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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Louisa Fleming: Birth: 20 Jun 1857. Death: 20 Nov 1925

  2. Sara Pendleton Fleming: Birth: 1858. Death: 1860

  3. Cora Gertrude Fleming: Birth: 1 Aug 1859. Death: 1 Nov 1861 in Stateville, Iredell Co., NC

  4. Samual Wilson Fleming: Birth: 8 Jul 1861. Death: 9 Feb 1936

  5. David Edgar Fleming: Birth: 1 Nov 1863. Death: 30 Jun 1906

  6. Mary Emma Fleming: Birth: 18 May 1866. Death: 30 Jun 1936

  7. John Davies Fleming: Birth: 29 Jul 1868. Death: 17 Feb 1951 in Tampa, FL

  8. Giles Neely Fleming: Birth: 26 Sep 1870. Death: 10 Sep 1940 in Tampa, FL

  9. Robert Jackson Fleming: Birth: 14 May 1873. Death: 8 Aug 1907 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, USA

  10. William Arthur Fleming: Birth: 22 Jul 1876. Death: Oct 1953

  11. Florence Amelia Fleming: Birth: 21 Apr 1879 in Statesville, Iredell Co., NC. Death: 15 Jun 1961 in Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA

  12. Walter Roane Fleming: Birth: 7 Jul 1882 in Rowan, North Carolina, USA. Death: 31 Jan 1960 in Grand Junction, TN

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Amelie Virginia Wilson married David Fleming and they reared a family in Statesville, NC.  He died July 4, 1899, and Catherine Fryer Cline has a copy of a letter from Amelie's father to her on the occasion of her loss...and he, himself died 10 days later, 14 July 1899. He and Louisa are buried in Woodville cemetery, Haywood County, TN.� It is behind a BAPTIST church, as Wilson Memorial Presbyterian was decommissioned ) in 1947, and the Baptist congregation bought the church land (not the cemetery).
David Fleming and Amelie Wilson had 11 children, # 10 of whom was Catherine Fryer Cline's grandmother, originally Florence Amelia...but who sometime after age 7 and before 20 switched it around to Minnie Florence ( her mother named Amelia having always gone by the diminuitive " Minnie")
Minnie Mama lived with Catherine Fryer Cline's family until she died in 1961.
David Fleming sold 39 1/2 acres of land in the salisbury Dist. Wilkesboro Rd. to David M. Snyder on 7 Jan 1896 for $250.00. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.