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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ernest M. Irish: Birth: 13 Nov 1866 in Farina, Fayette, Illinois, USA.

  2. Bertha L. Irish: Birth: 20 Jan 1869 in Farina, Fayette, Illinois, USA.

  3. William Edgar Irish: Birth: 25 Nov 1870 in Farina, Fayette, Illinois, USA. Death: 28 Feb 1871 in Farina, Fayette, Illinois, USA

  4. George M. Irish: Birth: 11 Aug 1877 in Farina, Fayette, Illinois, USA. Death: 31 Aug 1877 in Farina, Fayette, Illinois, USA

Marriage: Children:
  1. Roy Edgar Irish: Birth: 30 Apr 1880. Death: 26 May 1881 in Farina, Fayette, Illinois, USA

  2. Harold Ray Irish: Birth: 4 Oct 1881 in Farina, Fayette, Illinois, USA. Death: 5 Jul 1940 in Clackamas Co., Oregon

a. Note:   Edgar Walton Irish 1838-1897
  Jon Saunders - Oct 21, 2011   View | Viewers Categories: Deacon / Deaconess, Farina, Illinois, Rev. George W. Lewis Officiating, The Sabbath Recorder Obituary, Veteran Civil War     "The Sabbath Recorder", Vol 53, No 19, p 303, May 10, 1897. At his home in Hammond, La., April 26, 1897, of blood poisoning, superinduced by cancer of the bowels, Dea. E. W. Irish, in the 60th year of his age. Bro. Irish has been an intense sufferer for many weeks, but he died in the faith of his blessed Redeemer.   Services were held at the church, April 27, conducted by the pastor.   Remarks based on 2 Kings 20: 1 (last clause) and Rev. 14: 13.     G. W. L.
  "The Sabbath Recorder", Vol 53, No 19, p 301, May 10, 1897. Deacon Edgar W. Irish died at Hammond, La., the 26th day of April, 1897.   He was born in the town of Genesee, Allegany County, N. Y., March 25, 1838, hence was 59 years of age at the time of his death. Converted in his boyhood, he joined the Third Seventh-day Baptist church of Genesee, and during all the years that have intervened his life has been that of a rare, patient and faithful Christian, and a comfort and a blessing to everyone with whom he was associated. In 1861 he entered the army, serving first a three months' enlistment in the First Rhode Island Regiment, and after this enlisting in the 85th New York, with which organization he remained until the close of the war, except the time when he was in Andersonville as a prisoner of war. This period of confinement was exactly a year and one day, and the sufferings he then endured so undermined his constitution that he was never a strong man afterward, yet he bore his infirmities so uncomplainingly that only a few ever realized how much he had sacrificed in the service of his country.   His surviving comrades have always referred to him as a model soldier, a Christian gentleman and a friend upon whom they might lean in any emergency. In January, 1866, he was married to Charlotte Maxson, of Westerly, R. I., and together they lived at Farina, Ill., until her death in August, 1877.   Two years later he married Helen Coon, of Farina, who survives him. In 1886 he sought to improve his health by removing to a warmer climate, so he chose Hammond, La., as a home, and here he has since lived, a pillar of the church, a loved and trusted citizen, a man relied upon for integrity and good judgment in the affairs of his town.   He was a brave and cheerful sufferer, who went calmly down into the valley and the shadow of death, believing and trusting in the goodness, wisdom and mercy of the Heavenly Father, to whom a life of faithful service had been devoted. Three children survive him - Ernest and Harold Irish, of Hammond, La., and Bertha, the wife of J. A. Potter, of West Hallock, Ill.   Deacon Irish was the oldest son of George Irish and his wife Maria Potter, both of whom were born in New England and died in Genesee, N. Y.   A large family of brothers and sisters have been bereft of the faithful and loving one, who aided in the care of all the younger ones; his children have lost an affectionate father and his wife a devoted husband. The Seventh-day Baptist church of Hammond will long grieve for the departure of its senior deacon; but each and all find comfort in the memory of the life and Christian character of this man, who sank calmly to his rest in the hope of blessed immortality.     G. W. L. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.