marriage with Joan, hisdaughter, 15l. rent in Schirescote and Curborowe, with all his land, etc.there, as will there more fully be shown."
VCH Stafford 14 (1990): 278 provides additional confirmation:
"An estate in Little Curborough centring on Curborough House originatedin a virgate held in the later 13th Century by John de Somerville, lordof Wychnor in Tatenhill. John was succeeded in or shortly after 1279 byhis son, Robert, and Robert in 1297 by his son, Edmund. [34] Edmundheld the estate as 1/4 knight's fee of the bishop as lord of Longdon in1298. By 1301 he was a clerk and claimed that he held no lay fee. [35]His father had apparently granted an interest in the estate to Sir Ralphde Cromwell on Ralph's marriage ro Edmund's aunt Joan in 1292-3 [36], andin the 1320's, after Edmund's death, the estate passed to Sir Ralph'sson, also Ralph. [37] Ralph, Baron Cromwell, a descendant, still had aninterest in the estate in 1442-3. [38].
34. S.H.C. 1911, 172-3, 241. 35. S.R.O., D. (W.) 1734/J. 2268, f. 1v.; S.H.C. vii (1) 81-2, 97. 36. Shaw, Staffs. i. 119. 37. S.H.C. ix (1), 75; S.R.O., D. (W.) 1734/J. 2268, f. 1v.; Complete Peerage, iii. 551n. 38. Kent Archives Offices, U1475 M207.
The above information in VCH Stafford is correct, except that Joan deSomerville, wife of Sir Ralph de Cromwell, was the sister of Edmund deSomerville, clerk, not his aunt.
Joan de Somerville's extensive ancestry can be found on Jim Weber's greatwebsite at the link below. The ancestry includes an interesting descentfrom King Ethelred II of England.
Joan de Somerville's maternal great-grandmother was Ada, wife of Roger deMerlay (died 1239), who my files shows was the daughter of Duncan, 6thEarl of Fife in Scotland, by his wife, Ela, thought to have been adaughter of Reynold de Warenne.
For interest's sake, the following is the list of the 17th Century NewWorld immigrants who descend from Joan de Somerville, wife of Sir Ralphde Cromwell:
l. William Bladen.
2. Kenelm Cheseldine.
3. Grace Chetwode.
4. William Farrer.
5. Muriel Gurdon.
6. Anne & Katherine Marbury.
7. Thomas Owsley.
8. Richard Saltonstall.
9. Mary Johanna Somerset
Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah
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